Celebrity GamerZ - Jay & Silent Bob's Jason Mewes Video Game Interview

Note: This game is also titled Pullblox and Hikuosu.

Bonus Pushmo puzzles

Successfully complete all the puzzles in Pushmo Park to unlock the "Bonus Pushmo" option at the main menu.

32 by 32 grid in Studio

Successfully complete the first level of Murals 2 to unlock the 32 by 32 grid in Studio.

Gadgets in Studio

Successfully complete Advanced Lesson 1 to unlock the Gadgets in Studio.

Pushmo Studio

Successfully complete all eighteen Basic Lessons to unlock Pushmo Studio.

Credits mini-game

Successfully complete Pushmo Park to play a mini-game where you collect stars during the credits. Once you finish the mini-game, you can replay it any time from the "Options" menu.

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