Cruis’n World Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for Nintendo 64 (N64)

Cruis’n World Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for Nintendo 64 (N64)

Cruis’n World

Championship mode

Complete all 3 championship courses on easy, medium, and hard difficulty levels to unlock a secret championship mode.

Bonus tracks

Complete “Championship” mode on the master skill difficulty level to unlock the Russia, Japan, and Florida bonus tracks. -From: [email protected]

Moon track

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Beat the game on “Cruise The World” mode under the easy difficulty level. Then, an animation sequence showing your car being transported to the moon will be displayed. Now the bonus moon track may be accessed after the credits.

Speed Demon car

Obtain at least 9999 points in championship mode. Then the Speed Demon, with a 230 mph top speed, will be selectable on the car selection screen. -From: [email protected]

Power level 1

Obtain at least 8 points in championship mode. Then on the car selection screen, press C-Up or C-Down.

Power level 3

Obtain at least 100 points in championship mode. Then on the car selection screen, press C-Up or C-Down.

Power level 4

Obtain at least 500 points in championship mode. Then on the car selection screen, press C-Up or C-Down. -From: [email protected] and [email protected]

Power level 5

Obtain at least 1500 points in championship mode. Then on the car selection screen, press C-Up or C-Down. -From: [email protected]

Alternate colors

Obtain at least 20 points in championship mode. Then on the car selection screen, press L or R.

Two-tone colors

Obtain at least 150 points in championship mode. Then on the car selection screen, press L or R.

Turbo start

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Immediately after the commentator says “Set”, hold Accelerate to get a turbo boost to start the race.

Bonus cars

Go to practice mode and select “Practice Championship”. Then, complete one of the following tracks in less than the indicated time to unlock the corresponding car.

Track Time Car
Australia 1:49.00 Surgeon
China 1:14.00 Enforcer
Egypt 1:07:00 Skool Bus
England 1:46.00 Bulldog
France 2:15:00 Tommy
Germany 2:27.00 Taxi
Hawaii 3:47.00 Monsta
Japan 2:48.00 Rocket
Kenya 2:06.00 Conductor
Mexico 1:46:00 Howler
New York 2:11:00 Grass Hopper
Russia 1.58:00 Rocket



    Immediately when a blue scenic overlook sign with red arrow cones comes into view in Cruis’n World mode, take a hard left onto the off-ramp. Some trick points are awarded by this secret, when doing stunts. Another way to get trick points, is to do a two wheelie slightly behind a car. If done correctly, your car can perform a flip.


    Just before the last ramp on course, steer left so your car is headed towards the left grassy area. Then a rock side wall on the left will appear. Steer just to the right of the wall. If done correctly, your car will automatically do a flip for more trick points. This trick comes in handy if you miss the jump.


    Watch carefully after the third set of Kangaroos, to see a dirt road to the left. The trail leads to a ramp, were your car will have enough room to earn a automatic mega-flip. This trail could also be used as a shortcut.

Car tricks

    Dodge collisions

    To go right through a collision or on coming traffic simply do a turbo boost by pressing Gas twice. This will make you jump over the car, and while jumping over the car you can perform a trick.


    When your car is at the top of a ramp, press Left or Right.


    Press Gas twice while on a straight road. This will also result in a small boost.

    Side wheelie

    Press Gas twice while taking a turn. This also helps to make sharp turns easier.

    Side wheelie drift

    Tap A and press A + B + Left or Right. -From: [email protected]


    Pop a wheelie on a jump (press Gas twice). Adjust your timing if this trick does not work at first.

    Barrel roll

    First, perform a sideways flip by pressing Gas twice while turning. Then move the joystick the opposite direction of the turn.

    Flip Roll

    Start a normal flip during a jump, then press B(2), A, B, C-Up while in mid-air to earn 20 points.

Game Shark Codes

Yoshi’s Story Keycode Required
Enable Code (Must Be On) DE2AD400 0000
812FE5EC 2402
812FE5EE 0001
Always Place First P1 803CE023 0001
Car/Transmission Modifier P1 803BEE40 00??
Stop Elapsed Time P1 813C7678 3C80
Always Place First P2 803CE4FB 0001
Car/Transmission Modifier P2 803BEE48 00??
Stop Elapsed Time P2 813C78B4 3C80
Always Place First P3 803CDB4B 0001
Car/Transmission Modifier P3 803BEE50 00??
Always Place First P4 803CD673 0001
Car/Transmission Modifier P4 803BEE58 00??
Have All Car Upgrades 803BEE42 0005
Infinite Time 813D0D3C 4296
Time Counts Down Faster 813D0D3E 0000
Always Race on Moon Track 803BF2EF 000F
Dancing Girl Always On 803BEE73 0001
803C21CF 0054
Press GS Button For Track Modifier 883BF2EF 00??
Press GS Button For Crusin World Track Modifier 883BF2EE 00??
Have Cars Modifier 813BEE78 ????
Championship Mode Codes
Points Total Modifier 813BFBFA ????
Points Per Race Modifier 813BFBFE ????
Points To Next Level Modifier 813BFBFC ????
Quantity Digits to Accompany Have Cars Modifier Code
0001 – Grass Hopper
0002 – Bull Dog
0004 – Enforcer
0008 – NY Taxi
0010 – School Bus
0020 – Exec
0040 – Conductor
0080 – Speed Demon
0100 – Tommy
0200 – Rocket
0400 – The Surgeon
0800 – Monsta
1000 – Howler
1FFF – All Cars
Quantity Digits to Accompany Car/Transmission Modifier Codes
00 – Serpent (Auto)
01 – Serpent (Manual)
02 – Kamikaze (Auto)
03 – K amikaze (Manual)
04 – ATV (Auto
05 – ATV (Manual)
06 – Scarab (Auto)
07 – Scarab (Manual)
08 – Stallion P6 (Auto)
09 – Stallion P6 (Manual)
0A – Banzai GTV (Auto)
0B – Banzai GTV (Manual)
0C – Zombie (Auto)
0D – Zombie (Manual)
0E – Orca (Auto)
0F – Orca (manual)
10 – El Nino (Auto)
11 – El Nino (Manual)
12 – Rhino 4×4 (Auto)
13 – Rhino 4×4 (Manual)
14 – Sardine Extreme (Auto)
15 – Sardine Extreme (Manual)
16 – Road King (Auto)
17 – Road King (Manual)
18 – Grass Hopper (Auto)
19 – Grass Hopper (Manual)
1A – Bulldog (Auto)
1B – Bulldog (Manual)
1C – Enforcer (Auto)
1D – Enforcer (Manual)
1E – NY Taxi (Auto)
1F – NY Taxi (Manual)
20 – School Bus (Auto)
21 – School Bus (Manual)
22 – Exec (Auto)
23 – Exec (Manual)
24 – Conductor (Auto)
25 – Conductor (Manual)
26 – Speed Demon (Auto)
27 – Speed Demon (Manual)
28 – Tommy (Auto)
29 – Tommy (Manual)
2A – Rocket (Auto)
2B – Rocket (Manual)
2C – The Surgeon (Auto)
2D – The Surgeon (Manual)
2E – Monsta (Auto)
2F – Monsta (Manual)
30 – Howler (Auto)
31 – Howler (Manu)
[Note] For Below Cars

32 – Serpent Style Car (Auto)
33 – Serpent Style Car (Manual)
34 – Yellow Van (Auto)
35 – Yellow Van (Manual)
36 – Cruisn Bus (Auto)
37 – Cruisn Bus (Manual)
38 – School Bus (Auto)
39 – School Bus (Manual)
3A – Moving Truck (Auto)
3B – Moving Truck (Manual)
3C – Green Car (Auto)
3D – Green Car (Manual)

Quantity Digits to Accompany Play Level Modifier Code
00 – Cruisn World
01 – Hawaii
02 – Japan
03 – Australia
04 – China
05 – Kenya
06 – Egypt
07 – Russia
08 – Germany
09 – Italy
0A – France
0B – England
0C – Mexico
0D – New York
0E – Florida
0F – Moon

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Note: Press the GS Button at the track selection screen to have these cars.

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