Shin Megami Tensei 4: Apocalypse

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Save data bonuses

You can transfer your previous save game data from the original Shin Megami Tensei 4 at the start menu to obtain bonuses after you have been accepted as a real hunter. Go to "Database", "Inbox", No. 00 "A present from everyone" to get them. You can transfer from both the cartridge and digital versions. You can import your previous save data at any point. Your rewards depend on how many times you completed the game (to a maximum of 4) and how many endings you achieved (a total of 4).

    2 Balm Of Rising, 4 Bead, 4 Heavy Grimoire, 40 AP to StreetPass, Eastern Kingdom Of Mikado background, Gold Death Mask, "Hero" title, Paragon's Earring: Base bonus.
    20 Point Card (up to 4): Clear bonus.
    Agent Of Order title: Get the "Law" ending.
    Fading Legend: Get the "White" ending.
    Ruler Of Chaos title: Get the "Chaos" ending.
    Star Of Hope: Get the "Neutral" ending.

Alternate endings

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding ending. Note: Each ending gives a title for the digital demon service.

    Chaos ending: Side with Lucifer in "Armageddon".
    God ending: Side with Dagda in 7/8 Moon.
    Law ending: Side with Merkabah in "Armageddon".
    Neutral ending: Side against Dagda in 7/8 Moon.

Avoiding damage from poison tiles

You will occasionally encounter pathways in dungeons that are filled with poison. You may consider buying the app that reduces and eventually eliminates taking damage from poison, but there is an easier way of dealing with them. Repeatedly press X (weapon swing) to move a step forward, but take no damage from poisoned terrain. This only works in dungeons and not on the world map.

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