Crytek UK Staff reportedly Not Returning to Work

Crytek UK Staff reportedly Not Returning to Work

In late-June, we established that Crytek UK, the studio working on the Homefront sequel, Homefront: The Revolution , was reportedly experiencing financial difficulties , and that its employees hadn’t received their pay for a few months. The sequel to Ryse: Son of Rome has also been reportedly cancelled in relation to this issue.

As report by Kotaku on Thursday, July 3, the issue has apparently escalated, as it has been reported that the bulk of Crytek UK’s staff are no longer returning to work, according to unnamed sources familiar with the matter.

According to Kotaku, four people who are connected to Crytek UK have reported that the studio’s staff have still not received their full pay, and so–according to two unnamed sources–the staff handed in formal grievance letters and went home.

According to one unnamed source familiar with Crytek UK, it is estimated that around 100 people have left the studio. Allegedly, it still remains unclear whether or not more of the developer’s staff plan to permanently leave the studio or plan to stay.

According to Kotaku, two unnamed sources claim that Crytek and bigwig publisher Deep Silver are currently negotiating what will happen next in regards to the situation. Also according to Kotaku, Crytek UK’s staff are hoping that Deep Silver will purchase the studio so that they can continue development of Homefront: The Revolution .

They have invested a lot in Homefront and will want to protect their investment, ” allegedly said one source.

Deep Silver will be showcasing Homefront: The Revolution , along with Dead Island 2 , at this year’s Game Expo Scotland in Edinburgh.

We’ll bring you more on the apparent status of Crytek UK should further information reach our ears.

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