Battle Islands: Commanders



Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Private (25 points): Win your first ranked battle
    Lieutenant (50 points): Win 100 ranked battles
    Commander (125 points): Win 1000 ranked battles
    Operation MI (50 points): Reach the Central Pacific Theater
    Operation Torch (75 points): Reach the North Africa Theater
    Operation Husky (100 points): Reach the Mediterranean Theater
    Operation Barbarossa (150 points): Reach the Eastern Front Theater
    Operation Neptune (175 points): Reach the Western Front Theater
    Field Promotion (50 points): Promote 20 units
    War Veteran (50 points): Promote 20 units to rank 5
    Allied Reinforcements (10 points): Donate a unit
    New Recruit (10 points): Join an alliance
    Intelligence Debriefing (5 points): Share a replay with your Alliance
    Operation Meridian (125 points): Reach the East Asian Theater!
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