Diablo IV Preview: The 8 Things I’m Looking Forward To

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Diablo IV Preview: The 8 Things I’m Looking Forward To

Diablo fans are eagerly awaiting the fourth main installment of the iconic series. In Diablo IV, Lilith commands the forces of the Burning Hells. As the anticipation builds before the release of Diablo IV, there are still features and content to be discovered. However, we already know much of what to expect of the game.

The beta gameplay gave players a sneak peek at how Blizzard intends to portray the newest iteration of Diablo. This gives us a good understanding of what to expect in terms of gameplay, story, and visual style.

Diablo IV will be released on June 6, 2023, for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Here are some of the more impressive features to be excited about in Diablo IV.

Great, Gruesome Graphics

Lightning spell used in Diablo IV.
A sorcerer uses a lightning spell in Diablo IV.

The graphical revamp in Diablo IV is definitely one of the highlights to look forward to. For fans of the early Diablo games, the dark and gritty visuals were always appreciated. Now that has been reintroduced with a theme that seemed somewhat diluted in the latest iteration before Diablo IV. The somewhat cartoonish ambiance of Diablo III turns into a more serious, grim depiction of Sanctuary. This creates a welcomed and needed change that indeed sets the tone right. The aesthetics not only perfectly match the inherent bleakness of the Diablo universe but also add depth to the narrative. The effect is that you take the story more seriously. 

Add to this the distinctive lighting effects which artfully manipulate shadows and hues, and the atmosphere in Diablo IV becomes tangibly more intense. The game becomes darker, which is appropriate as the eternal battle between the Heavens and Hell commences in Sanctuary. This graphical overhaul promises to deliver a more immersive and atmospheric gaming experience that many Diablo fans have been longing for.

Familiar and Addictive Combat 

One of the cornerstones of the Diablo series has always been its addictive combat system, and Diablo IV is set to deliver in that regard once again. The mechanics that players have grown to love over the years remain intact, providing that familiar thrill of mowing down hordes of demonic adversaries. Enhanced battle system features new gameplay elements, such as the evade ability, which adds an extra dimension to combat strategy.

This dodge mechanic allows players to deftly avoid the attacks of powerful enemies, which could save the player mid-combat from a certain death. On the visual side, the game showcases impressive special effects that enhance the darker theme with spells lighting up a gloomy cellar. Diablo IV’s directional physics and improved animations give combat a more dynamic and realistic look. This includes things like blood spattering from appropriate body parts.

Looting is still the main way to acquire better equipment in Diablo IV.

The Return of Genre-Defining Looting

It’s impossible to mention Diablo without acknowledging the heart-pounding thrill of looting ever-better gear upgrades. At the crux of the series, collecting treasures and fortifying your character has remained a significant driving force in the franchise. Diablo IV promises to build upon this legacy by presenting an overhauled equipment system that’s more dynamic than ever.

The new installment breathes life into the gear system with a more modular design that encourages customization and facilitates the creation of intricate builds. The process of crafting your gear is also improving with greater flexibility allowing players to construct a truly personalized arsenal. One of the more important changes is the Legendary Aspects that make the best gear more malleable. While useless Legendaries likely still appear, this means that much fewer Legendaries are tossed immediately into the trash can.

Balanced Gameplay and an Evolving Meta

The charm of nostalgia meets innovation in Diablo IV, as it heralds the comeback of cherished classes with a selection of both familiar and newly added skills. Each class retains its distinctive style, yet Blizzard enriches them with fresh abilities that broaden the gameplay strategies and counterplay dynamics. 

Spell casting in Diablo IV.
A screenshot of a player using magic in Blizzard’s Diablo IV.

Committed to maintaining an evolving meta and a compelling end-game, Blizzard introduces formidable challenges like the Nightmare Dungeon mode, a thrilling new gameplay mechanic triggered by the rare Nightmare Sigils. The pursuit of aforementioned Legendary Aspects, items that allow modification of Legendary items, becomes a hunt as the coveted Aspects are likely exceedingly rare.

Customization Comes to Diablo

Customization is an area where the Diablo series dearly needs some improvements. With Diablo IV, the wait is over. As a notable shift in the series, Diablo IV introduces a comprehensive character creation system that provides an array of customization options. From tweaking physical proportions to adding personal touches like tattoos, the game allows for a level of personalization previously unseen in the franchise. It allows players to imprint their personal aesthetics onto their creations, also allowing easy distinction from multiple characters of the same class.

Diablo IV has an extensive selection of markings, jewelry, and makeup.

The transmogrification feature, also available in the predecessor and originally borrowed from World of Warcraft, has much more appealing customization options, too. Now, every adventurer in the world of Sanctuary can truly stand out.

A More Open World

Traditionally, the Diablo series has offered a fairly linear gameplay experience. The structured narrative and predetermined progression paths have been hallmarks of the franchise. With Diablo IV, however, this is going to change. There’s a conscious push to broaden the horizons of the mid-game scenarios to avoid restricting gameplay. The aim here is to infuse a sense of openness into the game world. This gives players the freedom to navigate the realm of Sanctuary in its entirety.

The move towards a more open-world format translates into a range of new possibilities for gamers. Not only does Diablo IV introduce lateral quests that add layers of depth around the main storyline, but the game also includes world bosses, which make the interconnecting realms more appealing.

The Continuation of an Epic Story 

Diablo IV returns to the age-old battle between the High Heavens and Burning Hell. This time around, the story takes a new turn with the revival of Lilith, a central figure in Diablo lore. Her resurgence adds an intriguing new dimension to the unfolding saga. Now, the Daughter of Hatred and Creator of Sanctuary herself aims to control the battlefield that is Sanctuary. 

Screenshot of the Diablo character Lilith.
Lilith, a central character in the Diablo franchise, will have a major presence in Diablo IV.

Meanwhile, the world of Sanctuary retains its familiar identity but undergoes significant upgrades and expansions. What are the roles of the seven Great Evils, including the most feared of the Prime Evils, Diablo. 


For the first time in the series, Diablo IV is introducing mounts. This addition is going to revolutionize gameplay in the series. With Diablo IV’s ambitious shift towards a larger, more open world, moving across diverse environments of Sanctuary may be much more important than in previous titles. Mounts offer an efficient and enjoyable way to navigate the setting. It simply makes it easier to explore each nook and cranny of the game’s now much richer world. 

A barbarian overlooks the landscape in Diablo IV.
Diablo IV players can expect to experience an open-world game that features elevated areas.

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Blizzard hasn’t revealed all the details of mounts. However, evidently, the introduction of these companions is a significant development for the Diablo series. Mounts are not only an essential way to improve exploration, but they also bring another layer to customization. And what is there not to love about companions, and mounts in particular?

After Blizzard’s extensive testing during closed and, most recently, open betas, one can be hopeful that the years-long journey to create another action RPG masterpiece has been successful. No doubt there will be issues that need to be ironed out during the initial weeks and months of letting Lilith loose. Nevertheless, as Diablo IV is soon primed for launch, there’s a lot to be excited about.

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