Dota 2 Revamped With Version 7 Update

When it comes to updating games, there’s a patch, and then there’s a total rework. Popular multiplayer online battle arena title Dota 2 has received the latter. As of today, the game has been fundamentally reshaped in several key areas, all of which will affect players in huge ways.

The developers are calling this revamp “The New Journey,” and rightfully so; Update 7 not only adds a new hero, but revamps the game’s UI, adds a pregame strategy phase with robust coordination tools, adds talent trees to every character, provides more inventory management options, and so much more. Even the most seemingly innocuous addition, the new Monkey King character, arrives alongside a wealth of related content, including an origin story comic, an announcer pack, an arcana item, and a custom terrain item.

The full breakdown on what’s new is absolutely massive, and you can view it over at the game’s official website . Much of the news makes little sense to me as a non-player – I’m partial to Heroes of the Storm , myself – but the amount of additions in this update is nothing short of staggering.

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