3D Space Harrier Cheats & Secrets for Nintendo 3DS

3D Space Harrier key art

3D Space Harrier Cheats & Secrets for Nintendo 3DS

Not to be confused with the series’ later title Space Harrier 3-D, 3D Space Harrier is the Nintendo 3DS release of Sega‘s classic arcade cabinet Space Harrier. Originally released in arcades in 1985, Space Harrier is an important game in Sega’s history. Not only would the title prove to be a massive success in arcades, Space Harrier‘s gameplay and visuals were revolutionary for their time. The game’s cabinet is also noteworthy for featuring a flight stick and rotating chassis, something that Sega would utilize again with After Burner. Along with Sega’s own Hang-On (also a revolutionary arcade cabinet), Space Harrier stands as one of the highest-grossing arcade machines of 1986.

Following the title’s success as a coin-op cabinet, Sega would go on to port Space Harrier to more than 20 platforms. The first, and most obvious, console release comes courtesy of the Sega Master System port. The first home console port of the game would arrive just a year after its arcade debut, positioning the title as being one of Sega’s core pillars of its home console business. Along with other titles like Golden Axe and Altered Beast, Space Harrier is one of the many important arcade titles in Sega’s library. Additionally, Space Harrier is one of the first in a long string of important titles developed by legendary Sega employee Yu Suzuki.

The Nintendo 3DS port of Space Harrier was released in 2013 as part of the Sega 3D Classics initiative. The title’s perspective and speed would make the conversion process to stereoscopic 3D take much longer than other games in the collection, with 3D Space Harrier‘s conversion taking just over 18 months.

3D Space Harrier Premise

3D Space Harrier gameplay

In 3D Space Harrier, players assume the role of the titular Harrier. The gameplay takes place from a third-person perspective and shuttles players through a gauntlet of increasingly challenging on-rails shoot ’em up stages. Players wield a combination jet engine and laser cannon that allows them to fly and shoot at the same time. As a result, players have full 8-direction movement available and can freely maneuver around the screen while shooting. Notably, players can time their shots to line up with targets while they safely get out of harm’s way.

The difficulty and challenge of Space Harrier come through in its speed. Unlike most other shoot ’em ups of the era, Space Harrier is blisteringly fast. In fact, the game’s speed is one of the core components of its success along with its bright and captivating visuals. Players begin the game after hearing the greeting message “Welcome to the Fantasy Zone” and then proceed to make their way through 18 distinct surreal landscapes. Each of these areas is populated with strange threats, from dragons and aliens to the Moai statues of Easter Island.

Gameplay in the Nintendo 3DS port of Space Harrier is identical to other versions. That said, 3D Space Harrier is unique among ports of the title in that it allows players to play the game in stereoscopic 3D. This shift in perspective gives the game an interesting level of depth that makes it one of the more satisfying ways to play the game. Better yet, the 3D visuals allow players to track incoming threats and prioritize their shot patterns more easily.

3D Space Harrier Main Characters

3D Space Harrier artwork

The one and only character of the Space Harrier series is the titular hero, the Harrier. This hero receives a call from the dragon Uriah to help save the Fantasy Zone, springing into action to help. Later games in the series surprisingly make very little addition to the overall story and development of the Harrier. The main characters in 3D Space Harrier include:

  • The Harrier: This blonde, sunglasses-wearing human is the player character and main focal point of Space Harrier. After saving Earth from an incoming alien threat, the dragon Uriah calls upon him to come help the Fantasy Zone. He utilizes his signature jet-propelled laser gun to destroy enemies.

Games in the Space Harrier Series

The original Space Harrier still stands as the definitive game in the series, though there are three distinct sequels in the franchise. Following the success of the original console port, two console-exclusive sequels would arrive in 1988. 12 years later, Sega would produce an arcade spin-off as part of the franchise with Planet Harriers. Outside sequels, the original Space Harrier has more than 20 different ports across multiple console generations. Games in the series include:

  • Space Harrier 3-D (Sega Master System, 1988)
  • Space Harrier II (Sega Genesis, 1988)
  • Planet Harriers (Arcade, 2000)

3D Space Harrier Cheats & Secrets for Nintendo 3DS

Interestingly, each of the ports of Space Harrier features distinct cheats that players can use. However, the Nintendo 3DS version only has one secret, which is the hidden final boss encounter. None of the other cheats available on other ports of the title (Infinite Continues, Sound Test, Level Select, and more) will work in the 3D Space Harrier port on 3DS.

Haya-Oh Boss Encounter

Players can fight the secret boss Haya-Oh after completing one of two requirements. This boss is the final boss in the Sega Master System and Sharp X86000 releases of Space Harrier.

  • Reach and complete Stage 18 without using any continues
  • Complete Stage 18 without being hit

3D Space Harrier Cheat FAQs

Can You enter Space Harrier cheats on Nintendo 3DS?
Unfortunately, no. None of the previous cheats available in older ports of the title return in the 3DS re-release.

How many levels are there in 3D Space Harrier?
There are a total of 18 stages, each of which gets progressively more difficult in terms of speed and enemy placements.

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