The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ


Great Fairy rewards

Collect the indicated Stray Fairies, and return them to their fountain to obtain the corresponding reward:

    Charged Spin Attack: Stray Fairies in the Snowhead Temple
    Defense Boost (damaged reduced by half): Stray Fairies in the Great Bay Temple
    Double-Sized Magic Meter: Stray Fairies in the Woodfall Temple
    Great Fairy Sword: Stray Fairies in the Stone Tower Temple
    Great Fairy's Mask: Stray Fairies in Clock Town. Return them to their Fountain as Normal Link.
    Magic Meter: Stray Fairies in Clock Town

Inverted Song Of Time

You can play the Inverted Song Of Time without first learning it. Equip the Ocarina Of Time, then press R, L, Y, R, L, Y, and it will appear on your song list. Playing the song will slow time.

Song Of Double Time

You can play the Inverted Song Of Double Time without first learning it. Speak to a Scarecrow in Clock Town, then Equip the Ocarina Of Time and press Y(2), L(2), R(2), and it will appear on your song list. Playing the song will allow you to skip any hour.

Use blanked out item

Set a bottle to either X or Y, then enter first person view. Enter the "Items" or "Masks" menu while remaining in first person view. Replace the bottle with any item. Exit that menu, and while still in first person view, quickly press B and immediately press the button that the bottle was previously assigned to (either X or Y). If done correctly, you will use the item which was blanked out. Some items cannot be used with certain forms. This can be used with the Fierce Deity mask, allowing him to be used at any time.

Early items

Unlock Termina Field, and approach the northern passage blocked by ice. Z-target the icicle from a distance, then jump to the right. If timed correctly, Link will walk on the rocks next to the ice. You can now go to the Mountain Village, and get the Goron Mask and Lens Of Truth without the Hero's Bow. After collecting the Goron Mask, go to the Great Bay. Normally, you have to use Epona to get past the fence blocking the path. Instead, lure a ChuChu from a patch of grass in Termina Field to the fence. Transform to Goron form, and use the ground pound jump. If timed correctly, the ChuChu will hit you at the peak of the jump and cause Link's falling damage animation to begin. This should give you enough altitude to get over the fence. You can then get the Zora Mask. If you have enough Deku Nuts, you can go to the Pirates' Fortress and collect the Hookshot. Use them to stun the guards, then use Zora Link's boomerang fins to trigger the beehive, and clear the treasure room. If you have Deku Sticks and Bombs remaining, you can complete the Oceanside Spider House to get the Giant Wallet earlier.

Easy Rupees

After getting Link's Hylian form back, go to the top of the East Clock Town stairs. Perform a rolling jump over the gap between buildings at the Eastern Gate. Keep jumping close to the wall, using the decorative targets above the Honey & Darling's Shop as platforms. Continue moving behind the Town Shooting Gallery sign until you find a trunk with a Silver Rupee. It can be collected once per time loop. Additionally, the targets above the Honey & Darling's Shop will drop several Green Rupees if you shoot them with your items or Deku Link's bubbles. This can be done each time the East Clock Town screen is reset.

Shoot the Blue Bubbles in Termina Field and Ikana Canyon with Light Arrows. They will drop a Purple Rupee. Leave the area and return, then repeat the process as many times as desired.

Healing from butterflies

Have a Deku Stick, and find some butterflies. Equip the Deku Stick, and move slowly enough so they begin following you. Lead them until they turn into fairies.

Healing near Gossip Stones

Play the Song Of Healing near a Gossip Stone, and a fairy will appear to restore your health.

Use Blast Mask without taking damage

Before using the Blask Mask, hold R to keep your shield up. Note: This cannot be done while locked on an enemy.

Grow Magic Beans without water in bottles

Play the Song Of Storms to create rain that will water the Magic Beans without a bottle.

Launch Gossip Stones

Place a bomb or use the Blast Mask near a Gossip Stone.

Fixing broken signs

Cut a wooden sign into pieces, then play the Song Of Healing.


Successfully complete the indicated task to obtain the corresponding item:

Adult Wallet

    Location: South Clock Town
    Function: Link can carry 200 Rupees
    Unlocked by: Deposit 200 Rupees or more into your bank account.

Big Bomb Bag

    Location: West Clock Town – Bomb Shop
    Function: Link can carry 30 bombs
    Unlocked by: Stop the thief from robbing the old lady in the North Clock Town during the Night of the First Day. Then, purchase it for 90 Rupees on the Second or Final Day.

Biggest Bomb Bag

    Location: Goron Village
    Function: Link can carry 40 bombs
    Unlocked by: As Goron Link, give the Business Scrub your Big Bomb Bag and 200 Rupees.

Bomb Bag

    Location: West Clock Town – Bomb Shop
    Function: Link can carry 20 bombs
    Unlocked by: Purchase for 50 Rupees at the Bomb Shop.

Bombers Notebook

    Location: Clock Town – Clock Tower
    Function: A journal carrying all your warrior accomplishments
    Unlocked by: Reclaim the Ocarina Of Time from the Skull Kid, then speak to the Mask Salesman.

Fishing Hole Pass

    Location: Clock Town
    Function: Link gets one free fishing rod rental at the Swamp or Ocean Fishing Hole
    Unlocked by: Win as a reward from the Deku Scrub Playground or Honey & Darling Shop.

Giant Wallet

    Location: Great Bay Coast – Oceanside Spider House
    Function: Link can carry 500 Rupees
    Unlocked by: Collect all 30 Golden Skulltula Spirits in the Oceanside Spider House, then talk to the man sitting at the entrance.

Gilded Sword

    Location: Mountain Village – Smithy
    Function: Better version of the Razor Sword
    Unlocked by: Do not collect the Razor Sword. Give the smithy some Gold Dust to reforge the weapon.

Got's Remains

    Location: Snowhead Temple
    Function: Required to challenge the Skull Kid
    Unlocked by: Defeat the Snowhead Temple Boss, Goht.

Gyorg's Remains

    Location: Great Bay Temple
    Function: Required to challenge the Skull Kid
    Unlocked by: Defeat the Great Bay Temple Boss, Gyorg.

Large Quiver

    Location: East Clock Town – Shooting Gallery
    Function: Link can carry 40 arrows
    Unlocked by: Score at least 40 points at the Town's Shooting Gallery.

Largest Quiver

    Location: Swamp Trail – Shooting Gallery
    Function: Link can carry 50 arrows
    Unlocked by: Do not miss any monsters, and get a high score of 2,120 or higher.

Mirror Shield

    Location: Ikana Canyon – Under the Well
    Function: A special shield that has the ability to reflect the rays of light
    Unlocked by: Found under the well at the very end of the ruins.

Ocarina Of Time

    Location: South Clock Town
    Function: Link can control time
    Unlocked by: During the Night of the Final Day, climb the top of the Clock Tower, and hit the Skull Kid with Deku Link's bubbles.

Olowa's Remains

    Location: Woodfall Temple
    Function: An old mask left by Odolwa that is required to challenge the Skull Kid
    Unlocked by: Defeat the Woodfall Temple Boss, Odolwa.

Pictograph Box

    Location: Southern Swamp – Tourist Center
    Function: Link can take a picture of anything desired
    Unlocked by: Speak to the man inside the Swamp Tourist Center.

Razor Sword

    Location: Mountain Village – Smithy
    Function: A strong blade
    Unlocked by: Pay the smithy 100 Rupees to have the Razor Sword forged. Requires a full day to create.

Twinmold's Remains

    Location: Stone Tower Temple
    Function: A mask left by the Twinmold that is required in order to challenge the Skull Kid
    Unlocked by: Defeat the Stone Tower Temple Boss, Twinmold.

Nintendo references

Go to the upstairs room at Mama's House in Romani Ranch. Search the corner behind Romani's bed to find a toy horse that resembles Ganondorf's horse from The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time. You can also find a toy horse on the mantle above the bed that resembles Epona.

Enter the Bomb Shop, and look at the decorations. The large machine behind the counter is made from GameCube parts. To the right of it is an Ultra Hand, which is a Gunpei Yokoi designed toy from 1966.

Enter the baby's room in Goron Village. Search the far corner of the left wall to see a large Wii-mote made of stone.

Go to Kafei's Hideout during the day. Note: This is only possible if you put Anju's letter in the mailbox, then go inside while Kafei is retrieving the letter. Once inside, Kafei will show you a peephole that allows the back of the Curiosity Shop to be viewed. Shift the view to the right to see a R.O.B. robot on a shelf.

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