Xbox Fitness



Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Ooh, Shiny! (25 points): Earn your first workout star.
    Challenging (25 points): Complete your first session challenge.
    Better than the Rest (25 points): Win a drill challenge against the community.
    Flamingo! (30 points): Balance for a whole minute!
    Friendly Competition (50 points): Win 10 drill challenges against friends.
    Beginner (25 points): Earn 25 workout stars.
    Intermediate (50 points): Earn 50 workout stars.
    Rewarding (30 points): Complete your first Stamp Card.
    Perfection Perfected (75 points): Complete 10 sessions with a 5-star rating.
    Almost Perfect (30 points): Get 5 stars in 3/4 of drills in a single session.
    Home Fitness Improvements (25 points): Beat your session best.
    Furious Fists (30 points): Throw 1,000 punches.
    30 Seconds of Fun (50 points): Complete 1,000 drills.
    A Cool Mil. (50 points): Score 1,000,000 Fitness Points total.
    Advanced (100 points): Earn 100 workout stars.
    Aced! (50 points): Complete all session challenges for one workout.
    Enthusiast (100 points): Reach the Tenth Stamp Card.
    Fit-Ness Monster (100 points): Complete your 50th Stamp Card.
    That was my Everest (75 points): Jump, climb and squat to the height of Mt. Everest (8,848m).
    Five Star Session (25 points): Get your first 5 star session rating.
    Unstoppable (30 points): Win 5 drill challenges in one session.
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