Bokosuka Wars 2



Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Bokosuka 100m Run Award (20 points): [Bokosuka History #1] iTAland. A land ruled peacefully by the Sren Kingdom.
    Bokosuka 200m Run Award (20 points): [#2] The mysterious Emperor Ogores has appeared in the west, founding the Basam Empire.
    Bokosuka 300m Run Award (20 points): [#3] Basam Empire has persecuted the Sren Kingdom, and in time, invaded it.
    Bokosuka 400m Run Award (20 points): [#4] Sren Kingdom was devastated, her people driven to the land of Tou, far in the east.
    Bokosuka 500m Run Award (20 points): [#5] There were only a few surviving warriors left, but King Sren never lost hope.
    Bokosuka 600m Run Award (20 points): [#6] Joining forces with the Rakusa knights, they laid out what would be called Blue Soul Formation.
    Bokosuka 700m Run Award (20 points): [#7] Looking towards the west, King Sren proclaimed the start of the Bokosuka Wars.
    Bokosuka 800m Run Award (20 points): [#8] First, they drove out Chief Knight Fi, a villain known for causing suffering to the people.
    Bokosuka 900m Run Award (20 points): [#9] Crushing the prison walls also became a huge boost for morale.
    Bokosuka 1000m Run Award (20 points): [#10] The Sren army decided a new battle strategy; an attack at Tou Plains.
    Bokosuka 1100m Run Award (20 points): [#11] Rescue prisoners from all over, let them strengthen your ranks while you continue fighting!
    Bokosuka 1200m Run Award (20 points): [#12] Although it's a grueling journey, fight to win! We all pray towards the sky for victory.
    Bokosuka 1300m Run Award (20 points): [#13] However, Mage Iyoh from Basam Empire crafted a better plan.
    Bokosuka 1400m Run Award (20 points): [#14] By tempting Sren's army into the Tai Forest, they were again forced to face Fi.
    Bokosuka 1500m Run Award (20 points): [#15] His strategy of binding soldiers to trees and leaving them to die whittled away Sren's forces.
    Bokosuka 1600m Run Award (20 points): [#16] In the dark forest, Sren's army held on to a close battle against the elusive Fi Army.
    Bokosuka 1700m Run Award (20 points): [#17] From deep within the forest, Torsa Kursa, a legendary Chief Knight from Sren, entered the war.
    Bokosuka 1800m Run Award (20 points): [#18] The chief knight dedicated the holy sword Kikirus Mamma to King Sren.
    Bokosuka 1900m Run Award (20 points): [#19] With the holy sword, King Sren escaped certain death by felling a giant tree with one blow.
    Bokosuka 2000m Run Award (20 points): [#20] Sren's Army continued their escape eastward to Nadef Solda Canyon, but it was also a trap...
    Bokosuka 2100m Run Award (20 points): [#21] Iyoh's wizard minions used black magic to form an army of phantom warriors on the battlefield!
    Bokosuka 2200m Run Award (20 points): [#22] To awaken his allies, King Sren started chanting a song.
    Bokosuka 2300m Run Award (20 points): [#23] "Advance, Advance.." It was the song of Bokosuka.
    Bokosuka 2400m Run Award (20 points): [#24] The king temporarily stopped the warriors, attacking the phantoms with his knights.
    Bokosuka 2500m Run Award (20 points): [#25] But Iyoh's had another card up his sleeve! The phantoms were only there to buy time!
    Bokosuka 2600m Run Award (20 points): [#26] Here is the rugged Land of Saidam, the castle ruins of old Sren. The place for a final battle.
    Bokosuka 2700m Run Award (20 points): [#27] The empire had pride in Dariel, an invincible shogun battling alongside Basam's Chief Knights.
    Bokosuka 2800m Run Award (20 points): [#28] Viewing the Basam's Chief Knights' footwork while fighting, it was a narrow escape from death.
    Bokosuka 2900m Run Award (20 points): [#29] After the battle, Sren's Army wept while staring at the mud wall they used in their strategy.
    Bokosuka 3000m Run Award (20 points): [#30] The pattern may have been the same, but it was not the Sren Castle they knew from the past.
    Bokosuka 3200m Run Award (20 points): [#31] Despite their pursuing attacks, Fi's Army was no match against Sren's.
    Bokosuka 3400m Run Award (20 points): [#32] Pushing forward, Sren set his sights on Gogmagog Plains and the looming Basam Castle.
    Bokosuka 3600m Run Award (20 points): [#33] Here, the Urahiwa Uhaise Dynasty came to lend their support to the cause!
    Bokosuka 3800m Run Award (20 points): [#34] Additionally, the neighboring country of Godmac sent in more reinforcements!
    Bokosuka 4000m Run Award (20 points): [#35] Take heart, Sren Army! You may rush into the castle, but many traps lie ahead.
    Bokosuka 4200m Run Award (20 points): [#36] In these maze-like corridors, the immortal Ogores Elite Bodyguards stand in your way.
    Bokosuka 4400m Run Award (20 points): [#37] "Strength against the strong, weakness against the weak." These bodyguards have magic armor.
    Bokosuka 4600m Run Award (20 points): [#38] There must be an escape. Even though they are covered in wounds, Sren cheered on his allies.
    Bokosuka 4800m Run Award (20 points): [#39] Just moments before, Mage Iyoh crept from the shadows. The tactician receives his retribution.
    Bokosuka 5000m Run Award (20 points): [#40] Deep within the castle, King Ogores sits on his throne. How this ends is up to you.
    Pack-Llamy's 5th Appearance Award (20 points): 1 Advance, Advance. Kick out an intruding foe. Aim at the enemy castle. Ogores must go.
    Pack-Llamy's 10th Appearance Award (20 points): 2 Save captured friends, be happy to the end. Oh, cruel battlefield, alone I may quickly contend.
    Pack-Llamy's 15th Appearance Award (20 points): 3 Wastelands echo magic; at phantoms, blades swing. Keep sight of those who pull shadow's strings.
    Pack-Llamy's 20th Appearance Award (20 points): 4 An enemy Shogun appears. Turning back is a sin. You sparkle in the gold, with braveness within.
    Pack-Llamy's 25th Appearance Award (20 points): 5 Lastly, to my enemy, my dear old foe. In the end, this duel has a 50-50 chance, don't you know?
    Pack-Llamy's 30th Appearance Award (20 points): [Fi] Can't sleep, can't sleep tonight. Make the game. A secret program. Know anyone who can?
    Pack-Llamy's 35th Appearance Award (20 points): [Marika Terrace] Ah, metaphor of dancer's hands. Ah, metaphor of singer's hands. I met.. her.. for..
    Pack-Llamy's 40th Appearance Award (20 points): [Dariei] The sun came without calling. Today is the one day I live. Swords and shields will clash.
    Pack-Llamy's 50th Appearance Award (20 points): 6 Recited through time, a Bokosukan warning, this is where it ends, all will be sleeping.
    Completed (20 points): [#41] Tales of this battle will be told long into the future. Hopefully never to be repeated again.
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