Mario And Sonic At The Rio 2016 Olympic Games


Bonus characters

Defeat the indicated character in the listed event to unlock him or her:

    Diddy Kong: Dream 110m Hurdles on Day 1 of the Mario adventure.
    Dry Bowser: Dream Javelin Throw on Day 5 of the Sonic adventure.
    Eggman Nega: Dream Long Jump on Day 4 of the Mario adventure.
    Jet The Hawk: Dream Soccer/Football on Day 7 of the Sonic adventure.
    Larry Koopa: Dream Equestrian on Day 4 of the Sonic adventure.
    Nabbit: Dream 100m Dash on Day 1 of the Sonic adventure.
    Rosalina: Dream Rhythmic Gymnastics: Hoop on Day 3 of the Mario adventure.
    Rouge the Bat: Dream Golf on Day 7 of the Mario adventure.
    Roy Koopa: Dream Beach Volleyball on Day 2 of the Mario adventure.
    Sticks the Badger: Dream Archery on Day 3 of the Sonic adventure.
    Wave The Swallow: Dream BMX on Day 5 of the Mario adventure.
    Wendy O. Koopa: Dream 100m Freestyle on Day 6 of the Mario adventure.
    Zavok: Dream Boxing on Day 6 of the Sonic adventure.
    Zazz: Dream Table Tennis on Day 2 of the Sonic adventure.

Bonus gear

There are a total of 48 achievements, each with three levels. Complete each level to progressively reveal an image. You will unlock a new piece of gear every ten (or eight for the final image) third level achievements obtained.

    Blue Spring Arrow: Unlock 10 panels.
    Chain Chomp Club: Unlock all panels.
    Chaos Emerald Gloves: Unlock 30 panels.
    Fire Flower Paddles: Unlock 20 panels.
    Golden Mushroom Bike: Unlock 40 panels.


Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement:

    100m Challenge: Finish in 9.580 seconds or less.
    100m Plus Challenge: Win without using the Super Dash.
    110m Hurdles Challenge: Finish in 12.500 seconds or less.
    110m Plus Challenge: Get a perfect jump on every hurdle.
    Archery Challenge: Score 80 points or more in one game.
    Archery Plus Challenge: Hit 20 targets or more.
    Beach Volleyball Challenge: Win without letting the opponent score.
    BMX Challenge: finish in 42 seconds or less.
    BMX Plus Challenge: Win with 30 or more rings.
    Bonus Hunter Challenge: Complete 10 bonus challenges in Pocket Marathon.
    Boxing Challenge: Win in 180 seconds or less.
    Boxing Plus Challenge: Win without punching more than 30 times.
    Daily Runner Challenge: Obtain 7 Daily Stamps in Pocket Marathon.
    Equestrian Challenge: Finish in 82 seconds or less.
    Equestrian Plus Challenge: Get 10 consecutive perfects and win.
    Football Challenge: Win with an 8 point lead.
    Football Plus Challenge: Win with 9 or more points.
    Fruit Collector Challenge: Obtain 5000 pieces of fruit.
    Gold Medalist Challenge: Get 13 gold medals in Road to Rio.
    Golf Challenge: Get a Hole-In-One.
    Golf Plus Challenge: Obtain 7 Star Coins in one game.
    Hat Collector Challenge: Obtain 110 hats.
    Javelin Challenge: Throw 98.500 meters or more or more.
    Javelin Plus Challenge: throw 14 or more javelins at once.
    Long Jump Challenge: Jump 8.900 meters or more or more.
    Long Jump Plus Challenge: Get a combined score of 71.400m or more.
    Mario Medal Challenge: Win with Mario 7 times.
    Mario Story Challenge: Complete the 7th day of Road to Rio with Mario's Gym.
    Outfit Collector Challenge: Obtain 117 pieces of clothing.
    Pass Challenge: Pass 2000 runners in one run in Pocket Marathon.
    Pocket Marathon Challenge: Walk a total of 70000 steps in Pocket Marathon.
    Random Medley Challenge: Finish 1st 10 times in Versus Mode Random Medley.
    Rhythmic Gymnastics Challenge: Score 18 or more points.
    Rhythmic Gymnastics Plus Challenge: Finnish with a Max Combo of 120.
    Runner Challenge: Run 10000m in one run in Pocket Marathon.
    Secret Finder Challenge: Find all but 1% of the secrets in Road to Rio.
    Sonic Medal Challenge: Win with Sonic 7 times.
    Sonic Story Challenge: Complete the 7th day of Road to Rio with Sonic's Gym.
    Special Character Challenge: Unlock 13 special characters.
    Suit Collector Challenge: Obtain 59 suits.
    Swimming Challenge: Finish in 16.910 seconds or less.
    Swimming Plus Challenge: Get 4 or more PERFECTs and win.
    Table Tennis Challenge: Win without letting the opponent score.
    Table Tennis Plus Challenge: Win a 15 hit rally.
    Training Challenge: Successfully complete 60 types of training.
    Treasure Hunter Challenge: Open 10 treasure chests in Road to Rio.
    Versus Winner Challenge: Finish 1st 10 times in Versus Mode Single Match.
    Volleyball Plus Challenge: Score 16 or more points at once.
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