Console Giveaway From LeapTrade & CheatCC!

Console Giveaway From LeapTrade & CheatCC!


Congrats to the following LeapTrade.com users, who were chosen by a combination of random selection and having an awesomely well written pitch regarding why they deserved to win. If you are one of the winners listed below, a LeapTrade.com representative should be contacting you shortly to arrange your prize package deliveries. Thanks to all those who participated and the folks at LeapTrade for making such a great giveaway possible!

  • Grand Prize Winner :
  • Lord Voldemort
  • 2nd Place Winner:
  • FilthyDoc
  • 3rd Place Winner :
  • GameNmassa
  • 4th/5th Place Winner s:
  • Dwiddle
  • N4RED718

~ Jason Messer | CheatCC Editor-in-Chief ~


A big thanks to everyone who participated in the joint giveaway between CheatCC and LeapTrade.com. The winners have officially been selected and we’re currently in the process of verifying the accounts. The lucky few will be announced here in another update shortly, so stay tuned gamers!

~ Jason Messer | CheatCC Editor-in-Chief ~

Hold on to your thumbsticks, gamers, ‘cause CheatCC is about to blow your gaming world wide open!

Are you one of those folks who’ve looked on and admired today’s new gaming hardware from afar, wishing desperately you could wrap your hands around the cool, sexy plastic of a PS4 or Xbox One controller? Or perhaps you’re one of the privileged few who already own a piece of the next-gen, but would like just a little bit more? Well, as a thank you to all our loyal readers, we here at the site have partnered with LeapTrade.com to make that happen!

For the next seven days, readers will have the opportunity to sign up for a special giveaway where you can win a boatload of awesome gaming goodies…just for being a LeapTrade.com user and CheatCC fan!

For all the details and prize package info, simply read below to find out how to enter and win.


CheatCC’s Grand Prize Winner Will Receive:

A video game console of their choice, two games and a headset

Second Place Winner Will Receive:

Two games

Third Place Winner Will Receive:

60 credits to LeapTrade.com

Fourth/Fifth Place Winners Will Receive:

25 credits to LeapTrade.com


It couldn’t be easier to get your hands on this sweet gaming swag. Here’s how:

•  Simply head over to LeapTrade.com using this link (also posted at the bottom and throughout).

•  Sign up for their 100% FREE account.

•  Return back here and post your new LeapTrade.com user name in the comments section below with a brief one to two sentence explanation as to why you’re an all-around awesome gamer and want to be entered to win.

•  The entrants will be pulled from the comments section and dropped into a pool on Tuesday, September 15, then randomly chosen for the prizes by the CheatCC staff.

•  The winners will be announced shortly after via Twitter and Facebook, as well as an update on this page (so be sure to monitor those daily after Tuesday, September 15 for the announcement).

•  Please be sure your contact information is accurate on your LeapTrade.com account, as this is how we’ll notify you of your winnings as well as making sure your prizes are shipped to the right address.

•  Prizes will be mailed within one week of the giveaway’s close.

•  You can sign up only once, and if you’re found to be using multiple accounts, all your entries will be thrown out (as we’re tracking the IP addresses of all who register).

•  Contest open to U.S. residents only. Entrants will be accepted right up until Midnight on Tuesday, September 15 (so be sure to tell all your friends).

Console Giveaway From LeapTrade & CheatCC!


At its most basic, Leaptrade takes the hassle of conventional trading/selling video games out of the equation. Leaptrade users no longer have to think about what to do with used or unwanted games nor do they have to deal with the likes of eBay, GameStop, or any other trade/sell used game outlets. Gamers whose old video games are collecting dust on their shelves will now have another way to exchange them on the web.

There are no fees for using the site, so that users are the ones who are always getting the best deal.

Leaptrade’s target market includes people who have traded video games through retail stores, other online trading outlets and even those that have never traded games in the past.  Through the simple to use service Leaptrade is providing; experts and beginners can both feel comfortable and confident in the process and get back to doing what makes them happy and that’s playing video games.

The trading process at Leaptrade is simple and intuitive. Using the site’s catalog of games, traders indicate the game they want to offer and specify its condition, as well as the games they want to receive. They do not have to upload a photo or type in a product description. It’s especially nice that when you find a game you like, the value is listed upfront so you know right away the worth .

Anyone with access to the internet and a mailbox can trade online in minutes.

Leaptrade combines the great experience of person-to-person online marketplace with ease, simplicity and safety. Leaptrade makes it easy to trade video games without the hassle of listing fees, finding a trusted seller, or going to a retail store. The transactions also benefit from the fact leaptrade offers users the ability to print shipping labels. This site avoids the depersonalization of big retailers online and storefronts, and here users can interact directly with each other. As a result, site users engage directly and will feel more independent and in charge.



For more info, head over to LeapTrade.com and start trading! Also, don’t forget to sign up for our giveaway at: http://www.leaptrade.com/cheatcc to win!

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