Kersploosh! Review
Kersploosh! Box Art
System: 3DS
Dev: Poisoft
Pub: Nintendo
Release: March 7, 2013
Players: 1
Screen Resolution: N/A

The lure for replayability is to best your high score, ranked by the time it takes to reach the bottom. However, this is only a personal endeavor, as the leaderboard is strictly local. And for some reason your profile name is marked beside each ranked time, even though the system is confined to a single profile, and the game itself does not provide for multiple users like Mario Kart 7 does. The StreetPass allows you share high scores with others, but this feature is only worthwhile for those who actively use it and have a group of friends who've also purchased the game. An online leaderboard should have been the bare minimum with respect to multiplayer play.

Kersploosh! Screenshot

The visuals do what they need to, but nothing more; and additional polish could have made Kersploosh! stand a little bit taller in the crowd. The draw distance, for example, could have been a lot further, allowing us more time to anticipate the next obstacle. Also, the 3D effect does a nice job with portraying the depth of the well, but the foreground is pummeled with wind streams that make it harder to navigate and induce headaches. The colors are bright and pleasing, but the detailing is minimal, and most items look like stock pictures from a clip art folder.

The musical ditties are lighthearted synthesized creations for the menu screens, with a little bit more of a beat during the adventure down the well. The problem is, there is only one song for every level, and that's it. And the music is only memorable because you're forced to listen to it every time (unless you turn off the sound), not because it's particularly well written. The effects are better though, and the material of the objects resonates when struck by an obstacle.

I think Poisoft missed a golden opportunity to take a unique idea for gameplay on a system that could showcase it the best. More wells, varied obstacles, a larger of selection of music tracks, an online leaderboard – these are just a few things that could have made Kersploosh! better. Instead, we are left with a watered-down (no pun intended) stone-tossing experience that isn't even worth its $2.99 price tag.

Sean Engemann
Contributing Writer
Date: March 12, 2013

The friendly color palette only masks the lack of detail. The 3D depth is nice, but the draw distance could have been further.
Controlling the object's journey is inconsistent. There is a new challenge with each object, but the experience is the same.
Music / Sound FX / Voice Acting
Aside from some decent sound effects, the sparse soundtrack will get redundant very fast
Play Value
You'll be done this game in an hour, and then you'll want your $2.99 back.
Overall Rating - Poor
Not an average. See Rating legend below for a final score breakdown.
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Game Features:

  • Thirty-five Playable Characters - Play as a huge array of fighters ranging from classic world warriors like Ryu, Ken, Guile, and Chun Li to the newly added Hakan and Juri.
  • 3D Mode - A new over-the-shoulder camera option has been added, offering an exciting new perspective of the action.
  • Lite/Pro Control Modes - By utilizing a customizable touch screen interface, two new optional control schemes have been added to allow new players to pull off challenging moves with ease (Lite) and veterans to better access button combinations such as throws and three punches (Pro).
  • Online / Local WiFi Multiplayer - Fight your friends around the world or in the same room with the only title to utilize the full capabilities of Nintendo's online network at launch.

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