Are You Sure You’re Ready for the PS4 Pro?

The PlayStation 4 Pro launch is upon us. Sony is about to launch something that could become a console trend, the incremental upgrade. On November 10, the new version of the system will be here. But I’m not going to talk about whether it’s a good idea or bad idea. Today, we’re going to go over whether Sony’s done enough to prepare us for the PlayStation 4 Pro, so we’re completely informed about and ready for the system.

Think about it. Information saves lives, and misinformation ruins them. Nintendo’s Wii U stumbled initially for that very reason. The company went with a name that was very similar to the Wii’s, which made people who weren’t console-savvy fail to realize it was an entirely new thing. It didn’t offer enough ads and general information to get people ready. There weren’t enough games. Now, it almost seems like Sony is facing the same issue.

How many ads and commercials have you seen for the PlayStation 4 Pro? I’m at a grand total of one over here, and that’s only because I saw the PlayStationUK Twitter account’s retro ad . Which wasn’t very effective, by the way, as it didn’t really explain how the new version is different from the old version. It honestly felt more like an ad for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’ s Zombies in Spaceland than a system. I’ve been watching a lot of TV lately too, due to some awesome scary movies that were on ahead of Halloween and the Cubs’ World Series games. It’s all quiet online, which isn’t really good when the system’s out next week.

Have you seen Sony trying to make any endeavors to introduce people outside of core gamers to the PlayStation 4 Pro? I haven’t. I’ve been in a Best Buy, Fry’s Electronics, and GameStop in the last two weeks. There wasn’t an overwhelming movement to introduce people to the system. Only the GameStop seemed to be mentioning it. Of course, not reaching out to ordinary people is probably understandable. This is a system that is probably more for people who have the best TVs and intend to splurge on a PlayStation VR.

Are You Sure You’re Ready for the PS4 Pro?

But what about people who are in the know? Can you tell me what games will offer PlayStation 4 Pro support at launch? I know Titanfall 2 is ready. There are a number of games, like Battlefield 1, FIFA 17, Uncharted 4, Infamous: First Light, Shadows of Mordor, and Killing Floor 2, which will have support, but we don’t know exactly when the patches will arrive that add that compliance. Hopefully, forthcoming games like Final Fantasy XV and Watch Dogs 2 will be compatible at launch.

It feels like we’re in a place where consumers have to do all the work to properly prepare themselves for the PlayStation 4 Pro. It doesn’t feel like Sony has done enough to offer clear Pro-support update release dates, applicable games, and information to not only help us be ready for this improved version of the console, but even determine if we should buy it.

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