Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    ...But You wouldn't Want To Live There (40 points): Complete Star Fire.
    1337 b0mb4D33r (40 points): Score more than 3500 points in Rescue Run.
    2D or not 2D? (40 points): Completed Rescue Run.
    Allo 'Allo (40 points): Reach the end of the Boulevard du Burnistoun.
    Clipping Error? (40 points): Complete the secondary objective.
    Corruption Leaves Me Cold (40 points): Escape from Age of Attrition.
    Ding! (40 points): Hope Springs Eternal.
    Domina Tricks (40 points): Secure Sigma Sector.
    Don't Mess With Valve (40 points): Mess with the Valve.
    Flex Those Fingers (40 points): Complete the Graxian combat training and salute your commanding officer.
    GG (80 points): Complete the Game.
    Great Baws O' Fire! (40 points): Find the Fire Sword.
    Is That Wheelie The Boss You Can Do? (40 points): Defeat Lanzok and free the captive marines.
    Killing Spree (40 points): Kill 5 opponents in the Arena without dying.
    Make Them Rue The Day (40 points): Reach the end of the Rue de Chambard Rouge.
    Shall I fetch a cloth? (40 points): Bring down the Super Saucer.
    Short A Bob Or Two (40 points): Encounter the Accounts Dept..
    Tank Busting Makes Me Feel Good (40 points): Destroy the Armoured Car.
    Up-Diddley-Up-Up (40 points): Complete Planetfire Ascension.
    Wee Plushies (40 points): Defeat the horde.
    We're not Jammin' (40 points): Destroy the Gaian Comms Jammer.
    We've got a Killscreen (40 points): Clear the Chilli Chomper Maze.
    Who Guards The Guard Towers (40 points): Destroy all three guard towers in Death's Dark Vale.
    Winners Never (Rage)Quit (40 points): Complete Rage-Quit Reactor without the Reactor exploding.
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