Dante’s Inferno Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 3 (PS3)

Dante’s Inferno Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 3 (PS3)

Dante’s Inferno


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Completion bonuses

Successfully complete the game to unlock the Gates Of Hell Arena, Infernal difficulty, Crusader Dante costume, “Making Of Baby” special feature video, and Resurrection mode, which allows you to start a new game on any difficulty with all your upgraded abilities.

Auto Absolve ability

Collect all three Beatrice Stones to get the ability to skip the Absolve mini-game when you find a damned denizen of Hell and get 780 souls. Note: By skipping the mini-game, you will lose the chance to collect extra souls.


Successfully complete an area of Hell to unlock a piece of artwork. Successfully complete the game to unlock all artwork.

Easy health and mana refill

Try to wait to purchase increased health or mana until you are in a difficult battle and barely have any health or mana remaining, such as the final battle, to completely refill your health or mana.

Talking with Virgil

Make sure to always talk with Virgil and keep talking with him until he disappears to get “The Guide” trophy. He will also sometimes give you a relic.

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Beatrice Stone locations

Pieces of Silver locations

Relic locations

Shade locations

Defeating King Minos

When the battle begins, avoid his tail strikes when they appear from the ground by constantly moving or dodging. When he rears back to yell, press R1 to hang on to the wall to avoid his screaming attack. Wait for him to lower his face, then attack his face until he exposes his belly. Attack the belly, then defeat the minions he sends out afterwards. Avoid his tail attacks again. Dodge his smashing fist shockwave attack. After he slams his fist into the ground, run up to him, and press R2, then successfully complete the subsequent quick time event. Attack his belly again, kill another wave of his minions, and avoid more fist attacks. Keep attacking his face until he gets stunned and his tongue appears. Press R2, then successfully complete the quick time event to defeat him.

Easy “Burning Eyes” trophy

After ripping off and throwing Charon’s head while riding the demon, you will find it shortly afterwards stuck in a wall. Go up to Charon’s head as he is talking to you, and press R1 to push it out of the wall and back into the abyss and get the “Burning Eyes” trophy.

Easy “Clear Path Not Lost” trophy (“Dark Forest” DLC)

Easy “Poetry in Motion” trophy

When you enter the Fraud Circle towards the end of the game, you will be faced with ten challenges on ten levels. The fourth challenge (the save point is Malebolge 4) requires you to stay in the air for eight seconds. Instead of doing this, keep hitting the two demons until you get a 666 hit combo and the “Poetry in Motion” trophy. Note: This can be done easier with the “Coin Of Plutus” and “Wings Of Furie” relics. It should only take a few minutes to get the “Poetry in Motion” trophy by doing it this way. -From: Daniel


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Slaughter at Acre (Bronze): Fight against the prisoner at Acre.
    Abandon All Hope (Bronze): Break through the Gates of Hell.
    Sentence the Judge (Bronze): Defeat King Minos.
    Lovers Torn Asunder (Bronze): Defeat Marc Antony.
    The Great Worm (Bronze): Defeat Cerberus.
    Like Father Like Son (Bronze): Defeat Alighiero.
    Gates of Dis (Bronze): Enter the lower circles of The Inferno.
    The Harrowing (Bronze): Escape Heresy.
    Precious (Bronze): Find a Beatrice stone.
    Footsteps of a Traitor (Bronze): Find 10 pieces of silver.
    Betrayed with a Kiss (Bronze): Find 20 pieces of silver.
    Relic Hunter (Bronze): Find a relic.
    Old Friend (Bronze): Find and absolve Brunetto Latini.
    Burning Eyes (Bronze): Send Charon back into the abyss.
    Warming Up (Bronze): Perform a 50 hit combo.
    Holy Warrior (Bronze): Kill 30 Minions.
    Demon Slayer (Bronze): Kill 30 Demons.
    Bad Nanny (Bronze): Kill 20 Unbaptized Babies.
    Indigestion (Bronze): Kill 5 Gluttons.
    Confessional (Bronze): Kill 5 Heretics.
    Countermeasures (Bronze): Kill 20 enemies using a counter move.
    Superstition (Bronze): Kill 20 enemies using magic.
    Give Me Strength (Bronze): Open 20 Health fountains.
    Sorcerer’s Apprentice (Bronze): Open 20 Mana fountains.
    Light in the Dark (Bronze): Reach Holy Level 7.
    Death’s Apprentice (Bronze): Reach Unholy Level 7.
    Brotherhood (Silver): Defeat Francesco.
    Bitter Sweet (Silver): Save Beatrice.
    Power of the Cross (Silver): Find all 3 Beatrice stones.
    Well Done, Judas (Silver): Find all 30 pieces of silver.
    Light Relics (Silver): Find all Holy relics.
    Dark Relics (Silver): Find all Unholy relics.
    Forbidden Love (Silver): Find and absolve both Francesca de Polenta and Paolo Malatesta.
    The Damned (Silver): Punish or absolve all 27 shades of The Inferno.
    The Guide (Silver): Collect all Virgil commentaries.
    Soul Reaper (Silver): Collect 60,000 Souls.
    Masterpiece (Silver): Perform a 200 hit combo.
    Holy Man (Silver): Max out the Holy path.
    Man of Evil (Silver): Max out the Unholy path.
    Lucifer’s Match (Gold): Defeat the Emperor of the Woeful Realm.
    Poetry in Motion (Gold): Perform a 666 hit combo.
    Gates of Hell (Gold): Defeat all enemy waves in the Gates of Hell Arena.
    Master of The Inferno (Platinum): Unlock all other trophies.

The following trophies require the “Dark Forest” bonus downloadable content:

    Dark Forest (Bronze): Complete the Dark Forest on any difficulty.
    Clear Path Not Lost (Bronze): Complete the Dark Forest without getting lost once.

The following trophies require the “Trials Of St. Lucia” bonus downloadable content:

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    Creationism (Bronze): Upload a Single Player Dante Gold Trial.
    Lucy I’m Home (Bronze): Upload a 2P Lucia & Dante Platinum Trial.
    A Star is Born (Bronze): Receive a vote of at least 4-stars on any of your uploaded Trials.
    The Critic (Bronze): Rate any 100 Trials.
    Do me a favor (Bronze): Add 10 Trials to your favorites.
    Play Me! (Silver): Earn 100 Bronze Medals and 75 Silver Medals playing Community Trials.
    Well Played (Silver): Earn 50 Gold and 25 Platinum Medals playing Community Trials.
    It’s in the Trial (Bronze): Beat 25 different single player and 15 different two-player EA trials.
    You’re a Player (Bronze): Earn a Player Score of 100,000.
    You’re the best around! (Silver): Earn a Player Score of 250,000.
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