3D Classics: TwinBee Cheat Codes for Nintendo 3DS

3D Classics: TwinBee Cheat Codes for Nintendo 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS received many ports of retro classics during its lifespan, including the great TwinBee. This port is a remake of the original TwinBee that was released exclusively in Japan in the 1980s. On September 22, 2011, the title made it to consumers worldwide. Unfortunately, this game is no longer available officially since the Nintendo 3DS e-shop was discontinued. 3D Classics: TwinBee is still available to those who bought it before the shop was discontinued and for those who choose to emulate it.

3D Classics: TwinBee Premise

Unlike some of the other 3D classics that made their way to the Nintendo 3DS, this game was a direct one-to-one port. You can enjoy playing the shoot ’em up game TwinBee, developed by Konami, either alone or with a friend. Players take control of TwinBee and WinBee while destroying enemies and picking up various power-ups. If two players are playing, they can align their ships vertically or horizontally to synchronize their attacks and perform new ones.

3D Classics: TwinBee Main Characters

  • Annamon: TwinBee’s pilot.
  • Squash: TwinBee’s pilot in Stinger and TwinBee 3.
  • King Spice: Villain in Rainbow Bell.
  • Onion Head: A boss in Rainbow Bell.

TwinBee Titles In The Series

  • TwinBee (1985) – Arcade, Famicom/NES
  • Moero! TwinBee: Cinnamon-hakase o Sukue! (1986) – Famicom/NES
  • TwinBee 3: Poko Poko Daimaou (1989) – Famicom/NES
  • Detana!! TwinBee (1991) – Arcade, PC Engine
  • Pop’n TwinBee (1993) – Super Famicom/SNES
  • Pop’n TwinBee: Rainbow Bell Adventures (1994) – Super Famicom/SNES
  • TwinBee Yahho! (1995) – Arcade, PlayStation, Sega Saturn
  • TwinBee Taisen Puzzle-Dama (1994) – Arcade, PlayStation
  • TwinBee RPG (1998) – PlayStation
  • TwinBee Portable (2007) – PlayStation Portable (a collection of TwinBee games)
  • TwinBee Da!! (1990) – Game Boy
  • Pop’n TwinBee (1994) – Game Boy
  • TwinBee: Rainbow Bell Adventures (1994) – Game Boy

3D Classics: TwinBee Cheats

10 Life Cheat Code

As of writing, there is only one cheat code available in 3D Classics: Twin Bee. When starting the game, if you hold Up + Right and press the A button, you will spawn with ten lives.

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