Yoshi's New Island


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Bonus levels

Collect all Flowers, Red Coins, and Stars in the first eight levels of a world to unlock its special level. Note: This can be completed during multiple playthroughs.

Medal bonuses

At the end of all non-fortress and castle levels, there is a goal ring consisting of flowers and blank spots. Each time you play a level, each flower spot will be filled in for every flower you collect (up to five) during the level. If after jumping through the goal ring the roulette stops on an activated flower, it will turn all activated flowers into medals. Collect the indicated number of medals to get the corresponding bonus. Note: The medals do not have to be earned all from different levels; you can collect all 30 medals for a world from a single level by playing it multiple times.

    One extra life: Collect 10 medals in a world.
    Three extra lives: Collect 20 medals in a world.
    Vehicle level: Collect 30 medals in each world.
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