A Battlefield TV Show Could Follow Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 is big news right now. The EA Play event demo was fantastic and hugely popular. The trailer is blowing up on YouTube. The series has always had a following, but the hype is larger than ever. And, it could grow ever stronger, as a Battlefield TV show could be in the works.

Right now Paramount Television and Anonymous Content want to make a Battlefield TV show and have optioned it. Anonymous Content’s Ashley Zalta and Michael Sugar will be the possible series’ executive producers. There’s no word on what the series would look like if it ends up actually being made, or if it’ll appear on broadcast or cable TV.

Don’t get too excited about this potential Battlefield show. After all, the Battlefield: Bad Company show never happened, despite rumblings in 2012. File this under “it’ll be nice if it happens,” while keeping your eyes on the real prize that’s Battlefield 1 .

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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