Yo-Kai Watch 2: Fleshy Souls

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Enter one of the following case-sensitive passwords at the second counter at the Lambert Post Office in Uptown Springdale to get the corresponding bonus. Note: You can only redeem each password once.

Bonus Item
T4I7Z4O8Carved Bear
O3S8U2T0Dune Sand
O9L9O5N0Gold Emblem
G1MM3@D0LLGolden Doll
O5T6S6B6Goldfish Lantern
V7V3F7O4Master's Lantern
M3G@3XPPLZMega Exporb
O0V3U7U5Red Hibiscus
L4O0Z3J4Takoyaki Tray
O4O2L9L8Terracotta Figure
T2V8Z6O5Vintage Parasol
Five-Star Coin
friendsFive-Star Coin
MYFR13NDS!Five-Star Coin
5P01NTST@RFive-Star Coin
NY@N15M30WFive-Star Coin
LCK2WH15PRFive-Star Coin
J1B@NY@N!Five-Star Coin
3V3RYWH3R3Five-Star Coin
Glitzy Coin
NY@ND3RFULGlitzy Coin
SP@RKL1NG!Glitzy Coin
GL1TZYGL@MGlitzy Coin
Standard Tribe-Coin
THR0WSH@D3Blue Coin
AW@RMH3@RTGreen Coin
SL1PPYSL0PLight-Blue Coin
T0UGHBR3@KOrange Coin
S0CH@RM1NGPink Coin
D@RK&E3RI3Purple Coin
BR@V3&B0LDRed Coin
MY5T3R13S!Yellow Coin
Traveler's Coin Central
O3D7N6L0Traveler's Coin Central
O3T9N3U6Traveler's Coin Central
B3O2Z7U9Traveler's Coin Central
B9U3O9T8Traveler's Coin Central
N4T9N8L5Traveler's Coin Central
N0I9L9T6Traveler's Coin Central
P5Z8L7T2Traveler's Coin Central
O4T5Z9N5Traveler's Coin Central
L0I5N0J9Traveler's Coin Central
L7T7Z9O4Traveler's Coin Central
T6P8I8J8Traveler's Coin Central
S4N3N5U6Traveler's Coin Central
I7D7O2L7Traveler's Coin Central
O3S8G9G7Traveler's Coin Central
S5F8V8O8Traveler's Coin Central
Traveler's Coin East
Z7L6Z0O7Traveler's Coin East
U5O9L5N7Traveler's Coin East
B7L6S8N7Traveler's Coin East
P3D6N4L7Traveler's Coin East
T9T7J8L3Traveler's Coin East
S2D9I5N3Traveler's Coin East
N5N0N9Z2Traveler's Coin East
L0S5S6S6Traveler's Coin East
L6O2S0Z3Traveler's Coin East
L4O6S6O8Traveler's Coin East
L7B0I3O8Traveler's Coin East
L3S6N0I6Traveler's Coin East
O5O7I9L5Traveler's Coin East
I9N8O9T9Traveler's Coin East
O7G2T9L7Traveler's Coin East
Traveler's Coin Island
J5Z7Z3L6Traveler's Coin Island
O4Z3U3U8Traveler's Coin Island
T6O3O8Z9Traveler's Coin Island
U0O8U6I7Traveler's Coin Island
V6Z7L6N7Traveler's Coin Island
L6S4I5N4Traveler's Coin Island
L5V3D4Z6Traveler's Coin Island
L5U4O6N9Traveler's Coin Island
B6O6F4N6Traveler's Coin Island
N7I5Z7N3Traveler's Coin Island
L4O5L3L5Traveler's Coin Island
N7J5V9P2Traveler's Coin Island
I8I9I9I8Traveler's Coin Island
L3L8O4T8Traveler's Coin Island
O4I0N8O8Traveler's Coin Island
Traveler's Coin Midwest
O3G5P3Z5Traveler's Coin Midwest
S6N7T2Z4Traveler's Coin Midwest
N8D8N9L2Traveler's Coin Midwest
S9I4I4F6Traveler's Coin Midwest
S4L7P3S0Traveler's Coin Midwest
I5F4L7O5Traveler's Coin Midwest
Z9I3U9N2Traveler's Coin Midwest
V8L5L5L8Traveler's Coin Midwest
L8B5Z6T6Traveler's Coin Midwest
Z2I7N4T8Traveler's Coin Midwest
L9S3Z4I4Traveler's Coin Midwest
B2F4O0V2Traveler's Coin Midwest
D2O6O8I5Traveler's Coin Midwest
O0O4O4O7Traveler's Coin Midwest
N4D4N7S6Traveler's Coin Midwest
Traveler's Coin Mountain
Z0V5P9I0Traveler's Coin Mountain
T2S4S5D5Traveler's Coin Mountain
F6I3J7O9Traveler's Coin Mountain
J6N9O6N6Traveler's Coin Mountain
I6L0J6J7Traveler's Coin Mountain
S4J2T6T6Traveler's Coin Mountain
L5P0S6I4Traveler's Coin Mountain
S7T3Z3Z0Traveler's Coin Mountain
G4P3O4S5Traveler's Coin Mountain
S4L9Z8L7Traveler's Coin Mountain
J7I7U3N6Traveler's Coin Mountain
I8L7O2O4Traveler's Coin Mountain
O8N8N7I2Traveler's Coin Mountain
B4L2L7Z7Traveler's Coin Mountain
L3Z5O4Z6Traveler's Coin Mountain
Traveler's Coin North
I4S9S2I6Traveler's Coin North
O0S5I3D3Traveler's Coin North
N7F8S5V9Traveler's Coin North
Z7P4J8T4Traveler's Coin North
N5P2T4O6Traveler's Coin North
O9N7I4U0Traveler's Coin North
L7P9U9T3Traveler's Coin North
N0J3B8T9Traveler's Coin North
N0S7O3N8Traveler's Coin North
G5N0D6V2Traveler's Coin North
F2Z3U5T7Traveler's Coin North
F6S7L9Z7Traveler's Coin North
U7L4N6L3Traveler's Coin North
I3V5N9O6Traveler's Coin North
N8L0O9N4Traveler's Coin North
Traveler's Coin Northeast
O6N4P3O7Traveler's Coin Northeast
L5Z3T9J3Traveler's Coin Northeast
T8L6U4D4Traveler's Coin Northeast
L8Z5T9P7Traveler's Coin Northeast
D0T8L7P9Traveler's Coin Northeast
N0S3T7V9Traveler's Coin Northeast
S9Z8I6L3Traveler's Coin Northeast
O2S9I5Z9Traveler's Coin Northeast
J4S4T2I5Traveler's Coin Northeast
S7N7T7D2Traveler's Coin Northeast
T5S2S8T5Traveler's Coin Northeast
S6O7N2B4Traveler's Coin Northeast
T7L6I9D7Traveler's Coin Northeast
I6N3S0L5Traveler's Coin Northeast
S6U2U8O7Traveler's Coin Northeast
Traveler's Coin South
I5L0O3P5Traveler's Coin South
O3Z6T5O4Traveler's Coin South
V7U6I9B5Traveler's Coin South
T5L5I4L3Traveler's Coin South
I4T9G9S9Traveler's Coin South
N4U6I6U5Traveler's Coin South
N6I6U9G9Traveler's Coin South
O9T3L3L6Traveler's Coin South
L5T8T4L3Traveler's Coin South
U9L4I5O8Traveler's Coin South
I9I3D7O3Traveler's Coin South
L4D6D9Z4Traveler's Coin South
P3S4N2L7Traveler's Coin South
O6L6O0Z3Traveler's Coin South
S4D9S8T3Traveler's Coin South
Traveler's Coin West
O2U3J3D2Traveler's Coin West
T8S6U3N4Traveler's Coin West
Z0O5D4N6Traveler's Coin West
V7B5I7T3Traveler's Coin West
S8J4D8I4Traveler's Coin West
L4F8L6T6Traveler's Coin West
O8Z6O6O5Traveler's Coin West
O9N9V8I8Traveler's Coin West
F6O7D6T9Traveler's Coin West
L8V6S3L4Traveler's Coin West
S9L8V3L4Traveler's Coin West
S9T8S7N7Traveler's Coin West
N3U8Z7V8Traveler's Coin West
L5I3O8G5Traveler's Coin West
S0Z4O2L4Traveler's Coin West

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