The Escapists: The Walking Dead



Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Survive Greene Family Farm (40 points): Clear out the barn of walkers and reach Dale's RV safely.
    Get Out Of Jail (50 points): Successfully complete Meriwether County Correctional Facility
    Unfinished Business (50 points): Allow Michonne to deal with the Governor then successfully escape Woodbury.
    No Stone Unturned (100 points): Successfully guide Carl to safety from Alexandria.
    The Collector (100 points): Seek out all of the 24 volumes of The Walking Dead.
    No Casualties! (50 points): Complete any level without having any survivor being downed.
    Dead Busy! (25 points): Have Rick kill 100 walkers using any type of weaponry.
    Walker Stalker (50 points): Kill 50 walkers using Melee weaponry only.
    Weapon Expert (50 points): Obtain at least one type of the following weapons; melee, pistol, rifle, machine gun and shotgun.
    Feed The World! (50 points): Have walkers devour the cooked meat item.
    All I Want Is My Stereo! (25 points): Use the Radio distraction item.
    A Different Approach (50 points): Have Rick wear the riot gear and walker make up kit at any time.
    Vendor Spender (50 points): Spend 200 credits across any of the level
    Crafty Rick (100 points): Craft all Melee weapons and Gun Extensions.
    On The Move (50 points): Complete any level within 10 days.
    Safety First (100 points): Get through a day from 7:00 to 23.00 without any increase to the threat level on Meriwether.
    Back From The Dead (25 points): Finish the tutorial level.
    Hobbyist (25 points): Collect 12 volumes of The Walking Dead.
    First Place Walker (10 points): Kill a Walker with a Trophy.
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