The Crew



  • Golden Plates Challenge codes

    Enter one of the following Golden Plates Challenge codes to receive various rewards. To begin, login at the Ubisoft Golden Plates page.


  • Dirt Hot Rod

    Find all 20 parts in the East Coast region to unlock the Dirt Spec Hod Rod at your headquarters.

  • HuP One Hot Rod

    Find all 20 parts in the Midwest region to unlock the Street Spec Hod Rod at your headquarters.

  • Area 51 and UFO Easter Egg

    While in the Mountain States area, travel to the edge of the Mojave Desert just as you enter the Western Shrub-Steppes. There is a small military base north and slightly to the west of the Speed Skill 91 challenge. Once there, you can see a large silver UFO inside a fenced-off area.

  • Bigfoot Easter Egg

    Travel to the Seattle Station. Set a waypoint to the following location in the Northern Cascades to the east. Use a Dirt Spec vehicle to drive on the road east towards the mountains into the Northern Cascades forest. The navigation line will lead you to a dirt road, and then have you off-road up into forested hills. You will eventually reach a clearing with Bigfoot.

  • Achievements

    Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

      The Crew (10 points): Complete a Mission while in a Crew (2-4 Players)
      United we Stand (15 points): Complete 50 Crew vs. Crew PvP Events. (2-4 players)
      The Breadwinner (15 points): Increase your Daily Salary to 10,000 Bucks.
      Remember my name (15 points): Earn over 100,000 Reputation Points.
      Ghost Bustin (10 points): Beat any Platinum Skill Ghost.
      Enduring Spirit (15 points): Complete the Faction Mission Landmark Tour in a Crew (2-4 players).
      Coast to Coast (15 points): Complete the Faction Mission Coast to Coast in a Crew (2-4 players)
      Synchronized Spinning (15 points): Earn 3,000 Bucks from a Multiplayer Stunt Combo.
      Hold the line (10 points): Achieve a combined speed of 870 mph (1400 km/h) in a Crew (2-4 Players).
      Podium Placing (10 points): As a team (3-4 players), finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd in a PvP Faction vs Faction Event.
      Never Drive Alone (15 points): Spend a total of 24 hours in a Crew (2-4 Players).
      Highway One Plus (15 points): Drive the length of Highway One while in a Crew (2-4 Players).
      Stay Out of Trouble (10 points): Escape the Police at least once in each region.
      Top Dog (10 points): Finish first in a free-for-all PvP Event.
      Enthusiast (10 points): Tune a car to level 510.
      The Modfather (25 points): Tune a car to level 1299.
      Star Service (15 points): Upgrade every Performance part on a vehicle to Platinum.
      Overclocker (100 points): Drive a total of 5,000 Miles (8047 km) in a single car.
      Walking-around money (15 points): Have 500,000 Bucks in your wallet.
      Made To Spec (10 points): Own a car with all its 5 Specs unlocked.
      Facelift (15 points): Customize every Visual part of a car.
      Unlimited Testdrive Budget (5 points): Testdrive the most expensive car.
      Salt Rocket (15 points): Achieve a speed over 236 mph (380 km/h) on the Bonneville Salt Flats.
      First Offense (10 points): Escape a Police pursuit 100 times in FreeDrive.
      Versatile Showman (25 points): Earn a Platinum Medal in each Skill type in all 5 Zones.
      Daily Dose (10 points): Complete a Daily Challenge.
      Weekly Wonder (25 points): Complete a Weekly Challenge.
      Monthly Marvel (25 points): Complete a Monthly Challenge.
      And the award goes to... (15 points): Earn over 10,000 Award Points.
      Street Smart (10 points): Earn a Story Mission Platinum medal in a Street Spec Car.
      Show Off (15 points): Perform a minute-long Stunt Combo.
      Dirty Birdy (10 points): Earn a Story Mission Platinum medal in a Dirt Spec Car.
      Data Tracker (25 points): Tap into 30 Data Stations in the United States.
      Scrap Salvager (10 points): Build a Hidden Car from Wreck Parts.
      Domestic Tourist (25 points): Visit 242 Landmarks in the United States.
      Perf-ection (10 points): Earn a Story Mission Platinum medal in a Perf Spec Car.
      Raid the Scoreboard (10 points): Earn a Story Mission Platinum medal in a Raid Spec Car.
      Skills To Pay Bills (25 points): Earn a Gold medal on 500 Skills.
      The Extra Mile (100 points): Earn Platinum medals from all Story Missions.
      The Boss (50 points): Progress to Level 50.
      Indy Car Racer (100 points): Drive a total of 200 laps around the Little Eagle Speedrome.
      Circuit Training (10 points): Earn a Story Mission Platinum medal in a Circuit Spec Car.
      Road Trip (15 points): Drive to all 5 regions in a Crew during one session (2-4 players).

    Additionally, there are seven secret achievements:

      5-10 (5 points): Dominate the Midwest and get your first ink.
      V2 (10 points): Tame the East Coast and earn your V2 ink.
      V4 (10 points): Reestablish 5-10 control in The South and earn your V4.
      V6 (10 points): Beat the cops in The Mountain States and earn your V6.
      We Don't Need Roads (10 points): Burn Nitro at exactly 88mph (141 km/h).
      Sir, Yes Sir! (15 points): Complete 10 Missions as leader of a Crew.
      V8 (25 points): Conquer the West Coast, win the Face-off, and take the V8.

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