10 Cheats We Wanted in Grand Theft Auto V

10 Cheats We Wanted in Grand Theft Auto V

Some of my best gaming memories came from abusing cheat codes in fighting games or using them to spawn overpowered weapons in the Grand Theft Auto series. Rockstar Games has continued its tradition of adding cheat codes to its Grand Theft Auto games and, surprise, GTA V was no different. As we gear up for the anticipated sequel, we took it upon ourselves to develop a list of cheats we wanted in Grand Theft Auto V that might pop up in Grand Theft Auto VI.

Heavy Hardware Spawn

GTA Vice City Tank from anniversary trailer

Imagine being able to immediately spawn any heavy vehicle. Tanks and APCs with just a quick combination of button presses. Pinned down by the cops after botching a mission? Just spawn in a tank and let the mayhem ensue.

Supply Drop

A four-wheeler in Grand Theft Auto V.

What if when you enter a cheat code, a chopper drops crates of ammo, health, etc. right on top of you when you need it? Maybe the code could have one opening sequence of buttons and the final button will change what you receive. Running low on ammo or supplies or maybe need a fast getaway vehicle? Call in a chopper to drop you what you need.


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas gameplay

The Saints Row series has a great mechanic where you can call up gang member NPCs to back you up in the overworld. There’s no reason for this to not be in Grand Theft Auto as well. Punch in a code and suddenly, a horde of armed goons come to your aid in a firefight. The possibilities of this are pretty awesome when you think about it. Difficult missions involving tons of enemies would be a snap.

Vehicle Drop

Grand Theft Auto IV Sultan RS

This could probably be an extension of the supply drop cheat code but for those who want a specific vehicle, punch in this code and the last car you were driving appears in front of you. So if you are driving along in your new favorite ride (that you just stole), and lose it for whatever reason, the cheat would allow you to instantly spawn it again.

Bullet Time

It would be awesome if Rockstar would implement cheats that draw mechanics from other games. What if after a cheat sequence, your character moves about normally, while the rest of the world around you is slowed to a crawl? It would be like an iteration ofMax Payne. Punch in this Bullet-Time code, and the whole world slows down around you, letting you do whatever you need to without being bothered by pesky enemies trying to stop you. This effect would last until you punched the code in again to negate it.

The Flash

The opposite of the bullet time entry on this list. Sometimes you just want to sprint across the entire map at the speed of sound. A cheat code allowing you to do so will be gimmicky but that’s where a lot of the fun is in these titles. Being able to speed up the player when they’re on foot can lead to a lot of wacky hijinks.

Thick Skin

Twilight Princess items

This cheat would allow you to take heavy amounts of physical damage before biting it. Sometimes you just want to test the limits of your weaponry skills. Taking on a boatload of enemies with a great big pistol is often a wonderful time. But due to the limitations of that weapon, you often get wasted before getting the deed done. This cheat would allow you the toughness to take hit after hit and just keep on truckin’.

Teleport to Safety

Grand Theft Auto V gameplay

Technically you can already do this but a cheat code could streamline the process. I doubt this code gets implemented as with the new generation of consoles loading is much faster but if they did, gamers would rejoice. Imagine you get finished with one mission and you need to access your stash before knocking out the next mission. The only problem is that you are on the other side of the world from your nearest hideout. Punch in this code and you will suddenly find yourself in your hideout, so you can grab what you need and head out to take on your next mission.

Weapon Caches

Just like the last few games, we want to see a few different codes to unlock different caches of weapons. Four or so codes to unlock different weapon sets would be excellent. One set could include the normal stuff like a shotgun, pistol, and assault rifle. But the others could include military-style weapon sets, or even future weapons and the like. There even could be one that could be a feature weapon set with iconic weapons from other titles as a sort of easter egg.

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