Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers



Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Cheating Death (200 points): Defeat the final boss!
    Hardcore Hero (100 points): Complete 5 different levels in hardcore mode.
    Infernal Inferno (100 points): Defeat 3 different bosses in infernal mode.
    Ultimate Explorer (100 points): Visit all the rooms and bonus rooms.
    Phone a Friend (50 points): Collect a Call of Buddies with each main hero.
    Best Friend Forever (50 points): Complete all levels in multiplayer mode.
    Shield Breaker (50 points): Destroy 100 magic shields without using Steven.
    Fight Power Supreme (50 points): Unlock each hero's Strong Attack, Super Power and Assist Power.
    Air Clarence (50 points): Destroy 3 objects with Clarence's Jetpack without landing, 10 times.
    Bring It (50 points): Attract a stunned enemy with Finn & Jake 30 times.
    Law and Odor (50 points): Remove the Stench effect from 5 enemies with a single attack, 10 times.
    Laser Light Legend (50 points): Defeat 5 enemies with a single attack from Steven's Rose Cannon, 10 times.
    Rock Star (50 points): Push back 50 Pufferfish with Rigby & Mordecai's Power Chord.
    Head Rush (50 points): Travel 8 km with Uncle Grandpa's Propeller Head.
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