BF3: Back to Karkand Hits PS3 Next Week

BF3: Back to Karkand Hits PS3 Next Week


PlayStation 3 owners will be able to snag a copy of Battlefield 3’s upcoming expansion pack as early as next week.

Back to Karkand will hit PS3s on December 6, and arrive on Xbox 360s and PCs the following week. This will give PS3 owners the rare opportunity to make fun of Xbox owners for not having early access to premium content. And they deserve it for all of the times Call of Duty players have made fun of them.

“Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand is a huge expansion pack featuring four legendary Battlefield maps reimagined in the Frostbite 2 engine,” reads a post on the Battlefield Blog. “Three new vehicles (the VSTOL fighter jet, Desert Buggy, and an APC), ten new weapons that you can bring back to the base game, and a new layer of persistence with our all-new Assignments make this a must-have for any Battlefield fan.”

The four maps will be Wake Island, Sharqi Peninsula, Gulf of Oman, and Strike at Karkand. Battlefield fans everywhere should be pretty excited about that list.

The expansion pack also introduces a new Assignments System, which asks players to complete a set of assignments in order to unlock a new item. “For example,” reads the blog, “to complete the ‘Let it Rain’ assignment players must score 20 kills with Light Machine Guns and two mortar kills.” Once that assignment is completed, players will unlock a new weapon and a matching set of dog tags.

Lastly, EA is rolling out several new trophies that will be available in Back to Karkand. Here’s the rundown:

  • Complete Warrior (Silver) – Get a kill with the following weapons in a single life: Rifle, Jet, Tank

  • Third Tour (Bronze) – Get a kill with the new APC, Desert Buggy, and STOVL fighter jet

  • Gunslinger (Bronze) – Get 10 kills with all B2K weapons

  • Like a Boss! (Silver) – Get a kill with the skid loader

  • Jaws (Bronze) – Take a swim in the pool at the Oman hotel

    By Josh Engen

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