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Release: Q3 2014
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Are You Ready For The Inquisition?
by Travis Huber

As a huge fan of the Dragon Age series as well as KOTOR and Mass Effect, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t just a little excited about Inquisition. But truth be told, I am a little nervous. In previous years, BioWare has made some truly incredible games that have changed the way a lot of us view how RPGs should play and be made but they have also made some claims that were delivered upon only in technicality–like the ending to Mass Effect 3. So when they started throwing around the power of choice and different endings again, I got worried. So far, from all I have seen and read concerning Inquisition, it looks like they may be able to deliver, in totality this time, what they have promised us all as gamers.

Just one look into the promo videos on the Dragon Age website shows us a world much larger and more intense than we have seen before in the series. BioWare has said that this game will encompass the lands of Thedas, Orlais and Ferelden. Or at least most of these lands. What they have promised us is that we will see a game with a geography that is four to five times larger than previous titles.


However, this time, you won’t be a warden. You are the inquisitor and you have been tasked with basically saving the world from itself. The Veil, the ether that separates Thedas from the Fade, has torn and there are demons pouring into the land and destroying everything. This insurgence of demons has also driven the people to turn on each other in attempts to gain power to try and stop the demonic plague from ravaging their own lands–even at the cost of someone else’s.

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That is where you come in. You and the nine Agents you will recruit will be the bringers of change in a world on the brink of annihilation. Your choices will determine the outcome of Thedas. You will decide who in the world will survive…or if the world is even worth saving at all. You will be able to send your agents out to operate in your stead in other parts of the land while you are busy trying to keep the peace, or while you are destroying it.

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You will pit factions against each other or bring them together in alliances that will help them defeat the oncoming threat or you can be the very thing that drives them into the abyss of extinction. This huge world and all that’s going on within it brings us to the promises that BioWare will not have a repeat “multiple endings” fiasco like they did with Mass Effect 3. They promise that when they say the endings will be different based on your choices, that they will be vastly different and engaging enough for you to want to play again to see what other endings you can achieve.

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Mix that in with the nearly unlimited-looking amounts of character customization that you as the player will be afforded and you have the recipe for a real adventure, driven by the player. From all instances and appearances, the story and world in which you will play Dragon Age: Inquisition will be an experience the likes of which we have not seen yet in the series. So sharpen your swords and axes, shine up your armor, and get ready to bring the might of your inquisition to a world on the brink of ruin. A world where you will be the bringer of peace, or the catalyst of its destruction.

Travis Huber
Contributing Writer
Date: April 16, 2014

Game Features:

  • Meet and build alliances with nine Agents who will react to your every decision.
  • Roam a reimagined and vastly larger world including Thedas, Orlais and Ferelden.
  • Play through a world where your decisions directly affect the world and people around you.
  • Conquer and build keeps and fortresses to expand the reach of your inquisition.

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