CoD XP: MW3 Adds New Perks And Streaks

CoD XP: MW3 Adds New Perks And Streaks


Every new iteration of the Call of Duty series has brought a minor set of tweaks, and because the franchise is so popular, almost every other FPS on the market must follow suit in one way or another. In that respect, the Call of Duty series is in some way responsible for the consistent increase in quality across the entire FPS genre. This is primarily because Infinity Ward has a real knack for identifying a problem with gameplay and developing a clever way to fix it. So, even if you don’t enjoy playing the CoD titles, you really should appreciate what they represent.

For instance, Infinity Ward’s upcoming Modern Warfare 3 title is poised to rewrite the FPS genre in a few more subtle ways, thanks to the changes being made to MW3’s multiplayer system.

First off, the guys at Infinity are taking a step back to refocus the most foundational element of the upcoming FPS: gunplay. “I think we lost a bit of focus in CoD4” said Mark Rubin, Executive Producer of the Modern Warfare series. “[in MW3] we wanted the actual gunplay to be a bigger part of the primary way you’re getting kills.” Rubin and his team want to make the streak rewards more of a bonus in MW3, not the primary way that teams are going to win the round. This means no game-ending nukes or other extraordinarily overpowered rewards.

One of the other ways that MW3 is changing the FPS genre is the way it’s allowing each individual player to customize the entire experience specifically to his (or her) play style. This aspect is seen most clearly in an option MW3 calls “Weapon proficiency.” Weapon proficiency is a subset of the normal leveling process, but adds subtle perks to each weapon to improve the play slightly. For instance, if you are long-distance assault rifle player, you might want to add the proficiency option that allows you to hold your breath like you would with a sniper rifle. Or, if you get frustrated by the way your gun kicks when you get hit, there’s an option to tone it down a bit. And all of these proficiencies can be improved through the leveling process.

Obviously, the scope of the new elements of MW3 won’t be completely understood until months after the game is released, but I’m glad to see that Infinity Ward is going out of their way to ensure a lasting appeal for the franchise.

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By Josh Engen

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