Viva Pinata: Party Animals



  • Classic Gamer Award achievement

    At the start screen, press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A to get the Classic Gamer Award achievement worth 10 Gamerscore points.

  • Achievements

    Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

      All Your Game Are Belong To Us (50 points): Play all Challenge Events.
      Social Flutterscotch (50 points): Finish the game in first place with each of the 8 characters.
      King Roario Award (50 points): Win all Challenge Events and races in a single game.
      Redhott Racer (50 points): Finish every race.
      Boy Band (30 points): As a male character, finish a game while never losing to a female character.
      Megaton (30 points): Use the Fiesta Missile power-up on each of the 8 characters.
      Chewnicorn Streak (30 points): Win 8 Challenge Events in a row.
      Girl Power (30 points): As a female character, finish a game while never losing to a male character.
      Professor Pester Award (20 points): Hit every player with a power-up in a single race.
      Kittyfloss Streak (20 points): Win 5 Challenge Events in a row.
      Rashberry Gluttony (30 points): Collect more than 1,000 pieces of candy while playing as Fergy Fudgehog.
      Artful Dodger (20 points): Avoid the snowball in Snow-bowl Dodgeball.
      Catch It if You Can (20 points): Play a game with anyone who has this achievement to earn it. Then, you can "spread" it too.
      Aiming Artist (20 points): Hit the farthest target at least 3 times in 1 Launching Loathers game.
      Do You Feel Lucky, Piñata? (20 points): Win a game of Short Fuse! without the Loather ever detonating in your hands.
      Eaglair Eye Award (20 points): Find and use all the shortcuts in the races.
      Get to Know Everyone (20 points): Finish the game in any place with each of the 8 characters.
      Host with the Most (20 points): Host 3 games over Xbox LIVE.
      Loaded Bases (20 points): Hit the target 4 times in a row in Swing for the Stars.
      Scenic Route (20 points): Win a race without using any shortcuts.
      Pacifist (20 points): Win a race without using a Fiesta Missile, Colored Water Bomb, or Smoke Bomb.
      Hi-yaaaa! (20 points): Destroy 10 objects in a single race while playing as Petunia Pretztail.
      Party Crasher (20 points): Win 3 games over Xbox LIVE where you are not the host.
      Practice Makes Perfect (20 points): Play the game for 5 hours.
      Int'l Piñata of Mystery (20 points): Use each power-up at least once in a single game.
      Don't Be Left in the Dark (20 points): Knock each of the other players out of the light in a single game of Spotlight Mania.
      Sticky Feet (20 points): Use the Buzzlegum Honey Slick power-up 10 times.
      Strike! (20 points): Get a strike in Bouncy Bowling.
      Stuffed! (20 points): Get more than 99 candies in any single Challenge Event.
      Tricky Treats (20 points): Destroy at least 25 pumpkins in a single game of Messy Mayhem.
      Rainbow of Piñatas (20 points): Play each of the 8 characters in 1 of their alternate colors.
      Game Guru (15 points): Win the game.
      Coulda Been a Contender (15 points): Win 1 race.
      Quick Like a Bunnycomb (15 points): Hit 3 speed strips in a single race.
      Whirlm Streak (15 points): Win 3 Challenge Events in a row.
      No Wipeouts (15 points): Never fall down in a single race while playing as Franklin Fizzlybear.
      Classic Gamer Reward (10 points): Enter the classic gamers code while on the START screen. For a hint, go right into your manual…
      Bear Hug (10 points): Never use a power-up on Franklin Fizzlybear while playing as Florence Fizzlybear.
      Flutterscotch Quickness (10 points): Use the Flutterscotch Wings power-up to overtake an opponent.
      Share and Share Alike (10 points): Play a game with someone who hasn't unlocked a Challenge Event you have unlocked.
      Mama's Boy (10 points): Lose to Fergy Fudgehog while playing as Francine Fudgehog.
      Making Friends (10 points): Play a game over Xbox LIVE, or invite someone to an online game.
      Popularity Contest (10 points): Complete a game with all 4 characters playing as Hudson Horstachio.
      Gassy Gusts! (10 points): Get your ship all the way to the finish line in Burps Ahoy!
      Scene Stealer (10 points): Beat Hudson Horstachio while playing as Hailey Horstachio.
      Seeing Double (10 points): Finish a game while playing as the same Piñata as at least 1 other opponent.
      Squished! (10 points): Jump and ground pound each of the other players at least once in Raisant Stomp.
      Keep Your Friends Close (10 points): Complete a multiplayer game offline.
      Think Fast! (5 points): Never get hit in an entire contest by a Fiesta Missile while playing as Paulie Pretztail.
      So Awesome! (10 points): You, the master of unlocking.

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