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Note: This game is also titled Fallblox and Hikuotsu.

Crashmo Studio

Successfully complete ten lessons in Crashmo Park to unlock Crashmo Studio.

Training mode

Successfully complete twenty lessons in Crashmo Park to unlock the "Training" option at Papa Blox's menu.


Successfully complete 70 puzzles to unlock the Prototypes.

Prototype Challenges

Successfully complete Challenge 5 through 10 to unlock the Prototype Challenges.

Level B Challenges

Successfully complete all 100 puzzles in Crashmo Park to unlock the Level B Challenges, which contain 40 more very difficult puzzles.

Music player

Successfully complete the 100th Crashmo, and finish Story mode to unlock the music player.


Successfully complete the indicated challenge to unlock the corresponding gadget in Crashmo Studio:

    Doors: Challenge 4-1
    Floating Block Gadget: Challenge 2-1
    Manholes: Challenge 3-1
    Move Switches: Challenge 5-1

Finale and credits

Successfully complete the game to be able to view the ending sequence and credits any time at the "Extras" menu.

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