Tokyo Crash Mobs Review
Tokyo Crash Mobs Box Art
System: 3DS
Dev: Mitchell Corp.
Pub: Nintendo
Release: January 17, 2013
Players: 1
Screen Resolution: N/A
Don't You Just Hate Standing in Line?
by Becky Cunningham

Do you revel in the absurd? Delight in the silly? Have you ever stood at the back of a long line and wished you could chuck the people in front of you until you were the only one left? If so, Tokyo Crash Mobs is the game for you.

At its core, Tokyo Crash Mobs is a familiar match-3 action-puzzle game similar to PopCap's popular Zuma. The appeal here is in the amusing, colorful window dressing and the variety of gameplay modes available.

Tokyo Crash Mobs Screenshot

The player portrays two young women, Grace and Savannah. Grace is a young hipster who hates standing in line and specializes in tossing pedestrians at each other. Her levels feature a long, stationary line of “scenesters” who must be cleared within a time limit. Savannah is a delusional art student who specializes in rolling pedestrians. Her levels involve obliterating moving lines of scenesters before they reach a trap buzzer at the end of the puzzle. The two characters occasionally join together for special ninja levels, in which they must both toss and roll ninjas at each other.

All pedestrians are wearing a single color, and any group of three pedestrians of the same color will disappear from the line. Grace and Savannah will receive randomly-colored pedestrians that they must toss and roll into their lines in order to eliminate as many as possible in groups of three. It's a simple gameplay concept that is made challenging by time limits and various challenges provided by the different levels. Grace will need to deal with queue-jumpers who appear and will cut in line if she doesn't eliminate their leaders. Savannah must race the ever-moving lines of pedestrians, eliminating them before they reach their goals. In both cases, pedestrian tossing is accomplished by simple stylus-based controls that keep frustration to a minimum.

Tokyo Crash Mobs Screenshot

The ninja levels are the most challenging and also use a unique control scheme. The ninjas are arranged in an arc, and players must use the 3DS gyroscope controls to aim the ninja that is being thrown. When aiming at a ninja in the main arc, players press A to toss their ninja. However, sometimes the ninjas will advance towards the girls or throw a smoke bomb at them. In both cases, pressing the B button is necessary in order to roll a ninja and destroy the threat. The girls can't be hit more than three times by attacking ninjas or smoke bombs. If they are, they'll fail the level.

Tokyo Crash Mobs Screenshot

The game's Story Mode is set over three weeks, during which the girls experience an increasing level of challenge as they seek to eliminate their lined-up foes. The short cutscenes between the levels are miniature pieces of Dadaist art, as one would expect from a game about tossing multicolor people around. The Challenge Mode features basic high score challenges that become more difficult as time goes on.

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