Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Vanguard (50 points): Complete Battle 1.
    Heroes of Mars (50 points): Complete Battle 2.
    Moonraiders (50 points): Complete Battle 3.
    Mars, God of War (50 points): Complete Battle 4.
    Fortress Earth (100 points): Complete Battle 5.
    Seven Minutes of Terror (100 points): Survive seven minutes or more in Survival I.
    Hundred to One (100 points): Destroy 400 enemies in Survival II.
    Survival Star (100 points): Score 20000 points or more in Survival III.
    Stellar Ace (100 points): Destroy 500 enemies with a single fighter during a Battle.
    Hard Fought Victory (100 points): Complete campaign in Hard Mode.
    Major Force (100 points): Finish Battle 2 with four pilots ranked as Major.
    Smart Bomb (50 points): Destroy ten or more enemies with a single Cluster Bomb.
    Sharp Shooter (50 points): Destroy six or more enemies with a single Railgun blast.
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