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Amiibo unlockables

While viewing the map of a sector, you can scan certain Amiibo figures to unlock "Secret Spot" stages. If the figure is compatible, it will also appear in a random Secret Spot, replacing the reward for that level. Successfully complete a Secret Spot with the highlighted Amiibo for it to be added to your collection along with 200 Sparklium. Note: You must scan the Amiibo from the specific set listed below. If you scan the same character from another set, it will not fulfill the conditions.

    Anatomical Enigma: Scan the Toad Amiibo (Super Mario set).
    Chartreuse Arrow: Scan the Squid Amiibo (Splatoon 1 set).
    Chilled-Out Cucumbress: Scan the Marie Amiibo (Splatoon 1 set).
    Colossus In Suspenders: Scan the Mario Amiibo (Super Mario set).
    Devious Drencher: Scan the alt-color Inkling Boy Amiibo (Splatoon 1 set).
    Electric-Lime Hairdo: Scan the alt-color Inkling Girl Amiibo (Splatoon 1 set).
    Exhausted Soldier: Scan the Inkling Girl Amiibo (Splatoon 1 set).
    Fanged Marshmellow: Scan the Boo Amiibo (Super Mario set).
    Fashion Mystery: Scan the Rosalina Amiibo (Super Mario set).
    Fearsome Boss: Scan the Bowser Amiibo (Super Mario set).
    Great Man: Scan the Silver Mario Amiibo (Super Mario set).
    Memento Of Love: Scan the Peach Amiibo (Super Mario set).
    My Princess: Scan the Daisy Amiibo (Super Mario set).
    Oversized Replica: Scan the Olimar Amiibo (Super Smash Bros set).
    Powerful Pencil Pusher: Scan the Donkey Kong Amiibo (Super Mario set).
    Priceless Artifact: Scan the Gold Mario Amiibo (Super Mario set).
    Seated Strummer: Scan the K.K. Slider Amiibo (Animal Crossing set).
    Sparkling Ingenue: Scan the Callie Amiibo (Splatoon 1 set).
    Spellbound Friends: Scan the Pikmin Amiibo (Pikmin set).
    Squirting Squirt: Scan the Inkling Boy Amiibo (Splatoon 1 set).
    Uncomfortable Swaddler: Scan the Tom Nook Amiibo (Animal Crossing set).
    Unsung Hero: Scan the Luigi Amiibo (Super Mario set).
    Uplifting Arrow: Scan the alt-color Squid Amiibo (Splatoon 1 set).
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