7 Questions to Ask Before Buying the SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless Gaming Headset

7 Questions to Ask Before Buying the SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless Gaming Headset

Shopping for gaming peripherals is easier now than ever as information sharing has changed throughout the internet. Consumers have many options for finding the perfect addition to their gaming setup. They can also find simple and easy-to-understand answers to questions about a product. SteelSeries’ Arctis Nova Pro Wireless Gaming Headset is one of the best gaming headphones on the market. However, it’s a tad bit expensive if you don’t catch it on a sale. Whenever spending that much money on a product, it’s important to make sure you’re getting exactly what you’re paying for. Whether you’re certain about the headphones or comparing a few products, here are some questions you should ask before buying.

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Is It Compatible?

Before buying any peripheral, you should make sure it works with whatever system you plan to use it for. Whether it be for console, PC, or even mobile use, you should always be aware of any compatibility issues before you purchase. The Arctis Nova Pro headset is compatible with PlayStation, PC, Mac, and Nintendo Switch. You can even connect to multiple consoles, and the headset’s twin USB ports, allow you to swap between connections with a press of a button. Since the headset is Bluetooth capable it should be able to work with anything that can use Bluetooth, but your experience may vary since this headset is built for gaming consoles.

How’s The Sound Quality?

Gaming headphone audio quality varies from product to product, and at this price range, it’s important for top-level quality. If you’re shopping in person for these products, usually there is a kiosk that allows you to test them for audio quality and comfort. If you’re shopping online, you’re only option is to trust the reviews and hope your experience aligns with theirs. Luckily, the Arctis Nova Pro headset is known for its phenomenal audio quality. On top of being great right out of the box, the sound is fully customizable with its pro-grade parametric EQ. The headphones also have 360 spatial audio, providing you with immersive surround sound.

Battery Life

Many gamers prefer to use wired headsets because of the poor battery life of most wireless headsets. Before buying one, its battery life must be long enough for your average use cases. Battery Life is usually pretty easy to find online and if you’re shopping in person it can usually be found on the packaging. The Arctis Nova Pro Headset boasts unlimited battery life with its 2 hot-swappable batteries. When you’re using one, the other should be charging so you can just endlessly swap them out. A single charge lasts up to 22 hours.

Is It Comfortable?

It’s hard to look up comfort when researching a product, but sometimes the reviews are full of consumers talking about their experience. If you’re a hardcore gamer, it’s important that whatever headset you choose is comfortable for extended sessions. The Arctis Nova Pro reviews all bring up just how comfortable they are. Esport pros, gaming publications, and even retro gamers have all sung the praises of the Arctis Nova Pro. One review even made sure to reveal that the headset is comfortable for those with big heads.

Microphone Quality?

Most gamers who purchase these headsets are those who play competitive titles. They need to be able to hear even the most minute of details and be able to easily communicate information to teammates. The Arctis Nova Pro is loved by these types of gamers because of its microphone. This headset makes use of AI software to give crystal-clear audio. The AI algorithm provides natural-sounding audio on top of noise cancellation. A major problem with PC gaming is microphones picking up keyboard sounds. With this headset, you don’t have to worry about that at all. On top of great quality, the microphone also can retract for single-player sessions.

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Is It Durable?

Durability is a big worry when it comes to spending hundreds of dollars on a headset. Most peripherals have a warranty in case something goes wrong with the product. However, I feel most people would prefer not having to deal with customer service. The Arctis Nova Pro is very durable making it a must purchase for its price point. The headphones are a tad bit heavier than others in their price range so while it may take a slight hit to comfort it’s much more durable.

Are there any Additional Features?

As gaming peripherals become more and more advanced, it’s easy to miss pivotal features. When buying a new headset, it’s important to read the packaging and ask questions to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. Most of the Arctis Nova Pro’s features have been covered in this article, but there is much more to be said about its multi-system connect feature. With the Nova, you can not only quickly swap between multiple audio connections, but you can also mix audio. This will allow you to monitor and EQ multiple audio sources for a perfect blend of sound.

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