DOOM (2016) – All Collectible Locations for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch

DOOM (2016) All collectible locations

Search the indicated locations to find all Secrets, Collectibles (Dolls), Data Logs, Elite Guards (Praetor Upgrades), Argent Cells, Field Drones, and Rune Trials. Find all collectibles to get the following 13 achievements/trophies:

    Specialist [Bronze / 20G]
    IDKFA [Gold / 50G]
    Hot Swapper [Silver / 30G]
    Historian [Bronze / 25G]
    Every Nook And Cranny [Silver / 30G]
    Argent Overload [Bronze / 15G]
    Argent Fiend [Silver / 30G]
    A Gift From Beyond [Bronze / 15G]
    The Circle Is Complete [Silver / 30G]
    Tinkering [Silver / 15G]
    Overclocked [Gold / 50G]
    Momentum Shift [Bronze / 25G]
    IDDQD [Gold / 100G]

You can obtain all collectibles through chapter select at any time. For the “Argent Fiend” and “Overclocked” achievements/trophies, you must find all Argent Cells and Elite Guards during one campaign playthrough. Thus, make sure not to miss any of them during a campaign playthrough. All collectibles (except for Dolls and Data Logs) allow you to upgrade your gear. This makes them an important part of the game. The Praetor Upgrade (called “Full View”) reveal the collectible locations on the map (except for Secrets). Some are still hard to find because you need to use switches that are not marked. The secrets give you weapon upgrade points. You do not need every single secret to fully upgrade everything. It is fine if you miss a few of them. As soon as you obtain a collectible, it will instantly be saved and you can exit the mission without having to reach the next checkpoint. You do not have to collect it again when you die. In chapter select, you can view how many collectibles you have found on each mission. The Data Logs are tracked separately in the “Codex” menu of the pause screen (they are not tracked in chapter select).

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