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Infinite fuel

Perform the following steps for your Hound to have unlimited fuel. Select a chassis with very low energy usage. Choose a cockpit with very low energy usage and very high internal power. Do not add a generator or fuel tank. Do not exceed your Hound’s energy usage. Your Hound should now have an approximant effect time of 0 and the no fuel icon will appear once you start a round; however, your Hound will still be at optimal efficiency, thus giving it unlimited fuel.


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Scout Complete (20 points): Successfully complete the Scout Arc in Story mode.
    Soldier Complete (20 points): Successfully complete the Soldier Arc in Story mode.
    Sniper Complete (20 points): Successfully complete the Sniper Arc in Story mode.
    Gunner Complete (20 points): Successfully complete the H. Gunner Arc in Story mode.
    Defense Complete (20 points): Successfully complete the Defender Arc in Story mode.
    Command Complete (20 points): Successfully complete the Commander Arc in Story mode.
    All Tact. Complete (20 points): Successfully complete all missions in Story mode.
    Tact. Instructor (20 points): Earn top marks in every Story mode mission.
    Hover Specialist (20 points): Deploy the Hover Chassis 50 times.
    Wheel Specialist (20 points): Deploy the Wheeled Chassis 50 times.
    Biped Specialist (20 points): Deploy the Bipedal Chassis 50 times.
    Inverse Specialist (20 points): Deploy on Inverse Chassis 50 times.
    Tread Spec. (20 points): Deploy on Treaded Chassis 50 times.
    Multi Spec. (20 points): Deploy on Multi Chassis 50 times.
    Crushing Award (20 points): Wipe out the enemy and live 100 times.
    Storming Award (20 points): Attack the opponent first 30 times.
    Survival Award (20 points): Return alive 10 or more times in a row.
    Red Flag (20 points): Win a total of 100 times or more.
    Bronze Wing (20 points): Destroy 50 or more enemy HOUNDs.
    Bronze Flag (20 points): Secure a COMBASs total of 100 times.
    Bronze Hammer (20 points): Destroy the enemy HQ and win 50 times.
    Silver Wing (20 points): Destroy a total of 100 enemy HOUNDs.
    Silver Flag (20 points): Secure COMBASs a total of 300 times.
    Silver Hammer (20 points): Destroy the enemy HQ and win 100 times.
    Scout Valor (20 points): Scout experience level maxed.
    Soldier Valor (20 points): Soldier experience level maxed.
    Sniper Valor (20 points): Sniper experience level maxed.
    Command Valor (20 points): Commander experience level maxed.
    Gunner Valor (20 points): H. Gunner experience level maxed.
    Defense Valor (20 points): Defender experience level maxed.
    Bronze Patriot (20 points): Stay with the same nation for 3 seasons.
    Gold Eagle (20 points): First in total fame for a given period.
    Gold Cross (20 points): First in seasonal fame at end.
    Gold Wing (20 points): First in average total fame for a given period.
    Gold Hexagon (20 points): First in average seasonal fame at end.
    Gold Sword Cross (20 points): First in total conquest points for period.
    Gold Lion (20 points): first in seasonal conquest points at end.
    Marching Service (20 points): Travel a total of 1000000.
    Military Service (20 points): Deploy total of at least 300 times.
    Capital Occupation (20 points): Affiliated nation destroys another.
    Nation Resurrector (20 points): Successfully revive affiliated nation.
    Neroimus War Medal (40 points): Affiliated nation wins Neroimus War.

Additionally, there are seven secret achievements, one of which remains unknown:

    Bloodless Award (20 points): Win five times without attacking the enemy.
    Combat Award (20 points): Win ten times when outnumbered.
    Dist. Service (20 points): Destroy unidentified enemy weapon.
    Humane Award (20 points): End five times in a row without killing the enemy.
    Silver Patriot (20 points): Donate to affiliate nation once.
    HOUND Specialist (20 Points): Own one of each part (except downloaded parts).
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