Final Fantasy Explorers


Infinite CP

Go to the blacksmith and select the "Upgrade" option. Choose an upgrade that costs exactly as much CP as you currently have -- so that if you bought it you would have 0 CP remaining. Then, press Up on the control pad, and the game will allow you to buy one more copy than you can afford. Make sure you have enough materials. After you make the purchase, your CP value will go into the negative, and the game corrects this by giving you exactly 99,999,999 CP. Note: An easy way to get your CP to the right number is to do "Roam The World" repeatedly until you come back with a CP value that ends with a 0. Then, fuse atmaliths (which normally cost high even numbers) to get your CP down, or buy some non-custom abilities. Make sure you calculate how much CP you will need to do the glitch before you start reducing your CP.

Easy Amaterasu's Material

The Tornado skill does 9,999 damage to both Amaterasu's mirrors, even without any other equipment. Use it to break both mirror parts, then get the materials. Select "Return To Libertas" and collect the materials.

Mastery quests

Reach Rank 5 after ten quests with a specific class to unlock the Mastery quests.

Easy Mastery quests

Use the following trick to quickly unlock the Mastery quests for any class. Enter that class, explore the world, then return to Libertas. You do not need to fight anything. This counts as a completed quest. Repeat the process a total of ten times to unlock the mastery quests for your selected class.

Trance Surge characters

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding character:

    Aerith: Use 500 healing abilities.
    Bartz: Raise a monster to level 50.
    Cecil: Do 10,000 damage in one hit.
    Cloud: Reach Explorer level 30.
    Lightning: Earn a total of 100,000 CP.
    Squall: Use 1,000 abilities.
    Terra: Encase eight different Eidolons. Note: Aberrant Eidolons do not qualify.
    Tidus: Reach the Grand Crystal.
    Tifa: Use Trance Surge fifty times.
    Vaan: Craft fifty pieces of equipment. Copies do not qualify.
    Yuna: Defeat ten Eidolons.


There are 21 jobs that can be changed at any time when not on the field. Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding job.


    Requirement: n/a
    Ability: No specialized abilities.


    Requirement: Ability Boost Operation Test.
    Ability: Use defensive abilities and protect allies.


    Requirement: Ability Boost Operation Test.
    Ability: Increased damage with fist weapons.

White Mage

    Requirement: Ability Boost Operation Test.
    Ability: Use healing magic.

Black Mage

    Requirement: Ability Boost Operation Test.
    Ability: Use high level damage magic.


    Requirement: Ability Boost Operation Test.
    Ability: Attack long-ranged enemies using a bow.


    Requirement: Collect 15% of all equipment.
    Ability: Use physical and magic attacks


    Requirement: Ninja and Bard Test.
    Ability: High speed and evasive skills.

Time Mage

    Requirement: Thief and Time Mage Test.
    Ability: Provide support to allies using time magic.

Dark Knight

    Requirement: Slay 500 monsters.
    Ability: n/a


    Requirement: Dragoon and Sage Test.
    Ability: Leap in the air and rapidly descend.


    Requirement: Dragoon and Sage Test.
    Ability: Increased attack speed and healing potential.


    Requirement: Create 20 monsters.
    Ability: High damage axe attacks.


    Requirement: Geomancer and Alchemist Test.
    Ability: Ability to change the terrain.


    Requirement: Get 150,000 CP achievement.
    Ability: Use guns to deal damage.

Red Mage

    Requirement: Learn Curaga, Firaga, and Graviga
    Ability: Use swords and black and white magic.


    Requirement: Ninja and Bard Test.
    Ability: Provide support to allies.


    Requirement: Test for Thief and Time Mage.
    Ability: Ability to steal items.


    Requirement: Geomancer and Alchemist Test.
    Ability: Use items to attack enemies.

Blue Mage

    Requirement: Collect 35 Atmaliths.
    Ability: Learn enemy abilities.

Monster party members

The following monsters can be obtained for your party for the indicated cost and have the listed attributes:

    Lizard (100): +10 physical attack, Fire Breath, Poison Breath, and Protect.
    Iron Knight (100): Immune to Sleep, Confusion, Seal, Silence, Stop, and Poison.
    Chocobo (200): Beak, Choco Attack, Choco Cure, and Choco Meteor.
    Flan (100): +75 resistance against Darkness, high HP, physical defense, and magical defense.
    Mandragora (200): +10 recovery magic.
    Marlboro (200): Bad Breath.
    Black Knight (300): Firaja and Aura Cutter.
    Cactuar (100): 1,000 Needles and Haste.
    Magic Pot (200): Immune to all status ailments, resistance against all elements, Grand Delta, and Flare.
    Flan Princess (200): Firaga, Curaga, and Bite.


The following elements cause the listed status ailment:

    Blind: Decreased accuracy.
    Burn: Decreased defense and damage over time.
    Confusion: This confuses movement directions.
    Dark: Inflicts Blind.
    Death: Knocks out the target.
    Disable: No actions except movement.
    Earth: Inflicts Immobilize.
    Fire: Inflicts Burn.
    Fog: Use of physical abilities impaired.
    Freeze: No actions.
    Ice: Inflicts Freeze.
    Immobilize: No movement.
    Light: Inflicts Slow.
    Paralysis: No actions except slower movement.
    Shot: Inflicts Disable.
    Silence: No use of magical abilities.
    Slash: Inflicts Death.
    Sleep: No actions.
    Slow: Decreased movement speed.
    Strike: Inflicts Confusion.
    Thrust: Inflicts Fog.
    Thunder: Inflicts Paralysis.
    Water: Inflicts Silence.
    Wind: Inflicts Sleep.
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