Battlefield 3 Walkthrough/Strategy Guide/FAQ for PC

Battlefield 3 Walkthrough/Strategy Guide/FAQ for PC

Battlefield 3 Walkthrough/Strategy Guide/FAQ


1) Gameplay Primer

Basic Controls (360)
LT: Aim
RT: Fire
LB: Grenade
RB: Stab
A: Jump
B: Interact
X: Reload
Y: Change Primary Weapon
RS: Crouch
LS: Run

Basic Controls (PS3)
L1: Aim
R1: Fire
L2: Grenade
R2: Stab
X: Jump
O: Interact
Square: Reload
Triangle: Change Primary Weapon
R3: Crouch
L3: Run

2) Campaign

2.0) Semper Fidelis

After a cutscene, follow the prompts on the screen while walking through the train. Make sure you use the chairs of the train as cover while you take out the easy enemies in front of you. You’ll have to press some button sequences while fighting. This is pretty straightforward while you get used to the controls. You can change out your weapon for some of your fallen enemies and some lying around by holding X. A few more cut scenes and you’re ready for your next mission. You’ll get the “FlashForward” achievement at the end.

2.1) Operation Swordbreaker

You’ll be getting out of a truck. Follow them to receive your mission, then continue to follow them into the school. Up the stairs, wait for the enemy to pass before opening the gate and crossing the street with your men. Follow the soldier with a “Follow” icon into the nearby building.

When you get outside and your men regroup, you’ll be ambushed. Take cover and shoot the attackers. There will several enemy combatants as well as snipers on the upper level of one of the buildings. When the parking lot is secured, follow your allies into the next building.

On the upper floor on the building, you’ll be attacked again. Sprint ahead by clicking LS (L3) and shoot the guys behind the desks. Go up to the roof, where you’ll be attacked by a sniper. Take cover behind the convenient AC units, then hold RS (R3) to drop to a crawl to reach the ledge. Approach the edge a grab the rocket launcher, then take aim at the sniper. Your buds will cover you while you shoot. The sniper’s shooting from below the “L” in “Hotel”, which you can see from the glint off of his scope right before he fires.

Now you’ll need to cover some friendlies being attacked below. If Chaffin survives, you’ll get the achievement, “Not on My Watch.” Now climb down the building with your men and follow them down the streets and into another building. Around the left corner, some enemies in cover will open fire on you. As you progress, there will be quite a few more foes to engage. Turn left and follow your squad into the street. Don’t shoot the civilians.

Follow the wire to the next objective and breach the door. When you reach the bomb, press B to interact and disable it. You’ll have to press a sequence of buttons to fight the guy who jumps you while you’re doing this. Afterward, head back up to your squad and up onto the wall to fight an incoming wave of enemies from above. You can grab the LMG here to mow them down more easily.

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After fighting for a while, you’ll need to fall back with your squad to the objective marker, the mounted gun on a truck. Use this to clear the landing zone of enemies. Then, there’ll be an earthquake and a building will fall on you.

When you wake up, you’ll get the “Shock Troop” achievement. You’ll be armed with only a knife. Crouch to go under the helicopter while continuing down the narrowly defined path. Go prone to enter the pipe ahead. Stab the rat that attacks you on your way, then proceed and open the door. Stab the unsuspecting guard in the back to get his weapon, then shoot his comrades with it. Turn right into the next corridor and fight some more enemies, taking cover behind debris, until you reach the outdoors. Fight your way to a ledge, from which you can fire upon the enemy soldiers ahead from above.

There are a few ways to do this. I ran in with my shotgun and took out the guys in the garage, then defensively fought the enemies outside from this location. Follow the map marker to the other side of the garage.

Go inside the bus and take out the enemies. As you try to progress, a building will collapse and your objective marker will change. Go into the school from earlier, where you will see an old friend. Good thing your gun automatically lowers when you see him, because he’s likely to startle you.

He will open the door when he gets there and follow him behind the jeep to take cover. Hop in using B to shoot these guys from inside. After the helicopter shows up, you will be able to sprint towards it for another cutscene and the end of this mission.

2.2) Going Hunting

Your next mission begins on a boat where you will slowly make your way to a fighter plane.

RT: Shoot
LT: Drop Flares
Y: Change Weapons

You will have to shoot the enemy planes (in orange) while the pilot handles the actual flying. Shoot with RT (R1) and drop your flares with LT (L1) when they are behind you. After the sky is clear, the first part of the mission will be complete.

Next, you will switch to video controls and be firing on grounded planes. Press the indicated direction to change to the appropriate weapon for each segment. Wait until the target plane is locked on your radar (when the orange circle turns into a square) before you fire. If you don’t clear the targets before the time limit, you will fail your mission.

Next you will have to change weapons. With this one, keep the crosshairs on the glowing targets on the runway on the ground. Keep your aim steady until the shot connects.

Afterwards, switch to the indicated weapon you will mark the targets on the ground for air strikes using RT (R1). After these targets are eliminated you will land back on the boat. If you completed this mission “perfectly” (meaning your plane took no damage and you didn’t miss a single shot) you get the achievement “You can be my wingman anytime.” Because the enemies deploy flares, you’ll have to wait for them to drop them and move away before shooting to bring them down with just one missile.

2.3) Operation Guillotine

You will be greeted with another cutscene in the interrogation room. Afterward, you’ll be back in the past, crouching with your squad and receiving orders. Run in with the mortar and follow your man to the place to deploy it. Press B to set it, then scale the wall and engage the enemies on the bridge ahead. Continue to follow while heading through a rocky path filled with enemies taking cover behind rubble and boulders. You’ll head upstairs next and be attacked from above; snipe these targets to proceed. Shoot the men ahead of you, as well as those up on the wall. Ahead, you’ll be instructed to enter a building ahead, which you should approach by sprinting from cover to cover. Take out the guards in the windows, then ascend the stairs to the courtyard.

When the area is clear, enter the building. Follow your squad to a door you must breach, then shoot the foes that come crawling out of the woodwork. Follow your men back outside to a jeep, and get in. When you get out of the jeep, you’ll be fired upon with an RPG from above. Run after your squad mates until you come to a white hallway. Wait for your companions to open the door, then come out and secure the bridge.

Further on, you will be fighting on a broken street with your squad mates. After you take out the enemies on the road, a tank will show up. Run with your squad underneath the upturned road to the bank. As soon as you reach the door there will be an explosion.

Your next objective is to find the exit to the plaza. Once there, you will see the tank again. Follow your teammates across the street and up the stairs, running past the enemy fire. You will need to pick up the rocket launcher to take out the tanks. Aim with LT (L1) towards the orange triangle. Once your target is locked on, a red square will appear around the triangle and you will be able to fire using RT (R1). Don’t worry about taking out the visible enemies; you won’t be able to kill them until all the tanks are gone.

Afterwards, sprint across the street and behind the building. Don’t linger here, but follow your squad so that you can flank the enemy from behind. Go up the stairs and around the bank. Take out the three enemies that appear here, and follow around the building to jump over the wall with A (X). Stand on the blue triangle behind the generator to help your teammate jump to the ladder, once he makes it to the top he will lower the ladder for you. Jump to the window like he did to enter the bank.

You will immediately be attacked. If you miss these button sequences you will fail the mission, so follow the prompts on the screen. When you come around the corner, you will be in a plaza where you can attack the enemies from behind. Follow your team to the right, then left. Make sure you stay close to your teammate with the blue follow button over his head so that he will continue advancing.

You will be part of the team going to the basement to break into the vault. Go down the hallway and follow the prompts on the screen to grapple down the elevator shaft. You will throw a flash grenade to surprise the enemies. I flanked to the left while my teammates went forward and sniped the targets while they were otherwise occupied. After you secure the area, your squad will open the gate. Inside, the plot will thicken. You’ll get the achievement, “Where are the Other Two?”

2.4) Operation Comrades

You will be playing as Dima in this mission. Enjoy the car ride through Paris, listening to the conversation between the two guys in the front. After you run over the security guard, get out of the car and follow your squad into the parking garage. Go into the control room and press B to cut the wires and open the gate. Run in and take out the enemies from behind. Take cover behind the cars as you fight the next wave of enemies. Then proceed to the big exit sign by the back wall and down to the next level. Pull out your sniper rifle to kill these guys easily. Then follow your comrades to the hallway on the back left of the level. Sprint through here with them until you get to a door.

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Kick the door in and follow the screen prompts to equip your mask when the gas starts to leak. After the area is clear, run to the back hallway and your objective changes to make your way to second floor. Climb the stairs and as you go through the walkway you will be attacked. Follow the button sequence on the screen to drop this guy from the stairs. You’ll emerge in an office space.

Your team will take the left path, I suggest you take the right so that you’ll have a clear shot of the enemies while they are distracted. Note that the wall can be blown apart here, allowing you to expose your attacker. You might also want to try lobbing some grenades their way to blow out the walls. Watch for the sniper in the upper level.

After the area is clear, follow your comrades to the back and around the corner. Stay low to avoid drawing attention to yourself so that you can sneak into this open walkway. Alternatively, you can go around to the left to flank the enemy again. After the area is clear, you can follow your teammates to a big open broadcasting room. You’re objective is to capture the guy in the middle. He will escape during the firefight, so just carefully take out the guys here, and then follow your team through the back.

You will see him running down the hallway, so sprint after him. Someone will jump out of the elevator, a few button sequences and you’ll unmask him, causing him to die. As you come to the exit, a group of enemies will run out of the building. Watch out for the falling ceiling and join your teammates by the door.

There is heavy crossfire going on the street below. You’ll see your target with the capture icon above his head. I do not advise running with your comrade, because he leads you right into the crossfire, which is likely to end in your death. Instead, stay behind and clear out some of the police, slowly making your way up the street. Once you make it to your blue objective, your target will run into an alley on the right.

Follow him and witness a visceral explosion in slow motion! You will your fatally injured ally to the alley and decide to continue your mission. Chase your target through the streets and up the stairs to the elevated train. He will ambush you from around the corner. Execute some more button sequences and you’ll throw him onto the train tracks. Watch the scene that follows. You’ll get the achievement “This is the End,” and if you completed the street chase in under two and a half minutes without dieing, “The Professional”.

2.5) Operation Thunder Run

You will be playing as Miller in this mission. You will hop into the tank and take control of it.

LB: Fire
LT: Move Backward
RB: Zoom
D-Pad: Change Weapons
LS: Change Direction
L3: Speed Up
RS: Aim
R3: Toggle Infrared Vision

After an explosion, enemy tanks will appear on your right. They will be marked with orange circles. Fire at them, and after they are all destroyed, you will see a helicopter emerge from above. Your main objective is to destroy the rocket batteries. Afterwards, follow to your blue marker on the screen.

You will be in the enemy territory. Eliminate enemies as you see fit while following the dirt path. Soon, you’ll see the batteries marked in orange. Fire at them with your weapon and proceed to the next area.

Your objective will now be to reach the highway. As you approach your marker, the dust cloud will rise and 5 enemy tanks will appear in orange again. You’ll have to get close to them in order to take them out, so chase the separated one first before going after the other four. Take out as many as possible. If you manage to destroy six tanks before reaching the fort, you’ll get the “Scrap Metal” achievement.

More tanks will appear ahead. Continue to focus on attacking these tanks, and after those are all gone, blow up the convoys and some enemy soldiers. Then continue on the highway with your two friendly tanks.

A battle is raging ahead, you will get out of the tanks to investigate the hold up. A soldier asks you to get the clipper. Run to the new blue marker, press B to pick it up, and run all the way back. Press B to detonate the explosives and clear the minefield.

Hop back in the tank. You’ll be controlling the machine gun now, so just enjoy the ride while you protect the tank. You can take out the troops that appear on the side of the road. Eventually you’ll come to a bridge, where you’ll have to destroy the cars coming towards you. There will be one from the front, and another one right after it. Then one will come from behind and two more on the dirt road by the billboard. Now eliminate the troops on the bridge.

2.6) Fear No Evil

After another interrogation room scene, you will still be Miller, on the rails of the tank. Your buddy will drive you to a tight alley on the right, and then you will take control of the tank again. Follow the tank in front of you, but not too close because he’s about to be blown to smithereens. A blue marker will appear in the building to your right, drive straight through to the other side. Your objective is to make it to the bank plaza. Shoot the enemy tanks with the orange dots above them, and then make your way to the blue marker up the stairs. There will be a big explosion right in front of you. You will need to get out of the tank to man the machine gun again.

Now you’ll have to protect your team while they move the nuke into the helicopter. As the enemies come in, you can shoot them before they get into cover. After the helicopter leaves, you’ll be surrounded and a guy will hit you in the back of the head. There will be a scene.

2.7) Night Shift

You’ll start the next mission as Blackburn, on top of a building. Shoot out the lights in the parking lot, aiming a little high to compensate fro the falloff. If you only use one bullet to shoot out each light, you’ll receive the “Army of Darkness” achievement. Your guys will drop into the parking lot. Now, shift to the right side of the building for a better view. Your spotter will snipe an enemy ahead of your men, so snipe him.

Head to the next objective marker and press B (O) to rappel down the wall. Hide behind the car while the truck passes, then continue to follow your man. Ignore the enemies ahead and turn right with him. Press A (X) to mount the wall with his aid.

On the other side is a sniper up on the building ahead, watching the street. Snipe him before continuing. Hide in the alley to the right when another patrol comes along, then run ahead when they’re gone to reach a ladder.

At the top of the ladder, follow your partner and take up a sniper position with him to cover your men. You’ll see two men standing in a row here. Take them both down with one sniper shot for the “Twofor” achievement, allowing your men to move out across the street. Now head down the ladder and take cover behind the nearby van while another truck passes.

Follow your man again and he’ll take you into a building. Sneak up on the enemy with your knife and perform a Stealth Kill that’s not very stealthy. Follow your partner through the door on the right and down into a sewer to shake the enemy pursuers. At the end, climb the ladder and eliminate the hostile squad that fires on you when you emerge.

Follow him through into a mall. After becoming distracted, some enemies with flashlight will bust into the next room. Take them out through the windows. Try not to mistake the mannequins for enemy combatants. At one point, they will open the door and throw a grenade through.

Enter the opened door and regroup with your team. Follow them out of this mall, then after you stand and talk for a while, climb up the nearby ladder with your partner to return to the job of providing cover fire. Take out the enemies ahead for your team, allowing them to enter the building ahead. Take out the enemies that come in from your right. After your men move up, more foes will come in from the same location, whom you’ll need to snipe. More reinforcements will come in from the left and they will approach your location through the playground. A truck will also pull up and attack your comrades, so shoot the gunner on it.

Now you’ll have to shoot the tire of the escaping car to disable it. Follow the blue marker to the designated location on your right, at the edge of the roof, and take the car out as it turns around this building. Drop down and capture Al-Bashir for the achievement, “Wanted: Dead or Alive.”

Take out the incoming troops, then run to the door marked by a blue icon. Go through the mall, and set up defenses, planting claymores on the escalators where the enemy will come up. A group of enemies will waltz in for you to snipe. When those are dead, they’ll come in from the stores on the second floor, so retreat into the room and shoot from in there. When the enemies surrounding you are eliminated, snipe those on the opposite balcony.

More enemies will be coming, so you’ll need to get your prisoner to the next room, then defend this area as enemies come in from the upper floor. After these guys are down, your allies will come to extract Al-Bashir. Fight off the remaining enemies while your partner carries Al-Bashir, exiting to the right and defend the helicopter with your team while Al-Bashir is exfiltrated. When he gives you the “go” command, board the copter and it’ll take off.

2.8) A Rock and a Hard Place

Now you’ll be on a truck when… SURPRISE! You’ll be ambushed. Get off the truck and take cover behind the damaged jeep to take out the enemies up the road. As you head up, one enemy will shoot a rocket at you; focus on taking him out first. You and your men will check out a friendly’s body, then run up into the pass. Before you go, look around for a Russian Dog Tag and collect it for the “What the hell *are* you?” achievement.

At the top of the pass, you’ll spy some enemy transports. Run down and take cover behind the stone wall to take out the enemies on the other side, then jump over and use their cover to hit their comrades that are further back. Eventually, the enemy forces will bring out a tank. Press right on the D-Pad to switch to your rocket launcher to take this tank out before it tears you up. After a couple of shots, the tank will go down, and you can advance through the enemy position as you eliminate all of the Russian forces.

Follow your team across the road while your side brings out the jeeps and tanks. From this low wall, you can stay in cover and shoot the enemies on the other side of the road. When these go down, advance to the next wall with your teammates and fire on the enemy position, moving in as your teammates advance.

Once you bring down numerous enemy troops, two more tanks will be dropped in. Take them down with two shots each from your rocket launcher, then advance and fight a few more infantry before huddling up with the rest of your squad. After your men stand around and talk for a bit, an enemy plane will attack you.

Run and crouch behind a rock to avoid its first attack, then sprint with your allies to take cover behind the pipes before the plane comes back around for another attack. Cross the bridge and continue to take cover when your allies do so, as the plane can and will kill you in one shot. When ordered to do so, run toward the jeep with the Javelin, take cover behind it until the plane passes, then grab the Javelin. Lock on to the plan and line up the shot as the plane comes straight at you, then fire the missile. If you took down the plane without dying, you’ll get the “Butterfly” achievement. Now go to your downed men.

2.9) Kaffarov

You’ll be playing as Dima once again. You will be in a plane with Vladimir and Kiril. Listen to the conversation while you prepare to jump. Enjoy the view while you descend, then follow Vladimir once you hit the ground. You will come up on a small group of enemies guarding your drop. Take them out then choose you weapons. Then quickly take out the enemies by the road. Once the area is clear, make your way to the parked car. You will follow the enemy straight into the villa parking lot. Vladimir warns you to keep Kaffarov alive.

Once you are inside the garage follow the command prompts to take out the guard. Run into the door once Vladimir opens it for you and press B by the icon to open the gate. Run outside with your squad and take out the enemies in the parking lot. Do NOT take cover by the blue car on your left, as some guy will shoot it with a rocket launcher if you do. After clearing the parking lot, run with your squad up the road until you can take cover, so you can get a clear shot at the enemies across the street. Follow your allies again across the field and run into the villa.

You’ll split up here, so go through the door on your right. You’ll beat up the guard behind it automatically. Go up the stairs and fight off the enemies attacking from the right, then approach the building and shoot the occupants through the windows. You can go around the building the flank the enemies around the side, then infiltrate the building and follow your comrades. Clear the top floor of enemies, then rejoin Vlad and help clear the next room ahead. Your allies will approach the next door, and an enemies will fire a shotgun through it. Take the enemies in the next area out.

Inside, continue to follow your allies and clear the upper floor again. An enemy will bust through a door, letting you up to a balcony from which to take out the enemies below. When you’ve eliminated them, take the door into a red room with some guns. Go down the stairs into the basement, and turn on your flashlight by pressing Up on the D-Pad if your weapon supports it.

Downstairs, go through the door, and enemies with flashlights will come out. Fight through them to reach the door. The doorway will be impassible, so follow the stairs down into the red rooms. The enemies down here will have red sights that completely blind you when they aim at you, which is very annoying, so hit them while they’re reloading or flank them. Headshot every single one of these guys for “Practice makes perfect.” Continue through the shooting range, noting the red dots on the walls that give away where the enemies in the next room are aiming.

On the upper level, you’ll encounter a group of enemies attacking from the left. Take them out with a grenade, allowing your partners to rejoin you. They’ll break open a door, allowing you to pass.

Head up the stairs while avoiding enemies and fire, then run out to the helicopter and reach it before it takes off. Perform a button sequence once you’re onboard, and get the achievement “No Escape.”

After an interrogation sequence, you’ll be Blackburn again, coming up the road. Enter the villa and head to the marker by the pool.

2.10) The Great Destroyer

After the final interrogation scene, there’ll be a button sequence. Run to the window and jump through it. Now, go up the stairs and, at your partner’s urging, run to the ledge from which you can jump onto the train.

Look familiar? Run through the train and shoot the enemies. One will attack from the side, requiring a button sequence. When you reach the door with the explosives, jump out the window for another button sequence. You’ll have to fight more enemies on top of the train, then avoid debris. Drop back down into the train and bring down a room full of enemies, progressing through from car to car. At the end, past all the bombs, open the door for another button sequence.

After the explosion, grab a gun and take out the gun in front of you, then exit the train. Grab his weapon with a infrared scope, then drop down into the sewers. Aim with the scope to avoid the blinding effect of the enemies’ laser sights. Progress through the sewers and take cover behind the ledge to fight, then jump up and head through the tunnel system. Take the ladder up. Take out the enemies, then take another ladder and you’ll get in a car.

Your partner will drive while you shoot at Solomon’s car out the window. There’ll be a crash, and you’ll have to fight Solomon in a button sequence! Surprise. If you complete the prompts perfectly, you’ll get the achievement, “Between a rock and a hard place.” After another scene, you’ll get the achievement “Ooh-rah!” If you beat the game on Hard, you’ll also get “Semper Fidelis.”

3) Version History


  • Story walkthrough completed.
  • v1.00

  • Gameplay primer section completed.
  • Story walkthrough covers up to the mission, A Rock and a Hard Place.
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