Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon



Reach Chapter 2 to unlock the password entry feature. Then, enter one of the following passwords to get the corresponding item or bonus:

North America
Accuracy Drink27JSR0PF
Accuracy DrinkH6W7K262
Apple x20263T477H
Apple x200R5H76XQ
Apple x20R9945PCN
Apple x20XR3R27HJ
Blast Wand x20CFSH962H
Blast Wand x203TWJMK2C
Confuse Wand x20Y6493N3S
Confuse Wand x20K0FXWK7J
Extra Dungeon13T47797
Extra DungeonJP62CJNS
Extra DungeonTXW8T3XR
Guiding Ward x200R7910P7
Guiding Ward x20SK5P778R
Iron Spike x20R25K3MQN
Iron Spike x206XT1XP98
Iron Spike x208TT498W8
Iron Spike x20MNY41TTY
Life Seed x2SH8XMF1T
Life Seed x2WJNTY478
Max Elixir x20F13TWF13
Max Elixir x205JSK2CMC
Max Elixir x205K0K0K2K
Max Elixir x20T2JXXSK4
Oran berry x20N40P90CF
Oran berry x20R8Y48QXR
Oran berry x20TWK76T10
Oran berry x20W95R91XT
Petrify Wand x20TY26446X
Petrify Wand x208QXR93P5
Power DrinkY9911412
Power DrinkCNTSN2F1
Reviver Seed x5SR0K5QR9
Reviver Seed x5H5FY948M
Reviver Seed x5JR4113QS
Reviver Seed x5N0R7K93R
Reviver Seed x50QY6413N
Reviver Seed x5W8P5QTSM
Reviver Seed x5XNY8PK40
Reviver Seed x5Y0F43Y8M
Reviver Seed x5Y26TWCQM
Reviver Seed x591SR2H5J
Sitrus Berry x23R62CR63
Sitrus Berry x2WCJT275J
Slumber Wand x20JY3XQW5C
Slumber Wand x207FW627CK
TM Aerial AceMHJR625M
TM Aerial Ace95R1W6SJ
TM Bulldoze4948Y0FX
TM Charge BeamR8XNXQQN
TM Charge Beam5JSMNWF0
TM Cut47K2K5R3
TM Dragon Claw2CNW5K5C
TM Echoed Voice991Y5K47
TM Echoed VoiceCJY925F1
TM Energy Ball45QSPHF4
TM Energy BallSJP7642C
TM Facade6XXN27F3
TM Flame ChargeHK5R3N47
TM Flame ChargeFSHH6SR0
TM Grass KnotN3QW5JSK
TM Grass KnotY490CJMR
TM Gyro BallR13R6XY0
TM Gyro Ball3R2HJY42
TM Hidden Power0MN2F0CN
TM Hidden Power1Y5K0K1S
TM Low SweepJT3MQY79
TM Poison JabR6T1XSH5
TM Poison Jab3P976W8R
TM Power-Up PunchQXW5MMN1
TM Power-Up Punch776SJWJS
TM Rock Slide90P7CQP9
TM Rock SlideY7CH5JTY
TM Rock TombXT498SP7
TM Rock TombNY7JP8QM
TM Scald90P78R96
TM Scald961WF0MN
TM Secret PowerMF0K5CCN
TM Secret Power5JSR5H95
TM Shadow ClawCMQMFXW6
TM Shadow Claw6Y6SNWHF
TM Smack Down5P75K1WH
TM Smack DownP5R9411S
TM Strength5JMPH7K5
TM StrengthXMK95K49
TM Swords Dance78SH6463
TM Swords DanceXT42797K
TM ThunderNW63XQXP
TM Thunderbolt25QQTSCR
TM ThunderboltK762CJWF
TM Waterfall92JMR48W
TM WaterfallCQN41T29
Accuracy Drink27JXPFY2
Accuracy DrinkCMJT1T3X
Apple x20FY8SK6Y3
Apple x2095CPK75M
Apple x20XMN48Y3P
Blast Wand x200QTSCN2K
Blast Wand x20K8TXT13M
Confuse Wand x20PCJXQR0J
Confuse Wand x20SH628N0C
Guiding Wand x205H8TY3W8
Guiding Wand x201TY1428Q
Iron Spike x20HJR2K98N
Iron Spike x20QP6XR479
Iron Spike x20CK8PCCK7
Iron Spike x20Y128Y5MJ
Life Seed x2SPH7CN0K
Life Seed x2MJN3QP64
Max Elixir x2043NXY28S
Max Elixir x20SNTY92JQ
Max Elixir x20W8N3WJPK
Max Elixir x20JN2K90P9
Oran Berry x20K0JY410J
Oran Berry x20R1125P92
Oran Berry x20F27960FT
Oran Berry x20N0FSK8SH
Petrify Wand x2062F0JMHF
Petrify Wand x2043SJNSH8
Power DrinkQQXR6T1T
Power DrinkN13QQNWJ
PP Up Drink7997FTWJ
Reviver Seed x50MR3WK8W
Reviver Seed x5SQNWHH5P
Reviver Seed x5R8XY9612
Reviver Seed x5K0PFY8XX
Reviver Seed x5CCMPJY97
Reviver Seed x51TWH7647
Reviver Seed x55R43MPF4
Reviver Seed x51TTW7H99
Reviver Seed x58Y948QXN
Reviver Seed x52JR641XM
Sitrus Berry x2FTXSQR6S
Sitrus Berry x2HH61T296
Slumber Wand x20R28XPJWK
Slumber Wand x20F26SNY47
New DungeonF3XPF447
New DungeonR3XSR96T
New Dungeon8W6Y41TS
TM Aerial AceSR2CF3W6
TM Aerial AceP6XSP6W5
TM Bulldoze5PCMQP79
TM BulldozeR8NW9962
TM Charge Beam499947H5
TM Charge BeamQR1TXSH5
TM CutNSP5R448
TM CutT13P8TT2
TM Dragon ClawSCCP6Y5P
TM Echoed VoiceK96XY642
TM Echoed Voice7JMMQQXQ
TM Energy BallMMJN147C
TM Energy BallP8P6SPH9
TM FacadeK760PF3S
TM FacadeWK6Y493X
TM Flame Charge95R8T3MF
TM Flame Charge47K91SCK
TM Grass Knot2963QMNT
TM Grass Knot3W6296TT
TM Gyro BallR2CJT13Q
TM Hidden PowerP8QXT47C
TM Hidden PowerP6Y91Y8P
TM Low SweepMF0MK8MR
TM Low SweepJN0R6Y1Y
TM Poison Jab60CJP98T
TM Poison JabXT0R0P8Q
TM Power-Up PunchT48N3QY0
TM Power-Up Punch5JSQW8NX
TM Rock SlideQSN0QTT3
TM Rock SlideSF12K96Y
TM Rock Tomb98Y2612C
TM Rock Tomb3NWCPH6T
TM RoundF1XN445M
TM ScaldR5QY97JX
TM ScaldR93MNY3Q
TM Secret PowerQPF10K8P
TM Secret Power0P8XY92H
TM Shadow Claw25N48QR2
TM Shadow ClawT3P7JTY3
TM Smack DownQNXP6T11
TM Strength5QQY6Y3Y
TM Strength78PK5PHC
TM Swords Dance8SQSN0CH
TM Swords DanceXXTXY2F3
TM ThunderHCPJY929
TM ThunderY8PJT0R3
TM ThunderboltMFSK6Y7H
TM Thunderbolt6Y2H9478
TM WaterfallJY3WH646
TM Waterfall62JP9449
Apple x20JQQPK0R6
Apple x205R642H8R
Confusion Wand x201SQT2F29
Guide Wand x20WCJQQNT4
Iron Thorn x20R3MK3QXY
Iron Thorn x20SR43WH92
Life Seed x2Y75FXY3R
Max Ether x20W990N28W
Oran Berry x201T141SQQ
Oran Berry x208NSPF1W5
Power Drink5FSN1TXN
PP Drink x1JTWK61W8
Reviver Seed x51XR446WJ
Reviver Seed x54642FT48
Reviver Seed x5JR6TW63Y
Reviver Seed x5NIT42CK2
Sitrus Berry x2MQWJMMK8
Sleep Wand x206Y8Y8NXT
Abareru-kun's dungeon926SHK3R
CoroCoro Pass dungeonJQMJT46S

Bonus dungeons

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding dungeon:

    Cloud Continent - Aurora's End: Connect with Uxie.
    Cloud Continent - Clear Lake: Connect with Raikou.
    Cloud Continent - Enlightenment Lake: Beat Heart Lake.
    Cloud Continent - Freeze Mountain: Connect with Sealeo.
    Cloud Continent - Ice Waterfall: Connect with Mismagius.
    Cloud Continent - Isolation Island: Get a "Gold" rank.
    Cloud Continent - Meteor Site: Connect with Mewtwo.
    Cloud Continent - Pumpkaboo Forest: Connect with Pumpkaboo.
    Cloud Continent - Slime Wetlands: Connect with Sliggoo.
    Cloud Continent - Underground Ruins: Get a "Grandmaster" rank.
    Forest Continent - Akka Rockface: Get a "Hyper" rank.
    Forest Continent - Blue Point: Get a "Platinum" rank.
    Forest Continent - Crystal Stone Maze: Connect with Ferroseed.
    Forest Continent - Dead Leaf Path: Finish Heart Lake.
    Forest Continent - Deep Sea Tunnel: Connect with Tyrantrum.
    Forest Continent - Dragon Gate: Get an "Elite" rank.
    Forest Continent - Freedom Coast: Connect with Nincade.
    Forest Continent - Heart Lake: Get a "Silver" rank.
    Forest Continent - Magma Underpass: Get a "Master" rank.
    Forest Continent - New Plains: Connect with Cubchoo.
    Forest Continent - Ninja Cave: Connect with Ivysaur.
    Forest Continent - Petite Canyon: Connect with Grotle.
    Forest Continent - Sacred Remains: Get a "Hyper" rank.
    Forest Continent - Sky Ruins: Get a "Hyper" rank.
    Forest Continent - Thorny Shadowpath: Connect with Marill.
    Forest Continent - Triangle Temple: Get a "Silver" rank.
    Forest Continent - Zero Isle: Get a "Diamond" rank.
    Sand Continent - Fossil City: Connect with Diancie.
    Sand Continent - Fossil Tree Mountain: Connect with Azelf.
    Sand Continent - Gold Counter-rooms: Connect with Yanmega.
    Sand Continent - Holey Plains: Connect with Excadrill.
    Sand Continent - Jewel Road: Connect with Regigigas.
    Sand Continent - Light Island: Connect with Entei.
    Sand Continent - Mysterious Geoglyph: Get a "Gold" rank.
    Sand Continent - Sarara Desert: Connect with Metagross.
    Sand Continent - Secret Mine: Connect with Bronzor.
    Sand Continent - Snow Cave: Connect with Dwebble.
    Sand Continent - The End Pass: Get a "Grandmaster" rank.
    Sea Of Seven Wonders - Destiny Tower: Connect with Zygarde.
    Sea Of Seven Wonders - Guidance Ruins: Connect with Cresselia.
    Sea Of Seven Wonders - Ice Altar: Get a "Diamond" rank.
    Sea Of Seven Wonders - Ice Altar Depths: Connect with Reshiram and Zekrom.
    Sea Of Seven Wonders - Lake of Mysterious Light: Connect with Rayquaza.
    Sea Of Seven Wonders - Rain Current: Get a "Master" rank.
    Sea Of Seven Wonders - Rainbow Bridge: Connect with Lugia.
    Sea Of Seven Wonders - Sea Shrine: Connect with Zapdos.
    Sea Of Seven Wonders - Storm Island: Get an "Ultra" rank.
    Sea Of Seven Wonders - Undersea Ruins: Get a "Platinum" rank.
    Water Continent - Behind the Waterfall Basin: Connect with Lopunny.
    Water Continent - Bustling Valley: Connect with Slowking.
    Water Continent - Leaf Plateau: Connect with Bayleef.
    Water Continent - Pledge Hill: Get a "Bronze" rank.
    Water Continent - River Source Cave: Connect with Lillipup.
    Windy Continent - Decision Spring: Beat Enlightenment Lake.
    Windy Continent - Haunted Island: Defeat Ho-Oh.
    Windy Continent - Kiyora Canyon: Connect with Electivire.
    Windy Continent - Moonlight Cave: Connect with Lunatone.
    Windy Continent - Red Point: Connect with Articuno.
    Windy Continent - Rime Stairs: Connect with Vigoroth.
    Windy Continent - Super Apple Forest: Connect with Ledian.
    Windy Continent - Trial Mountains: Get an "Elite" rank.
    Windy Continent - Yellow Point: Connect with Moltres.

Legendary Pokemon

Successfully complete the indicated task to recruit the corresponding Legendary Pokemon:

    Articuno: Reach Platinum, then defeat the Pokemon at Blue Point dungeon.
    Azelf: Reach Silver, then complete the Connection Orb mission.
    Colbalion: Defeat Colbalion at Oath Hill.
    Cresselia: Successfully complete the Connection Orb mission.
    Darkrai: Defeat Darkrai at the end of Rocky Mountain Trials.
    Deoxys: Successfully complete the Meteor Site dungeon.
    Entei: Reach Platinum, then complete the Connection Orb mission.
    Giratina: Defeat Giratina at the end of Zero Isle dungeon.
    Ho-oh: Recruit Lugia, Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno, then defeat Ho-oh at the end of Rainbow Bridge.
    Landorus: Defeat Landorus at the end of Stormy Ocean dungeon.
    Latias: Reach Platinum, then complete the Connection Orb mission.
    Latios: Recruit Latias.
    Lugia: Recruit Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno, then defeat Lugia at the end of the Sea Shrine.
    Mesprit: Reach Silver, then complete the Connection Orb mission.
    Mew: Successfully complete the game.
    Mewtwo: Reach Gold, then defeat Mewtwo at Solitary Island.
    Moltres: Reach Platinum, then defeat Moltres at the Red Point Dungeon.
    Raikou: Reach Platinum and recruit Entei.
    Rayqyaza: Reach Elite, then duel with Rayqyaza at the end of Dragon's Guard.
    Regice: Reach Silver, then defeat Regice at the Triple Point Temple.
    Regigigas: Recruit Regice, Regirock, and Registeel, then defeat Regigigas at the Triple Point Temple.
    Regirock: Reach Silver, then defeat Regirock at the Triple Point Temple.
    Registeel: Reach Silver, then defeat Registeel at the Triple Point Temple.
    Reshiram: Reach Hyper, then defeat Reshiram and Kyurem at the Sky Ruin.
    Suicune: Reach Platinum and recruit Entei.
    Terrakion: Recruit Colbalion.
    Thundurus: Defeat Thundurus at the end of Stormy Ocean dungeon.
    Tornadus: Defeat Tornadus at the end of Stormy Ocean dungeon.
    Uxie: Reach Silver, then complete the Connection Orb mission.
    Zapdos: Reach Platinum, then defeat Zapdos at Yellow Point dungeon.
    Zekrom: Reach Hyper, then defeat Reshiram and Kyurem at the Sky Ruin.

Mega Evolution

Emera's Stones and Looplets are required to Mega Evolve. Emera's Stones are only found in dungeons and can only be used in those specific dungeons. Once you leave a dungeon, the Emera's Stone specific to that dungeon will disappear from your character, as well as the Looplet that is used to attach the stone. To Mega Evolve a Pokemon, attach that specific Emera's Stone to a Looplet, then attach the combination to the Pokemon. Only the following Pokemon can be Mega Evolved:


Emera effects

The indicated Emera has the corresponding effect:

    Awakening: Place Pokemon in Awakening mode for a short duration and allows it to Mega Evolve.
    Berry Power: Prevent stats from being lowered from attacks.
    Blowback: Warp enemies away by attacks.
    Bonus Up: Enhance the chances of a move having a Special Effect.
    Burn Charm: Prevent a Pokemon from Burn status ailment.
    Charm Up: Significantly reduce received damage.
    Clairvoyance: See the location of all the items on the map.
    Companion Revival: Downed party members automatically revived without the use of a Reviver Seed.
    Condition Prevention: Protect Pokemon from status ailment conditions.
    Confusion Charm: Protect a Pokemon from the Confuse status ailment.
    Good Co-ordination: Significantly enhance Alliance Attacks accuracy.
    Intimidation: Chance of failing opponent's moves.
    Last Stand: Allow a Pokemon to survive at 1HP at the cost of the Emera.
    Long Ears: See the location of all the Wild Pokemon on the map.
    Missing Traps: Negate the uses of all Traps on the Pokemon.
    More Momentum: Provide a chance to damage the next Pokemon if a previous move successfully defeats a Pokemon.
    Move Barrage: Hit twice in the same turn.
    Paralysis Charm: Protect a Pokemon from the Paralyze status ailment.
    Poison Charm: Protect a Pokemon from the Poison status ailment.
    Power Up X: Increase Pokemon Attack.
    Power Up Y: Increase Pokemon Accuracy.
    Pre-emptive Hit: Increase the chances of getting a critical hit.
    PP Up: Significantly enhances PP after getting to a new floor.
    Pummel Charm: Slowly decreases damage after getting hit multiple times.
    Remote Dodge: Increase the chance of dodging a move being executed from a distance.
    Sleep Charm: Protect a Pokemon from the Asleep status ailment.
    Sleep Behind: Chance of inflicting Sleep by attacks.
    Spin Order: Chance of inflicting Confuse by attacks.
    State Transfer: Chance of inflicting Confuse by attacks.
    This Time: Followed by a missing move, this significantly decreases the chance of the next move being missed.
    Type Bulldoze: Significantly increases the damage output against the type of move it is resistant to.

Jukebox songs

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding songs for the Jukebox:

    Songs #1 to #131: Progress through the storyline.
    Songs #132 to #136: Get a "Normal" rank.
    Songs #137 to #139: Get a "Bronze" rank.
    Songs #140 to #143: Get a "Silver" rank.
    Songs #144 to #147: Get a "Gold" rank.
    Songs #148 to #152: Get a "Platinum" rank.
    Songs #153 to #156: Get a "Diamond" rank.
    Songs #157 to #160: Get an "Elite" rank.
    Songs #161 to #163: Get an "Ultra" rank.
    Songs #164 to #166: Get a "Hyper" rank.
    Songs #167 to #169: Get a "Master" rank.
    Songs #170 and #171: Get a "Grandmaster" rank.
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