3D Dot Game Heroes Cheats & Secrets for PlayStation 3

3D Dot Game Heroes key art

3D Dot Game Heroes Cheats & Secrets for PlayStation 3

Releasing in 2009 exclusively for the PS3, 3D Dot Game Heroes is a cult-classic 6th-generation ARPG. The title comes from developer Silicon Studio and would feature publishing from none other than FromSoftware, creators of the Dark Souls series. Silicon Studio are noteworthy for producing 3D Dot Game Heroes as well as the two Bravely Default games on 3DS. Unlike the Bravely Default titles, 3D Dot Game Heroes is a full-on action RPG with real-time combat. At the time of its release, many players would compare it to the PlayStation 3’s version of a classic Legend of Zelda game.

One of the highlights of 3D Dot Game Heroes is its character creator. The game’s use of voxel-style graphics enables players to individually manipulate every pixel of their character sprites. Accordingly, players would create and share designs for recreations of popular video game characters for others to use in the character creator. Interestingly, the title would only go through 10 months of development before release and serves as a technical showpiece for Silicon Studio’s proprietary game engine.

While the game would go on to have middling sales success, it has since found a place as a beloved cult classic in the PS3 library. Additionally, 3D Dot Game Heroes has some strong critical and user reviews, with the title sitting at 77% Generally Favorable on the review aggregate site Metacritic.

3D Dot Game Heroes Premise

3D Dot Game Heroes gameplay

3D Dot Game Heroes puts players in control of a hero aiming to restore the Kingdom of Dotnia. Following an earlier tragedy in the kingdom, the Dark King Onyx lies imprisoned in one of the Six Magical Orbs. However, the Dark Bishop Fuelle seeks to revive Onyx, resulting in a hero rising once again. Players get to create their own hero or use the default template, setting out on a traditional action RPG. The gameplay takes place from a third-person perspective and features real-time combat, not unlike the NES and SNES-era Zelda titles.

Players can collect secret items and powerful weapons, as well as upgrade equipment at local Blacksmith shops. The world itself is divided into a grid, with players able to easily navigate to parts of Dotnia based on their coordinates. The Voxel art style also results in players being able to destroy not just enemies but parts of the environment as well. Accordingly, objects and foes explode in a shower of 3D pixels after they are hit.

There are over a dozen unique swords to collect as well as several items players can obtain to aid in traversal. Similar to Link’s toolkit in The Legend of Zelda, players in 3D Dot Game Heroes can obtain a Bow, Boomerang, Candle, and Lantern. Additionally, the game’s world features several dungeons for players to clear, each with its own boss.

3D Dot Game Heroes Main Characters

3D Dot Game Heroes gameplay

With its focus primarily on gameplay, the story in 3D Dot Game Heroes is fairly rudimentary. Accordingly, there are only a few main characters to speak of. However, there are dozens of important NPCs that players will interact with. The main characters in the game include:

  • The Hero: Similar to the hero in Dragon Quest, the player character in 3D Dot Game Heroes is the descendant of a legendary warrior.
  • The Princess: The Princess, under a curse from Dark King Onyx, is the object of rescue in the game. Restoring her to her true form is an important part of completing the main quest.
  • Onyx: The Dark King Onyx is the game’s primary antagonist and a legendary evil. His reign of terror over the Kingdom of Dotnia was previously thwarted by the hero’s ancestor.

Games in the 3D Dot Game Heroes Series

Unfortunately, 3D Dot Game Heroes is a one-and-done title. There are no other spin-offs or sequels to speak of. That said, Silicon Studio would go on to produce two excellent traditional JRPGs in the Bravely Default series. Ultimately, though, 3D Dot Game Heroes remains a cult classic title without a proper follow-up. Games in the series include:

  • 3D Dot Game Heroes (PlayStation 3, 2009)

3D Dot Game Heroes Cheats & Secrets for PlayStation 3

There are a handful of official cheats available for 3D Dot Game Heroes. Further, there’s also a plethora of secrets regarding the game’s most powerful equipment. Note that cheats have specific conditions for entry in order for them to work.

3D Dot Game Heroes Cheats

Alternate Walking Animation

Pause the game and press L1, R1, L1, R1, L1(2), R1(2), Square.

Invisible Shield

Pause the game and press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right, Square, Triangle.

“Spelunker” Mode

Start a new game and enter SPELUNKER as the character’s name. This mode features alternate dialogue, one-hit deaths, and the death sound from the original Spelunker.

Alternatively, while playing the game in From mode, you may encounter a Spelunker trapped in an area at the top-left corner of the map. Use the flame wand on the stump to the right of him to free him and unlock “Spelunker” Mode in a new game.

3D Dot Game Heroes Secrets

Block Defense Bonus Levels

Get the Light Orb, then talk to the cat in the far northwest corner of Dotnia Castle’s first floor.

Alternate Title Screen

Successfully complete the game to alternate title screen.

New Game+

After completing the game you can start a second playthrough in New Game + Mode. Accordingly, this begins the game with your previously earned money, sword upgrades, and bestiary.

Beam Saber

After using the Mirror Of Truth to restore the seven cursed animals to their normal form, speak to the man in the back of Hotel Nialliv to get the Beam Saber.


You can buy the Claymore from the merchant in F5 for 1,000 Gol. To reach the merchant, go east from Colneria, and follow the beach.

Giga Sword

After obtaining the Light Orb, go to Ortego once you have brought the two dancers there. Talk to the man standing by the fence in the northeast part of town, and say “Yes” to receive Autograph Paper. Then, find Mary in the southeast part of town, and obtain her autograph. Return it to the man in the northeast part of town to get the Giga Sword.


After completing the Flame Temple and speaking to the sage Crimson in the Raejack Inn, go to the Raejack blacksmith shop and talk to the man on the right. Afterward, go to Fina’s Inn and speak to the man by the entrance to receive the Rust Sword. Bring the Rust Sword back to the man on the right at the Raejack blacksmith shop to get the Gladius.


Use the Mirror Of Truth on the dog outside Fina’s Inn, then speak to the man next to him to obtain the Dog Food. Give this to the man in the volcano cave in G1 to get the Gungnir sword.

Hero’s Sword

Go west from Faina’s Inn to area A4, then head south and grapple across the cliff. Continue south into A5. Either defeat or ignore the zombies, and continue south to a graveyard. Use the Flame Rod on the stumps at the entrance to enter. Go to the southeast part of the graveyard and locate the tombstone second from the right, and third from the bottom (it is one of the graves flanked by pots). Push it north to open a cave, and go inside. The spirit in the cave will grant you the Hero’s Sword.

Holy Sword

Heading south from Gatero, stick to the western side of the screen. Bomb open the wall near the stairs and enter it. Use the Wire Rod to explore the cave, grabbing the Holy Sword at the end of the tunnels.

Home Run Bat

After completing the Aqua Temple and obtaining the Wood Bat, talk to the old man in Jim’s Shack. Answer “Yes”, then go to Colneria and speak to the girl in the house next to the inn to get the Home Run Bat.


After completing the Wind Temple, talk to Dic the Inventor in the northeast house in Raejack Village. Give him 5,000 Gol, spend the night at the inn, and then go speak with Dic again to get the Karasawa sword.

Luck Mallet

Complete all five stages of the Block Breaker mini-game without losing a single ball to get the Luck Mallet.

Rare Fish

After completing the Water Temple, talk to the man in front of the two houses in the center of Corneria to get the Rare Fish sword.

Wing Sword

At the Dash Race mini-game, complete both the Block Circuit in under 20 seconds and the Wafer Circuit in under 60 seconds to get the Wing Sword.

Wood Bat

After completing the Forest Temple, talk to the bat maker in Raejack located near the center square. Then, go to Wardna’s House, and speak to the man there about wood for bats in the Forest Of No Return. Go to the Forest Of No Return in A2, find the sage Indigo, and go south two screens. Approach the tree in the center of the screen, and answer “Yes” to receive the Holy Wood. Return to the bat maker and give him the wood to get the Wood Bat.

Wyrm Sword

Get a “Perfect Clear” on all five stages of the Block Defense mini-game to get the Wyrm Sword.

Small Block Swords

Collect Small Blocks from chests and White or Silver Slimes. To reach the Small Block exchange, travel east from the castle and cross the river. Go north from here, using the Wire Rod to cross the river back to the west to find a small cave. Go inside the cave and talk to the NPC on the throne to exchange the indicated number of Small Blocks for the corresponding sword:

  • 5 Small Blocks – Gorgon Sword
  • 8 Small Blocks – Luck Sword
  • 10 Small Blocks – Star Sword
  • 12 Small Blocks – Mage Sword
  • 15 Small Blocks – Katana
  • 18 Small Blocks – Orihalcon
  • 20 Small Blocks – Excalibur

Lost Woods Solution

On the way to the second dungeon, you must go through a maze in the woods to reach the entrance of the dungeon. The path is forward, right, up, left, left, down, left, up, up.

3D Dot Game Heroes Trophies

There are a total of 51 available Trophies in 3D Dot Game Heroes, with several of them hidden until players complete the task necessary to unlock them. Collecting 50 Trophies will unlock the final, Platinum Trophy for the game.

TrophyHow to UnlockLevel
Congratulations!Collect all other TrophiesPlatinum
Slice and Diced!Defeat a foe with a swordBronze
Bullseye!Defeat an enemy with an arrowBronze
Demolitionist!Defeat an enemy with a bombBronze
Getting the Hang of It?Play the game for 5 hoursBronze
Defender!Guard against an attackBronze
A Formidable Foe Has Fallen!Defeat a GuardianBronze
It’s Magic!Use Shader MagicBronze
Life Is Precious!Max out the Life BarBronze
Master Magician!Max out the Magic BarBronze
Booked a Monster!Book any monster in the BestiaryBronze
Bestiary Complete!Book all monsters in the BestiaryGold
All Swords Obtained!Acquire all swords in the gameGold
Forged a Sword!Make your sword stronger at the BlacksmithBronze
You Made a Friend!Make a character modelBronze
Around the World!Visit all mapsSilver
Souvenir Photoshoot!Take a snapshotBronze

Hidden Trophies

TrophyHow to UnlockLevel
Bested Eelagon!Defeat Eelagon without taking damageBronze
Bested Queen Bee!Defeat Queen Bee without taking damageBronze
Bested Giga Golem!Defeat the Giga Golem without taking damageBronze
Bested Kraken!Defeat the Kraken without taking damageBronze
Bested Dragon!Defeat the Dragon without taking damageBronze
Bested Dark Knight!Defeat the Dark Knight without taking damageBronze
Bested Fuelle!Defeat Fuelle without taking damageBronze
Bested Onyx!Defeat Onyx without taking damageBronze
Found Sue!Find SueBronze
Found Ai!Find AiBronze
Rescued the Princess!Restore the Princess to her true formBronze
Have a Nice Night?Spend the night in Raejack with the PrincessBronze
The Adventure Continues…Clear the game without restoring the PrincessBronze
And Everyone Lived Happily Ever After!Clear the game after restoring the PrincessBronze
Booked Eelagon!Book Eelagon in the BestiaryBronze
Booked Queen Bee!Book Queen Bee in the BestiaryBronze
Booked Giga Golem!Book the Giga Golem in the BestiaryBronze
Booked Kraken!Book the Kraken in the BestiaryBronze
Booked Dragon!Book the Dragon in the BestiaryBronze
Booked Dark Knight!Book the Dark Knight in the BestiaryBronze
Booked Fuelle!Book Fuelle in the BestiaryBronze
Booked Onyx!Book Onyx in the BestiarySilver
Obtained the Ancient Sword!Acquire the Ancient SwordBronze
Obtained the Holy Sword!Acquire the Holy SwordBronze
Wow! You Obtained the Hero Sword!Acquire the Hero SwordSilver
King Block’s Seal of Approval!Acquire a sword from King BlockBronze
That’s a Big Fat Sword!Max out the Giga SwordBronze
You’re a Survivor!Survive “Spelunker” Mode for 10 hoursBronze
Triple 7s!Collect 777GBronze
Flawless Hero!Clear the game without dyingSilver
And the World was Saved!Clear the game in FROM ModeSilver
Spelunker Extraordinaire!Clear “Spelunker” ModeGold
Obtained the Hero Shield!Acquire the Hero ShieldBronze
Spelunker’s Savior!Clear the Spelunker eventBronze

3D Dot Game Heroes Cheat FAQs

How long does 3D Dot Game Heroes take to beat?
It takes roughly 16 hours to complete 3D Dot Game Heroes. That said, completionists can expect to spend almost double that for 100% playthroughs. It takes, on average, about 29 hours to complete 3D Dot Game Heroes. Additionally, players seeking every Trophy will need a minimum of three separate playthroughs.

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