3Xtreme Cheats & Cheat Codes for PlayStation

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3Xtreme Cheats & Cheat Codes for PlayStation

Originally releasing April 20, 1999, 3Xtreme is the third and final game in Sony’s Extreme Games series. Following the initial entry ESPN Extreme Games (a first-party Sony Computer Entertainment title for the PS1), the series would continue and expand with 2Xtreme. 2Xtreme is noteworthy for introducing combat elements into the extreme sports racing gameplay, calling to mind classics like Road Rash and Skitchin‘. 3Xtreme retains the new fighting additions from 2Xtreme but is also significantly faster. As a result, many players consider 3Xtreme to be a middle ground that combines aspects of the first and third entries in the series.

The title was famously released just a few short months before the launch of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. Of course, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater would go on to transform extreme sports games, rendering many past entries in the sports subgenre moot. Between 3Xtreme’s somewhat antiquated gameplay and its low review scores, the franchise’s future would be all but over after the launch of Tony Hawk despite Sony’s considerable efforts to promote the game.

That said, 3Xtreme is the first and only game in the series to feature full-3D polygonal visuals. While previous games in the series would utilize a mix of polygonal levels and sprite-based assets, 3Xtreme uses polygonal models for all aspects of gameplay.

3Xtreme Premise

3Xtreme gameplay

Like the previous two games in the series, #Xtreme is a sports/racing hybrid. Players choose one of three different modes of transportation, with multiple characters available for each. Stages include Rollerblading, Skateboarding, and Cycling races. The goal is to be the first person crossing the finish line in a downhill race. Along the way, players can navigate through pylons to earn bonus points. Notably, since 2Xtreme, players can sabotage opponents by punching or kicking them during races. The addition of melee combat to the downhill races adds new ways to strategize victory.

In addition to choosing from one of three sports and their respective racers/characters, each character has various equipment available for purchase. Buying new equipment and upgrading prior to races improves performance. Additionally, some characters have higher stat distributions than others. Those characters with higher stat attributes perform better during the races. While the main gameplay component is the races, 3Xtreme does include several different modes. Freestyle Mode is a non-racing option where players complete tricks for points. Exhibition Mode allows players to experience any race at any time without competition. The main gameplay mode is Season, in which players compete to unlock new gear and tracks.

3Xtreme Main Characters

3Xtreme gameplay

Similar to the later Tony Hawk games, players can choose from a wide number of athletes for 3Xtreme‘s races. However, unlike the Tony Hawk series, the athletes in 3Xtreme are all fictional and not real-world professional skateboarders. Further, players can unlock strange and unusual characters such as Alien and Monster racers. These atypical characters come with strong stat bonuses in comparison to their human counterparts. The roster of racers in 3Xtreme includes:

  • Joe Carberry
  • Michelle Carson
  • Frank Corsetti
  • Zach Cruz
  • Paul Dillon
  • Kendra Jackson
  • Karac Jones
  • Sam Marubayashi
  • Cale Nappi
  • Steve Olsan
  • Yukio Osaka
  • Meg Tipre
  • Spunkmeyer
  • TP (Monster)
  • Dominique (Monster)
  • Bink (Alien)
  • Nyub (Alien)
  • Geep (Alien)

Games in the Xtreme Series

Sony’s Extreme Games series would originate as an early PS1 franchise and last until near the end of the console’s lifespan. In that time, Extreme Games would spawn two sequels, 2Xtreme and 3Xtreme. Diminishing returns on franchise sequels inevitably resulted in the series’ demise, especially following the groundbreaking reception and success of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. Games in the Extreme Games franchise include:

  • ESPN Extreme Games (1995)
  • 2Xtreme (1996)
  • 3Xtreme (1999)

3Xtreme Cheats & Cheat Codes for PlayStation

Players can enter any of the following 3Xtreme cheats from the main menu. Scroll down to the Memory Card option and then press left or right on the D-Pad to get to the hidden Codes menu. Enter any of the following codes to unlock their effects.

TRIXXYUnlocks all courses in Freestyle Mode
TPUnlocks the character TP (a Mummy with 95% in all Attributes)
SMOKEYUnlocks all cars
GENEPOOLUnlocks all characters
RATPACKUnlocks all humans
SCREAMUnlocks all monsters
ASTROMENUnlocks all Alien characters
VOUYEURUnlocks all Exhibition Tracks
BINKUnlocks the character Bink (an Alien skateboarder)
NYUBUnlocks the character Nyub (an Alien rollerblader)
GEEPUnlocks the character Geep (an Alien biker)
DOMINIQUEUnlocks the character Dominique (a Monster with 95% in all Attributes)
LUGNUTUnlocks the Lugnut
BLACKLINEUnlocks the Black Car
BLUECARUnlocks the Blue Car
REDCARUnlocks the Red Car
WHITECARUnlocks the White Car

3Xtreme Secrets

Haunted Mansion Track

Complete the Pro Circuit with any character to unlock the Haunted Mansion track in Freestyle Mode.

3Xtreme Game Shark Codes

3Xtreme has a plethora of available Game Shark codes for players to use. Note that playing the game on a PlayStation console will require the use of a Game Shark peripheral while playing on an emulator simply requires entering the following codes under the Cheat menu.

General Codes

Infinite Purchase Points8001010A 00FF
Infinite Freestyle Time P180143BD0 2400
Infinite Freestyle Time P28014E0B8 2400
Max Race Points in Circuit Mode300104E0 0063
30010224 0063
Max Tournament Points30010224 00FF
Max Equipment Buy Points8001010A FFFF
Unlock The Metro Level30010182 0001
Unlock Aztec Island 1 Level3001017C 0001
Unlock Seacliff 2 Level3001017B 0001
Unlock Arroyo Grande 2 Level3001017A 0001
Unlock Lakeside Park 2 Level3001017D 0001
Unlock Lakeside Park 3 Level30010183 0001
Unlock Seacliff 3 Level30010184 0001
Unlock Arroyo Grande 3 Level30010185 0001
Unlock Aztec Island 3 Level30010186 0001
Unlock Joe Carberry30010072 0001
Unlock Zach Cruz30010073 0001
Unlock Karac Jones3001007A 0001
Unlock Yukio Osaka3001007B 0001
Unlock Cale Nappi30010081 0001
Unlock Spunkmeyer30010082 0001
Unlock Bink30010075 0001
Unlock Nyub30010084 0001
Unlock Geep3001007D 0001
Unlock Lug Nut30010074 0001
Unlock Dominique30010083 0001
Unlock TP3001007C 0001
Unlock Red Car30010076 0001
Unlock Blue Car30010085 0001
Unlock White Car3001007E 0001

Frank Corsetti Equipment Codes

Have Horns Skate Board300100A6 0001
Have Engine Skate Board300100A7 0001
Have Demon Skate Board300100A8 0001
Have Magician Skate Board300100A9 0001
Have Snac Skate Board300100AA 0001

Michelle Carson Equipment Codes

Have F Sk8er Skate Board300100AD 0001
Have Yuck Fou Skate Board300100AE 0001
Have Skull + Bones Skate Board300100AF 0001
Have O.G. Star + Moon Skate Board300100B0 0001
Have Circle F Skate Board300100B1 0001

Joe Carberry Equipment Codes

Have Barfer Skate Board300100B4 0001
Have Devil Cat Skate Board300100B5 0001
Have Robot Skate Board300100B6 0001
Have Fists Skate Board300100B7 0001
Have Monster Skate Board300100B8 0001

Zach Cruz Equipment Cheats

Have Zero Bold Skate Board300100BD 0001
Have Zero Bird Skate Board300100BE 0001
Have Big Skull Skate Board300100BF 0001

Paul Dillon Equipment Cheats

Have Bump Bike300100C5 0001
Have Pro Series Bike300100C6 0001
Have Fueler Bike300100C7 0001
Have Power Series 3.0 Bike300100C8 0001
Have Speed Series Bike300100C9 0001

Steve Olsan Equipment Cheats

Have F5 860 Bike300100CC 0001
Have Triple X Bike300100CD 0001
Have F5 880 Bike300100CE 0001
Have Proline Team300100CF 0001
Have XLR8R Bike300100D0 0001

Kendra Jackson Equipment Cheats

Have Vert 3 Bike300100D3 0001
Have TR20 Bike300100D4 0001
Have Team Issue 3 Bike300100D5 0001
Have Vert 4 Bike300100D6 0001
Have TR30 Bike300100D7 0001

Karac Jones Equipment Cheats

Have The Pick Bike300100DA 0001
Have Maintime Bike300100DB 0001
Have The Gambler Bike300100DC 0001
Have DMC Bike300100DD 0001

Yukio Osaka Equipment Cheats

Have Supra Deluxe Bike300100E0 0001
Have AL 3.0 Bike300100E1 0001
Have Monocoque Bike300100E2 0001

Meg Tipre Equipment Cheats

Have TR7 Skates300100E8 0001
Have TR8 Skates300100E9 0001
Have TR9 Skates300100EA 0001
Have ST8 Skates300100EB 0001
Have ST9 Skates300100EC 0001

Sam Marubayashi Equipment Cheats

Have TR7 Skates300100EF 0001
Have TR8 Skates300100F0 0001
Have TR9 Skates300100F1 0001
Have ST8 Skates300100F2 0001
Have ST9 Skates300100F3 0001

Cale Nappi Equipment Cheats

Have TR7 Skates300100F6 0001
Have TR8 Skates300100F7 0001
Have TR9 Skates300100F8 0001
Have ST8 Skates300100F9 0001
Have ST9 Skates300100FA 0001

Spunkmeyer Equipment Cheats

Have King 55 Skates300100FD 0001

3Xtreme Cheat FAQs

How do I get to the cheat menu in 3Xtreme?
To enter the game’s officially supported cheat codes, players will need to access the Codes menu from the title screen. To do this, move the cursor to highlight the Memory Card option on the main menu. Then, press left or right on the D-pad to land on the Codes menu. Enter any of the official 3Xtreme codes in this menu.

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