Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06


  • All courses

    Enter "EYECANDY" as a case-sensitive code to unlock all courses.

  • All golfers

    Enter "ITSINTHEGAME" as a case-sensitive code to unlock all golfers.

  • All clubs

    Enter "CLUBS11" as a case-sensitive code to unlock all clubs.

  • Play as Old Tom Morris

    Enter "FEATHERIE" as a case-sensitive code to unlock Old Tom Morris.

  • More money and items

    While playing in Rivals mode, save your profile every time you exit to the main menu. Sometimes you will get offered a sponsorship when you have done something great, such as defeating Tiger in one of his challenges. If it is early in the game and EA Sports, Nike, Nike TW Collection, Adidas, or Under Armour offer you a sponsorship, decline it. Then, reload your profile, go into Rivals mode again, and do not save your profile. Exit to the main menu again. Most of the time you will be offered a different sponsorship. It is recommended that you do this so you can get the aforementioned sponsorships later in the game to have many more items to choose from, with larger payouts. If you take a Precept, TaylorMade, Bridgestone, etc. sponsorship early, you will get small payouts, but only on a few items.

  • Trophy balls

    Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding trophy ball and attribute point bonus:

      Aces Wild (3,000 points): Get a hole-in-one
      Birdie Buster (3,000 points): Get twelve Birdies in one round
      Birdie Streak (3,000 points): Get six consecutive Birdies
      First Birdie (500 points): Get a Birdie
      First Distance Putt (2 putting points): Sink a 20 foot putt
      First Eagle (1,000 points): Get an Eagle
      First Long Drive (2 power points): Hit a 300 yard drive
      First Par (250 Points): Make par on a hole
      First Tournament Win (1,000 points): Win a tournament
      Long Distance Putt (3 putting points): Sink a 50 foot putt
      Low Round (3,500 points): Shoot a sub 60 round
      Missing String: 100% game completion
      Par 4 Green In 1 (2 long game points): Hit a par 4 green with one shot
      Under Par (2,000 points): Shoot a sub-par round

  • Achievements

    Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

      Aces Wild (50 points): Sink 25 hole in ones.
      Aren't You Sick of This Yet? (125 points): Successfully compete in 1,000 online matches.
      Baller Status (75 points): Win 50 wagers.
      Birdie Buster (10 points): Make 100 birdies.
      Eagle Extravaganza (50 points): Make 50 eagles.
      Getting the Hang of It (25 points): Win five Xbox Live matches.
      Great! Can You Do it Again? (25 points): Shoot a best round of 62 or less.
      High Roller (25 points): Make 50 wagers.
      Ka-Ching! (75 points): Earn $1 million dollars on Xbox Live.
      King of the Hill (125 points): Finish an online tournament at the top of the leaderboard.
      Not a Fluke (50 points): Have an average score of 65 or less.
      On Fire! (50 points): Have a win streak of 15 games in a row.
      Short Stick Master (50 points): Average less than 1.75 putts per hole.
      Try a Tournament (15 points): Successfully compete in five Xbox Live tournaments.

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