Tales Of The Abyss


Completion bonuses

Successfully complete the game and save when promoted to unlock the "Game Record" and "Sound Test" options at the title screen, Unknown mode, and Very Hard mode. You can also use your cleared saved game file to start a New Game+ playthrough, which allows access to the Grade Shop, and has the following items for purchase:

    1/2 Experience: 10 Grade
    10x Experience: 3,000 Grade
    2x Experience: 1,000 Grade
    2x Gald: 600 Grade
    Decrease Starting HP by 150: 10 Grade
    Display Synopsis from beginning: 10 Grade
    Double Grade increase and Decrease: 100 Grade
    Increase Max Item Limit to 20: 400 Grade
    Increase Over Limit fill speed: 450 Grade
    Increase Starting HP by 500: 250 Grade
    Inherit AD Skills: 900 Grade
    Inherit Artes Learned: 1,000 Grade
    Inherit Artes Usage: 100 Grade
    Inherit Battle Info: 10 Grade
    Inherit Capacity Cores: 500 Grade
    Inherit Character Disc Info: 10 Grade
    Inherit Collector's Book Data: 10 Grade
    Inherit Cooking Ability: 50 Grade
    Inherit FS Chambers: 150 Grade
    Inherit Gald: 1,000 Grade
    Inherit Items: 500 Grade
    Inherit mini-game data: 10 Grade
    Inherit Recipes: 50 Grade
    Inherit Special Items: 10 Grade
    Inherit Titles (including costumes): 500 Grade
    Inherit World Map info: 10 Grade
    Increase Combo Bonus: 50 Grade
    Play Time carried over: 10 Grade

Abyss Replica Facility dungeon

Begin a New Game+ playthrough. Save Shiba, and complete the Ortion Cavern (East) side quest. Go to Sheridan, then talk to the two men in the northwest part. Talk to Shiba again, and you will be transported to the Abyss Replica Facility dungeon.

Brillante secret shop

Successfully complete the Collector's Book by finishing the game two times. Speak to the purple-dressed man at the library in the Daath church to get Jade's "Item Collector" title. Talk to him again with that title to access the Brillante secret shop near the inn in Grand Chokmah.

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