X-Men: Destiny

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ



  • Emma Frost costumes

    At the "X START" screen, hold LB + RB and press Up, Down, Right, Left, B, Y to unlock the Emma Frost costumes.

  • Juggernaut costumes

    At the "X START" screen, hold LB + RB and press Down, Right, Up, Left, Y, B to unlock the Juggernaut costumes.

  • Vintage costume

    Successfully complete the game on the X-Treme difficulty. An arena mini-game will begin during the credits. Defeat 200 enemies before the credits end to unlock the Vintage costume.

  • Achievements

    Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

      Think About It... (20 points): Make first power destiny choice.
      Destiny Begins (15 points): Select a Power.
      Choose Wisely (20 points): Make second power destiny choice.
      The Choice Is Made (20 points): Make third power destiny choice.
      Got My Eye on You (30 points): Join Cyclops and the X-Men.
      Magneto Is Right (30 points): Join Magneto and the Brotherhood.
      Splicer (10 points): Equip your first X-Gene.
      At Least It's Aerodynamic... (10 points): Equip your first suit.
      I've Got the Power (20 points): Fully level up a power.
      Fully Evolved (30 points): Fully level up all powers.
      Four of a Kind (20 points): Equip a complete X-Gene set and suit.
      Beginner's Luck (10 points): Complete your first Great combo.
      This can't be happening! (20 points): Complete your first Insane combo.
      How Strong Could It Be? (20 points): Trigger X-Mode.
      Broken Glass, Everywhere... (20 points): Break 30 Combat Text Pop Ups.
      Fight Terror with Terror (20 points): Defeat 10 enemies with one Ultra power.
      Side-tracked (10 points): Complete your first challenge mission.
      Taking Every Opportunity (25 points): Complete 10 unique challenge missions.
      Completionist (50 points): Complete all 15 unique challenge missions.
      Garbage Collection (10 points): Destroy your first piece of propaganda.
      Cleaned up the City (30 points): Destroy 25 pieces of propaganda.
      Profiler (10 points): Collect your first dossier.
      Archivist (30 points): Collect 15 dossiers.
      Purify the Purifiers (20 points): Defeat 2,000 Purifiers.
      Mechageddon (20 points): Defeat 20 Purifier Stalker Mechs.
      Reinforced (20 points): Defeat 20 Prime Enforcers.
      U Mad, Bro? (20 points): Defeat 30 U-Men in the Secret Lab.
      The Goon Squad (20 points): Defeat 500 MRD Troops.
      Alpha Level Mutant (50 points): Finish the game on X-Man difficulty.
      Omega Level Mutant (50 points): Finish the game on X-treme difficulty.
      Can I Get A Valkyrie? (0 points): You were defeated 100 times.
      Beta Level Mutant (50 points): Finish the game on New Mutant difficulty.

    Additionally, there are 18 secret achievements:

      Teleport This! (15 points): Help Nightcrawler rescue mutants.
      Stay Frosty (15 points): Help Iceman, Cyclops and Emma Frost defeat the Purifiers.
      Flash Fire (15 points): Help Pyro, Juggernaut and Quicksilver defeat the Purifiers.
      Satellite Interference (15 points): Interrupt the transmission.
      Better than the Best (15 points): Defeat more enemies than Wolverine in the Prime Enforcer factory.
      The Roof, the Roof... (15 points): Help Pyro set the roof on fire.
      Why Do They Keep Coming? (15 points): Help Forge's hacked Purifier Stalker Mech defeat the MRD Troops.
      Mutant Tracker (15 points): Rescue Caliban.
      Another Shrimp on the Barbie (15 points): Stop Pyro from being mind-controlled.
      Fist of the... (15 points): Stop Northstar from being mind-controlled.
      Logan's Run (15 points): Help Emma Frost turn Wolverine back to normal.
      It's a Secret to Everybody (15 points): Find the U-Men secret lab.
      Shock and Awe (15 points): Defeat Cameron Hodge.
      An Unstoppable Force (15 points): Defeat Magneto and Juggernaut.
      Diamond in the Rough (15 points): Help Emma Frost defend mutant civilians from Purifier attacks.
      Things Look So Bad Everywhere... (15 points): Survive Magneto's attack on the Purifiers.
      Ace In The Hole (15 points): Defeat Gambit.
      David Beats Goliath (15 points): Defeat Sublime.

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