A Fable Game Is Shutting Down

The once mighty Fable brand continues its downward spiral. This time, a spin-off game is going to meet its demise. Fable Fortune will be shutting down. Its servers will close on March 4, 2020 and, since this was a free-to-play, online collectible card game, that means it’ll soon be completely gone.

Mediatonic and Flaming Fowl Studios didn’t go over why Fable Fortune will be shutting down. The developer and publisher just abruptly confirmed that the game is at an end. Ahead of the server closure, the online storefront has been shut down. This means people can’t buy more cards to use in the game. (People who still do have cards can continue to use them.)

The thing about Fable Fortune is that it is only about two years old. The free-to-play card game first launched on PCs back in February 2018. Admittedly, it did have a rocky start, though it eventually built up an audience and implemented Hearthstrone -like mechanics.

What was interesting about Fable Fortunes was its morality system. Like the Fable main games, you could choose if you would pick if you wanted to pursue a righteous path or be more diabolical. Your hero and their cards would have different skills and abilities depending on which route you would take through your matches and the game.

Source: Steam

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