Skate 3



  • Cheat mode

    Pause the game, select "Options", "Extras", then "Enter Cheat Code". Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

      Play as Isaac Clarke from Dead Space

      Enter "deadspacetoo" as a code to unlock Isaac Clarke from Dead Space.

      Hoverboard mode

      Enter "mcfly" as a code. In this mode, trucks and wheels disappear from your board.

      Mini-Skater mode

      Enter "miniskaters" as a code.

      Zombie mode

      Enter "zombie" as a code. In this mode, the screen will turn yellow and pedestrians will chase you.

      Miracle Whip clothes and objects

      Enter "dontbesomayo" as a code to unlock the Miracle Whip clothes and objects.

      Reset all objects to their original positions

      Enter "streetsweeper" as a code.

  • Play as Dem Bones

    Successfully complete all Hall Of Meat challenges to unlock Dem Bones.

  • Achievements

    Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

      It takes a really big village... (50 points): Reach community board sales target.
      Park Apprentice (20 points): Complete the skate park tutorials.
      Takin 'em to the limit (20 points): Get the terrain meter in the red for your own skate park.
      Constructive Criticism (20 points): Rate 5 skate parks, 5 Films, and 5 Photos.
      Artsy Fartsy (20 points): Upload 5 Films and 5 Photos, and 3 skate parks.
      Sellout! (20 points): Create a Logo and put it on your Skater.
      Objectifier (10 points): 3 Moveable objects used in a single sequence.
      Mantastic Voyage (10 points): 3 manuals in a single sequence.
      Don't be so Mayo (20 points): Land a Miracle Whip (Superdude body flip).
      100% Pure Adrenaline (10 points): Fly Spread Eagle for 10 seconds.
      Employee #3 (20 points): Earn your second career teammate.
      Dedicated (100 points): Everything beaten, everything unlocked, everything earned.
      Party at the Penthouse (10 points): Win both Maloof Money Cup contests.
      T-Mobilized (10 points): Win the T-Mobile sponsored contest.
      Employee #2 (10 points): Earn your first career teammate.
      Beast Unleashed (10 points): Win the Monster contest.
      Deck Peddler (75 points): 1 Million boards sold.
      GVR Champ (10 points): Win the Goofy vs. Regular contest.
      Making a Buddy Call (10 points): Call a Skater to come skate with you.
      Talking bout Team practice (10 points): Play in a 6-player Team Freeskate session.
      You're Winner! (10 points): Win a Ranked Online Solo Challenge.
      Co-Operator (10 points): Complete an Online Career challenge.
      Throw Down (10 points): Win a Ranked Online Team Challenge.
      Team Up (20 points): Be part of a team with two or more skaters.
      Lot Pwners (10 points): Win a Ranked Team Own The Lot.
      High Five! (25 points): Win any 5 Ranked Challenges.
      Is that all you got? (50 points): Own all challenges.
      Speed Demon (10 points): Win the final deathrace.
      In Stereo (20 points): Complete Coach Frank's skate.School Tutorials.
      Masochist (10 points): Beat the "Thorax Crunch" Hall of Meat Challenge.
      Spot Monopolist (30 points): Own all of the spots.
      All your base are belong to you (10 points): Unlock the Team HQ.
      Employee #1 (10 points): Start your team.
      Big-Footy (10 points): Beat the film ender.
      A Dynasty Is Born (30 points): Fully staffed your team.
      Mass Murderer (50 points): Kill 80 challenges.
      The Consumate Pro (20 points): Complete all pro challenges.
      King of Kings (20 points): Win the street and tranny ender contests.
      Lot Monopolist (30 points): Own all of the lots.
      Sexiest Skater Alive (20 points): Get the covers of Skateboard Mag and Thrasher.
      Overexposed (20 points): Complete all Promotional Films and Photos.
      Employee #4 (20 points): Earn your third career teammate.

    Additionally, there are five secret achievements:

      Gone Viral (20 points): Catch the Skate Flu.
      Did Somebody Get a Boo Boo? (20 points): 75,000 point bail.
      Blaow! (20 points): 10,000 point trick.
      Extreme Grindage (10 points): Perform a 100 meter or 300 foot grind.
      Trick Spammer (20 points): 30,000 point line.

    The following achievements require the "Maloof Money Cup" bonus downloadable content:

      Money Cup Master (40 points): Win the Maloof NY Contest.
      Maloof Street Slayer (20 points): Complete the Maloof NY Street OTL.
      Maloof Tranny Monster (20 points): Complete the Maloof NY Tranny OTL.
      Picture Worth a Thousand Curbs (10 points): Complete both Maloof NY Photo Challenges.
      Where's My Money? (10 points): Complete both Maloof NY OTS Challenges.

    The following achievements require the "Danny's Hawaiian Dream" bonus downloadable content:

      Danny's Demo Machine (10 points): Complete both Demos.
      Lei it on the Line (20 points): Complete the "Touch and Go" and "Gazebo Film" Challenges.
      Street Locals Only (20 points): Complete the Danny Way Street Path.
      Argh! Flying Monkies!( 20 points): Complete the "Jungle Step" and "Danny's Mega Gaps" Challenges.
      King of the Jungle (20 points): Complete the Danny Way Tranny Path.
      Master of Mega Gnar (50 points): Beat Danny Way in the Final Contest.
      The Ownly Way (10 points): Complete both Danny Way OTS Challenges.

    The following achievements require the "San Van Party Pack" bonus downloadable content:

      I Own all the Classics (25 points): Complete the "Twin Spires" OTS Challenge.
      Bump and Grind (25 points): Complete the "Bump Riser" OTS Challenge.
      2 Wheel Rainbow (10 points): Complete the "Over the Rainbow" Photo Challenge.
      Flippin' Loopy (20 points): Complete "The Corkscrew" Photo Challenge.
      Modern Major-Manual (20 points): Complete the "Modern Manual" Photo Challenge.
      OG ABD (10 points): Complete the "Gallery Gap Line" Film Challenge.
      Slow and Steady (20 points): Complete "The Art of Rail" Film Challenge.
      Stair Maestro (20 points): Complete "The Quintessential Stair" Film Challenge.
      Marraffanator (100 points): Complete the "Marraffa's Skatepark" OTL Challenge.

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