Harvest Moon 3D: The Lost Valley

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Harvest Sprites

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding sprite:

    Blossom (Pink Harvest Sprite): Plant the Pink Pansy Seeds obtained from Sam.
    Calvin (Red Harvest Sprite): Place the barn obtained from Doc, and take care the cow obtained from Hunter.
    Dewey (Blue Harvest Sprite): Catch five fish with the fishing rod obtained from Gilbert.
    Flint (Orange Harvest Sprite): Meet Tony and Emily, get the hammer from Tony, and go to the Underworld Kingdom.
    Oliver (Purple Harvest Sprite): Find the three missing Seasons.
    Woody (Green Harvest Sprite): Meet Catherine, get the axe from Tony, then cut down the trees that could not be taken down with your Old Axe.

Easy experience

When first starting, at the end of the short tutorial where the Harvest Sprite introduces tools and stamina, he will float away and ask you to follow. Instead of following him, tile as much land as possible. You will have unlimited time and stamina and can quickly level up before actually starting the game.

Easy rewards

Save the game before mining an ore lode or chopping a mysterious tree. If you do not like what was received from the ore or tree, reload the saved game, and try again.

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