Tropico 3

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ


  • Cheat mode

    While playing the game, click Left Analog-stick + Right Analog-stick while pressing Back + Start to unlock a menu with various cheats, including extra money, 100% tourism rating, rebel uprising, and other options. Note: Enabling a cheat will prevent achievements from being earned.

  • Achievements

    Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

      El Prez 101 (5 points): Learn how to run a Banana Republic.
      Presidente for life (50 points): Prove your governing skills on 15 different islands in Campaign mode.
      Frequent Flier (10 points): Build an Airport.
      Call me Tropifeller (5 points): Build a Skyscraper Hotel.
      License to Kill (5 points): Issue 5 kill orders in one game.
      Generous Leader (10 points): Bribe 10 citizens in one game.
      You Saw Nothing (15 points): Arrange 15 "Accidents" in one game.
      A little something (10 points): Have over $20 000 in your Swiss Bank account.
      Pension Fund (20 points): Have over $50 000 in your Swiss Bank account.
      Filthy Rich (30 points): Have over $100 000 in your swiss Bank account.
      Tropican Fiesta (40 points): Finish a game with overall Happines of your citizens above 70%.
      Viva la Revolucion! (10 points): Finish a "Rebel Yell" Sandbox game..
      Tropico Tycoon (20 points): Construct 3 different industry buildings in one game.
      Bureaucrat (30 points): Issue 200 edicts.
      My People Love Me (20 points): Win 80% of the votes in Elections.
      Nephew Sam (10 points): Make an alliance with the US.
      Comrade Presidente (10 points): Make an alliance with the USSR.
      Curse of the Llama (40 points): Survive 10 Hurricanes and Earthquakes.
      Coup de Grace (20 points): Suppress a Military Coup.
      Red Wire, Green Wire (20 points): Deal with a bomb threat.
      The Negotiator (10 points): Resolve a hostage situation.
      Agent 00 (10 points): Establish Secret Police.
      It's Just a Flesh Wound (20 points): Survive an assassination attempt.
      In the Ivory Tower (10 points): Address the people from the balcony of your Palace.
      Honest Politician (20 points): Fulfill an Election Promise.
      Black Gold (35 points): Earn $100 000 from Oil export.
      Fruitas LTD CEO (10 points): Become a leading exporter of tropical fruits.
      El Commandante (30 points): Finish your mandate on 5 different islands in Campaign mode.
      Let There Be Light (10 points): Build a Power Plant.
      Homes for Everyone (30 points): Have population of over 250 and no Shacks.
      Maximum Security (20 points): Arrest 20 citizens in one game.
      Man of the People (40 points): Finish a game with respect of all factions above 70.
      Accomplished Dictator (40 points): Lead 10 different islands to prosperity in Campaign mode.
      Tropican Utopia (5 points): Finish a Sandbox game in God mode.
      Tropico and Beyond (20 points): Finish an online Challenge.
      Free Elections (10 points): Finish a "Free Elections" Sandbox game.
      Elitist (50 points): Construct 1337 buildings.
      Top Exporter (30 points): Earn $1 000 000 from industry in a single game.
      Viva El Presidente! (20 points): Win a battle against the Rebels.
      Iron Fist (30 points): Suppress an uprising.
      Architect (10 points): Rush the construction of 5 buildings.
      Guest of Honor (15 points): Make 10 official visits to buildings.
      High Praise (10 points): Praise yourself in an Election Speech.
      Heavy Traffic (30 points): Construct at least 1000 meters of roads and 4 Garages.
      Distinguished Service (10 points): Decorate a soldier with a medal.
      Metropolis (25 points): Construct 200 buildings on one island.
      Militarist (20 points): Have more than 20 soldiers and generals in one game.
      Paradise Island (40 points): Earn $1 000 000 from tourism profits in a single game.
      Tourist Resort (10 points): Build all Tourist Attractions on one island.

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