Supreme Commander


  • Achievements

    Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

      Finish UEF Campaign Easy (20 points): Finish UEF Campaign Easy.
      Finish Aeon Campaign Easy (20 points): Finish Aeon Campaign Easy.
      Finish Cybran Campaign Easy (20 points): Finish Cybran Campaign Easy.
      Finish UEF Campaign Medium (30 points): Finish UEF Campaign Medium.
      Finish Aeon Campaign Medium (30 points): Finish Aeon Campaign Medium.
      Finish Cybran Campaign Medium (30 points): Finish Cybran Campaign Medium.
      Finish UEF Campaign Hard (40 points): Finish UEF Campaign Hard.
      Finish Aeon Campaign Hard (40 points): Finish Aeon Campaign Hard.
      Finish Cybran Campaign Hard (40 points): Finish Cybran Campaign Hard.
      Finish Tutorials (20 points): Finish Tutorials.
      Supreme Armourer (10 points): 1000 Ground Units Built.
      Supreme Aeronaughtics (10 points): 1000 Air Units Built.
      Supreme Shipwright (10 points): 1000 Sea Units Built.
      Hail Storm (10 points): 1000 Air Kills.
      Earthquake (10 points): 1000 Ground Kills.
      Typhoon (10 points): 1000 Sea Kills.
      Raiser (20 points): 500 Building Destroyed.
      Economy of Scale: Power (20 points): 1,000,000 Energy Produced.
      Economy of Scale: Mass (20 points): 1,000,000 Mass Extracted.
      Economy of Grand Scale: Power (30 points): 100,000,000 Energy Produced.
      Economy of Grand Scale: Mass (30 points): 100,000,000 Mass Extracted.
      Cherry Picking (30 points): Beat Easy AI Skirmish All Maps.
      Holding Your Own (30 points): Beat Medium AI Skirmish All Maps.
      To The Grave (30 points): Beat Hard AI Skirmish All Maps.
      Hunter Killer (20 points): Killed 100 ACUs.
      Supreme Engineer (10 points): 1000 Buildings Constructed.
      DaVinci (10 points): Build 1 experimental unit for each Team.
      Project X (40 points): 100 Experimental Units Created.
      Nuclear Wind (10 points): 10 Nukes Fired.
      Firestorm (20 points): 100 Nukes Fired.
      Mouse trap (10 points): 100 Point Defense Turret Kills.
      Fly Swatter (10 points): 100 AA Turret Kills.
      Supreme Assassin (30 points): Win on all Assassination Skirmish Maps any difficulty.
      Supreme Annihilator (30 points): Win on all Annihilate Skirmish Maps any difficulty.
      King of the Hill (30 points): Win on all King of the Hill Maps any difficulty.
      Controlling Presence (30 points): Win on all Control Point Maps any difficulty.
      Battle Commander (30 points): Win 10 Multiplayer Games.
      P.O.W. (20 points): Capture 50 enemy units.
      War of Attrition (30 points): Capture 100 enemy units.
      Theater of War (50 points): Win on all Multiplayer maps.
      Supreme Commander (60 points): Finish all campaigns all difficulties.

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