2Xtreme Cheat Codes for PlayStation (PSX)

2Xtreme Cheat Codes for PlayStation (PSX)

Originally released as Street Games ’97 in Japan, the racing game 2Xtreme was released for the original PlayStation in 1996 as a sequel to ESPN Extreme Games. A lot of gamers forget that because unlike the original, this game does not share the ESPN licensing. Fans and critics praised the game for all of its enhancements to the mechanics of the original. The AI, controls, and graphics were all better. However, there were a few critics who believed the graphics didn’t change enough and held that against the title.

2Xtreme Premise

This retro racing title allows players to compete on 1 of 12 courses with different vehicles. You can accrue points by performing certain tricks and toppling opponents. While racing, players have to watch their health as it decides how hard it is for you to be knocked over, either by a player or a miscellaneous obstacle. This title is one of the harder games of the genre, but that adds to its appeal. Many gamers in the late 1990s settled beefs on games as competitive as this.

2Xtreme Main Characters

In 2Xtreme there are 10 playable characters for players to use. Each character has different stats to make them fit certain play styles, the characters are the following:

  • Nick Latrick
  • Bones Oniell
  • Bruno Russo
  • Lance Hopper
  • Tracy Styles
  • Jorge Gomez
  • Allen Snow
  • Teddy Blades
  • Megan Carver
  • Angel Daluz

2Xtreme Titles In The Series

  • ESPN Extreme Games (also known as 1Xtreme in subsequent re-releases)
    • Release Date: 1995
  • 2Xtreme
    • Release Date: 1996
  • 3Xtreme
    • Release Date: 1999

2Xtreme Cheat Codes

Cheat Menu

In order to access the cheat menu, one must first enter the options screen. Once there, you select Pad Config and enter the following sequence of buttons. Hold R2, and press Right, Up, Right, Triangle, X. A sound will confirm correct code entry. When you return to the main menu, there’ll be a new cheat option.

Secret Characters

At the main menu, go to select player. Go to Create player, then enter ‘CHEATS BE ON’ as the player’s name. Now repeat the method with these names.

All character cheatsBOSS CHEATS
Different appearanceTIGER CHEATS
Makes your character sharklikeSHARK CHEATS


To unlock Bonus Stages, you must perform the following sequence on any stage:

First Ramp: Square, Triangle

Second Ramp: Square, Circle, Triangle

Third Ramp: Square, Circle, X

On the Fourth Ramp: Square, X, Triangle, Circle

Finish the ramp, and you will unlock a bonus stage consisting of multiple ramps for you to rack up extra points. You can do this sequence in any order, you just have to complete them all during the race.

2Xtreme Secrets

Infinite Energy

When you have full energy, you can hold down the R2 button to keep your energy bar filled at all times. As soon as you release it, the energy bar will deplete.

Turbo Start

If the player makes sure to Tuck and then press UP when the race first starts, you’ll get a speed boost.

2Xtreme Trick List

The following tricks can be completed on any course track. For easier execution, disable the CPU opponents.


Easy Square , Triangle Grabs board
Medium 1 Square , Circle , Triangle Kickflip
Medium 2 Square , Circle , Triangle Heelflip
Hard Square , X , Triangle , Circle Front flip
Special Triangle , X , Square , Circle 360 spin
Easy Square , Triangle Grabs board
Medium 1 Square , Circle , Triangle Another grab
Medium 2 Square , Circle , Triangle 360 spin
Hard Square , X , Triangle , Circle Rodeo flip
Special 1 Triangle , Square , X , Circle Front flip
Special 2 Triangle , Circle , X , Square or
Square , Triangle , Circle , X
Mountain bike  
Easy Square , Triangle Split
Medium 1 Square , Circle , Triangle 360 spin
Medium 2 Square , Circle , Triangle Back flip
Hard Square , X , Triangle , Circle Tail-whip
Special 1 X , Square , Triangle , Circle Tabletop
Special 2 X , Circle , Square , Triangle Dismount
In-Line Skates  
Easy Square , Triangle ?
Medium 1 Square , Circle , Triangle Air Unity
Medium 2 Square , Circle , Triangle Split
Hard Square , X , Triangle , Circle 360 spin
Special 1 Circle , Square , X , Triangle Front flip
Special 2 X , Triangle , Circle , Square ?

Game Shark Codes

The following codes require the third-party hardware Game Shark when used on an official console. If you’re emulating the title, then these codes should work just as fine, but how they’re applied will depend on the specific emulator.

Always Place First P18007D4CC 0000
Skate Boarders Speed is Always ?? P18007D490 00??
Race Time is Always 0.00080043E3C 0000
Character Creation Codes [Note]
Max Muscle80130004 00FF
Max Endurance8012FE2C 00FF
Max Speed8012FC54 00FF
Max Reflexes8012FA7C 00FF
Max Tricks8012F8A4 00FF
Max Skateboarding8012F6CC 00FF
Max Inlineskating8012F4F4 00FF
Max Snowboarding8012F31C 00FF
Max Mountainbiking8012F144 00FF
Max Handling (Skate Board)8012EF6C 00FF
Max Acceleration (Skate Board)8012ED94 00FF
Max Top Speed (Skate Board)8012EBBC 00FF
Max Handling (Inline Skates)8012E9E4 00FF
Max Acceleration (Inline Skates)8012E80C 00FF
Max Top Speed (Inline Skates)8012E634 00FF
Max Handling (Snow Board)8012E45C 00FF
Max Acceleration (Snow Board)8012E284 00FF
Max Top Speed (Snow Board)8012E0AC 00FF
Max Handling (Mountain Bike)8012DED4 00FF
Max Acceleration (Mountain Bike)8012DCFC 00FF
Max Top Speed (Mountain Bike)8012DB24 00FF

Note: Enter the character selection screen and activate each option, then press Left on each option.

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